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Caledon, Ontario~Lost wedding band at a private retreat~still awaiting it’s owner to pick up

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

2017-09-04 Caledon, Ontario

I local girlfriend Sarah had read some of my ring recoveries & returns posted on my Facebook page from The Ring Finders clients.

She asked to see if I could find rings underwater and I advised that I am scuba certified (open water) and have all the gear.

Sarah discussed that a patron of the Private retreat location had lost his wedding band about 4 years ago. She advise that the water is a very cold because it was a spring fed pond.

I gathered up all my gear and scuba tanks. I really love my Minelab Excallibur2 water detector but also brought along a new piece of equipment called the “Scuba Tector”. It’s a small hand held unit for tight locations or rocky/hard to get to spots.

I started at the location of the lost ring and boy was Sarah right….water was freezing the deeper I got. With-in 15 minutes I had a great tone with the Excal2 but due to the low visibility with the sediment I couldn’t locate it. I turned on the Scuba Tector and pulled out the 14k white gold wedding band!! Sarah also mentioned missing Ray Ban sunglasses further over!! I tried for another hour but no luck.

They called the gentleman whom had left his phone # and left a message. The gentleman was now working in Hawaii but was coming back for Canadian Thanksgiving. Unfortunately no update if he’s picked up his ring!!

  Alison’s scuba water detecting

Sarah at the private pond

Found White Gold Wedding Ring At The Greenville Mudrun

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)





I received a phone call from Tim who had lost his white gold wedding ring in the Greenville Mud Run that Goodwill sponsors. Tim had lost his wedding band while battling through the three foot mud pit, that was part of the obstacle course. After setting up a time to meet, I met Tim and his wife at the designated area where it was located. After asking permission from the guards and waiting a few minutes, we were granted permission. After putting on my waders and using my Whites PI Pro metal detector, I walked into the mud pit. The first two signