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A Good Days Fishing Ends Tragically, Lost Wedding Band Found, Busselton, Western Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

Shae’s expensive sinker!

Shae had had a bad days fishing. Well it was a good days fishing with his daughter until.. you guessed it, he lost his wedding band, probably due to an emulsion of sunblock, water and fish bait oils plus a bit of momentum. It was the next day when he called so I got in the car and set sail for Busselton about 1.5 hrs south of Perth and met him a few hrs later at the fishing spot he and his daughter had been enjoying until the unthinkable had happened.

When I learned from Shae it was a popular fishing spot where he’d lost his wedding ring, I started to imagine all the beer bottle caps there would be, uddles of them as so often surrounds these areas, besides all the hooks, sinkers, swivels and other less useful rubbish commonly associated with this past time!

I met Shae at the site and got him to explain things in more detail. I then marked out a search area which he agreed was the maximum extent in which he had been which I then began to search.

Luckily after only about five minutes into the search (I was right about the rubbish levels so it could have been a long and frustrating search otherwise) I heard a really clean, solid “you must dig me” announcement from my headphones!

I didn’t want to alert Shae just yet as I sometimes like to have a bit of fun and really surprise the person, but I couldn’t help myself this time.. I turned to Shae and said something like “Shae, sometimes you just know it’s gold.. I reckon this is it”. He moved closer and on my knees I

No longer lost..

used my pinpointer to locate the item in the sand before using its side to flick the ring out of the sand in front him. I turned to Shae and we had a little speachless moment before he plucked his ring up and then a bit of whoopin and high fiving.

I’d found the ring about 3′- 4′ under one of his foot prints. He’d actually stood right on it at some point whilst searching for it the day before!

Shae went home a very happy chap and so did I just quietly..  3hrs driving, for just a 5 minute fix!

Love what I do, see ya’ll again soon..


Rent a Metal Detector in Castle Rock

from Castle Rock (Colorado, United States)
Contact: 1-720-515-5437

Are you looking to rent a metal detector in Castle Rock or surrounding areas, because you lost a ring or other valuable?  How about hiring a professional that that has the right equipment and skills?  Best of all, he works on a reward basis to find your lost valuable.  If this sound like a better option, read on.

I cover most of the southern Denver metro area, including, Elizabeth, Franktown, Highlands Ranch, Kiowa, Elbert, Lone Tree, Littleton, Monument, Parker and more.

My name is Shawn and I have been working with metal detecting off and on for the last 20 years.  I would love to help you recover your lost items.  I can work to recover most metal valuables,  including gold, silver, platinum steel, and more.  Other than a modest fee of $25 to cover expenses to travel to your location , there is no reward for me if I don’t find your lost valuable.  Stop stressing about your lost item, contact me today using the information above.

A link to My Profile is below.

Lost gold ring in Cottonwood Heights: Found

from Provo (Utah, United States)
Contact: 1-801-420-8485

Dillion was throwing a ball for his dog in a snowy soccer field when he felt his gold wedding band slip from his finger. He immediately marked the spot where he had been standing, then he and his wife began searching the area through 6 or 8 inches of snow. After searching for a long time, they decided they would not be able to find the ring by themselves. They found TheRingFinders and gave me a call. I was able to find the beautiful gold ring quickly about 10 or 15 feet from where Dillon lost it.

Captiva Island — Ring Lost in Gulf Found and Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

We received a call from a gentleman who had lost his gold wedding band while playing football with his son in knee deep water.  After trying to search for the ring themselves with no success they decided to search the internet to find out how to find a lost ring.  The Ring Finders and my contact information pulled up and he gave us a call.

My wife and I made arrangments to meet them at their gulf side vacation cottage later in the afternoon.

Upon our arrival we gathered our metal detecting gear and we headed out to the beach.  He showed us the area where he and his son were throwing the football and the direction he felt the ring fly off.  Within just a few minutes I heard the nice low gold tone on my metal detector.  Sure enough, the ring was in the scoop!

He and his wife were ecstatic to have the ring back and we are happy to be a part of another successful ring recovery!

Sanibel Island — Diamond and Gold Pendant Found and Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

We received a call from this lovely gal who had lost her 1 carat diamond pendant in the front yard of her home.

While taking her dogs out, the dogs became entangled in their leashes around a tree.  In all the commotion a friend had noticed her chain which was still around her neck had come undone and the pendant had fallen off into the grass below.

Florida grass is very thick and they were unable to locate the diamond pendant.  To make the search even more difficult, there is very little gold on the pendant, so not just any metal detector would be able to locate it.  That’s when we received the call to see if we had the proper metal detecting equipment that would be able detect such a small gold item.

After discussing the situation, my wife and I felt confident we would be able to find the pendant and we made arrangements to stop by on our way home from a weekend getaway—which happened to fall on December 25th.

In less than 10 minutes of searching and much to her surprise, the pendant was found.

It makes us truly happy to see the amazement and skepticism disappear when a once lost item can be found and returned back to the owner!



Metal Detector Finds Lost Wedding Ring in Sea at Paihia

from Paihia (New Zealand)
Contact: 021 401 626

John had lost his white gold wedding ring in the sea a few days before I heard of it.
At this time of year, the popular tourist beach concerned is heavily patrolled by holiday detectorists, so time was of the essence – more so as the detailed location had unfortunately been posted on Facebook.
Even though I was in the throes of a major lung infection (Thanks very much, Santa!) I had to try and recover this one as soon as possible.

I met John on the beach in the evening, he indicated the highest probability area before settling down on the sand to watch and I set to work.

First priority was to clear the heavily trafficked area in the shallows and on the beach – these areas would almost certainly see a detector overnight.
Digging an ancient corroded iPhone suggested that no-one had searched here recently, so there was a high chance of recovery, however the beach was gaining sand with each tide and I suspected I’d need to return at the next days dawn low with the 15″ coil.

I discussed this with John, and now the tide had receded somewhat, had another go at establishing where he was in relation to the low/high water marks and thus the theoretical position he was in before I decided to go another 30 minutes through to dead low before calling it a night.
Changing the sweep pattern to perpendicular to the beach, I headed out far enough to ensure I was well overshooting the likely area in order to eliminate any ‘memory drift’ as to what depth he was in, before sweeping back into the beach.
It was on the third pass that I heard that solid, repeatable gold tone and caught the ring in the scoop on the second dig, lying on the eroding edge of an offshore sandbar – I suspect he had been standing on this sand bar, hence the perception he had been in shallow water.
Holding the ring in the classic victors thumb/forefinger pose, I turned to show John it was a happy ending, only to see the rest of the family had arrived – Perfect timing.

Happy faces all round, and a pose for the cameras before I headed home to crawl back into bed…











Remote Ringfind, Byron Bay, Australia.

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

The Ring was lost beyond the line in the sand… somewhere!

Ring Ring, Ring Ring.. A Mr O’Conner called me recently and asked if I could help him as he’d lost a very sentimental signet ring. “Well, you’ve called the right bloke” I said, “finding lost stuff is what I do”. He then explained that he’d lost his signet ring in Byron Bay. Well here I am in Perth, Western Australia fielding a call for help from the other side of the continent! I said “Mmmm.. Ok. So tell me more.”

Mr O’Conner’s family crest on the lost signet ring.

After hearing the ‘loss’ story and asking some ‘investigative’ questions, I felt sure that be I’d be able to find his ring but a search with the right equipment needed to happen asap to ensure it was there to be found.  I know this will sound silly but it’s true – there is always a danger of a lost ring ‘disapearing’ whilst lost, especially at the beach (or any public area actually), and that danger increases markedly with the passage of time! It was a possibility that Mr O’Conner may have lost the ring in the water during a building tidal cycle so time was of the essence here.

Mr O’Conner explained that his signet ring was a heirloom ring passed down from his grandfather. Given the significance of the ring and not knowing anyone near Byron Bay who I could suggest, let alone recommend to help him, I suggested that I could look for a cheap flight from Perth to Brisbane and a train down to Byron Bay to search for the lost ring. Mr O’Conner felt it was his only option if I didn’t mind.

As I began to pack a few essentials I thought if only I had a clone of myself available to direct in Brisbane. It would be two days before there was a reasonably priced flight so I decided to look for a similar service to mine near Byron Bay and found Gold Coast Detectorist Rob Tansey

who had reported many ringfinds on the Gold Coast and it became clear after speaking to him that he had good experience and the right equipment.. Just what we needed. Initally Rob wasn’t too keen to drive down to Byron Bay especially as the Commonwealth Games were on and he said you’d be mad to try driving anywhere out of Brisbane at the time. Anyway after a bit of pleading I managed to convince him when I said I had already planned the search, all he needed to do was to get there and follow my detailed plan to success!

The search area at Byron Bay.About mid-day the next day I recieved a txt from Rob to say he’d arrived at the location and marked out the search area I’d sent him, along with other info such as weather and tides for the area, specific landmarks and refrence points. etc etc. I rang Mr O’Conner and explained that Rob had started the search. Usually when I am swinging I am extremely positive but I began to feel a number of emotions as I waited for hopefully good news. I can only imagine how Mr O’Conner was feeling.

Exactly 51 minutes later! Yes, Sweet success.. Rob had just sent me a photo of the ring.. He’d found it. We spoke shortly afterward then he headed back to the Gold Coast with Mr O’Conner’s precious safe once again.

Hello shiney one!

I said I’d call Mr O’Conner to tell him the great news and get back to him about getting a courier to reunite Mr O’Conner with his ring down in Sydney where he live’s..

Well Mr O’Conner was over the moon when I called, he simply said “how did you do that, how did you do that, I can’t believe you actually did it!”

It had only been two days since he’d lost it and my bum hadn’t left my couch in Perth! Thanks to Rob we’d saved Mr O’Conner’s ring and me a three hr flight besides the additional cost and time. It really was a win, win, win situation like no other.

A few days later Mr O’Conner rang to say his little package had arrived and how good it was to see it again.. He asked me to be sure to thank Rob which I did for both of us.

Job done! Next please..

Wedding ring found Williamsburg, Michigan lost throwing hay to the horses

from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-499-7526

This adventure started with a call from Tim saying he lost his Wedding ring after throwing hay over a fence to the horses. He said he has been married 27 years and would very much like to get the ring back. Tim and his wife had been looking for the ring for 4 days with a $50.00 metal detector they just purchased to try to find the ring. I told Tim I’m not trying to be rude or hurt your feeling but you are wasting your time with that approach. He told me that was exactly what he wanted me to say and when did I want to come to look for the ring. We still had a couple hours of daylight so I told him I could be on the road in fifteen minutes. I was thinking in my head “Horse + Hay = BRING THE TALL BOOTS” then explained some of the basic metal detector operation and why you needed a better detector and someone who knows how to use it. I can do two things tell you where the ring is not at or find the ring.

Fifteen minutes later I was loaded and headed to Tim’s house. When I got to the house Tim showed me the area he was getting the hay from and the three different spots he threw the hay over the fence. He has three horses he was feeding for the night. He did not realize the ring was missing till he was in the house getting ready to go to the neighbor’s house Saturday night. To myself, I’m thinking we don’t have an exact location it was lost but no big deal the area is pretty small. So I started the search and search I did. I searched the hay storage area twice the path he walked on twice and the area on both sides of the fence twice. So after about 2 hours in I was scratching my head on what to do next. I made a decision on grid searching the complete corral area then calling it a night. I had already told Tim I would return Saturday if I did not find the ring tonight. I switched the coil on my CTX3030 to the big 17-inch coil to cover the area faster. I was on my second pass and got a great sounding target but it was 4 inches down. Was thinking to myself the ring cannot be 4 inches down the ground already it is starting to freeze. Either way that sound needed to be investigated further. I ran up to get my raptor digging tool out of my truck, so, I could dig a big piece of the soil out, not do any damage just in case it was the ring. I had the ball of soil in my hand broke it apart and the ring appeared. I almost fell over thinking that is a big chunk of gold I was not expecting. I had only asked Tim what the ring was made of and if it is a small band or a wider one. Well, I cleaned the dirt off stuck the ring on my finger over my glove held my hand up in victory. Tim came out of his truck to see what I was doing, so, I yelled I have the ring. He ran over grabbed the ring off my finger and gave me a big hug. At that time his wife Deanna just got home and he gave her the news. She asked me where I found the ring then gave me a hug thanking me. The ring was out in the corral about 30 from the fence. Tim and I talked for a minute on how the ring could have gotten that far out. I think it got stuck on one of the horse’s hooves and got carried it out that far and he agreed that something like that happened.

I had a great time with Tim and his Wife Deanna they are both great people to talk to. As I was packing up to leave Tim mentioned he was amazed his wife said there are people that will come and look for your ring. He did an internet search and one of my blog posts came up first. He called me and got his ring back the same night. I told him my stuff is always ready. I can be loaded and on the road in 15 minutes if needed. I went home cleaned the horse droppings off my coils put the battery on the charger ready for the next adventure.




Lost Wedding Band in North Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Just 3 days before Christmas…

A Christmas miracle story about a man who was cleaning his roof and noticed that his wedding band was no longer on his finger an hour later… He had no idea where the ring could have come off but he assumed it came off his finger when he was throwing leaves and branches off his roof. After searching with no luck this man pretty much gave up ever thinking he would see his ring again.

Three months later and only three days before Christmas his daughter goes to rent a metal detector hoping she could find it and give it to her father  for a Christmas gift.

After researching on the Internet for metal detector Nicole stumbles across The Ring Finders website, that’s when she contacted me to find out if I could help her. I was excited for the challenge and met Nicole at her fathers home,  after 30 minutes of agonizing nail signals I eyeball the ring on the dirt almost covered by a leaf. I was very excited knowing that Nicole would be able to surprise her father for Christmas. I was very honored knowing he was married  for 56 years and that his ring was found to continue that amazing story of love!
















Lost Knife Found In Shelby Township Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

The Art Of Manliness Lives On!

What is manliness?, and how is it measured? If you were to google this there would be all kinds of answers. Most would agree to some point that they are all correct to a certain degree. But not too far in the past and to this day, it was and still is manly to carry a knife. Who doesn’t remember their dad or grandpa handing a pocket knife to a young boy at Christmas or out on that special hunting or fishing trip! Then the thrill of adventure building stories around it till it was time to pass it on to a true friend or family member. Thoughts of this were in this pictured man’s mind when he received a knife yesterday for Christmas. Living near a woodsy area filled with forest debris he went out for a hike with his friend and the knife became lost.
We decided to search this morning and when we got there we discovered more debris piled up where they were hiking. I searched the clear areas while he removed the piles of Christmas scented debris to give me a clear area to swing the metal detectors coil. Sloshing thru the mud I was getting lots of junk signals coming from pieces of concrete that had settled and were poking up thru the earth’s surface. I knew the metal in the knife would be reading in the positive section on my MXT. So annoying as it was to hear the junk I kept swinging. I thought for a moment that maybe someone who was dumping the debris since the knife was lost may have saw it and kept it. But after 40 mins I got a bouncy +52 to +68 on the meter. Pulling the pinpoint trigger switch showed 0 depth so I got the Garrett carrot out and probed around in the foliage and sure enough there it was! This silver blade of this gorgeous knife revealed itself! I waved over to him and he thought I wanted to take a break and I said yes..a big break!… don’t move another branch! When he got to me he was super elated that his sentimental gift wasn’t lost forever and will be able to have many stories to pass it forward someday and that nothing will ever get between him and his knife again!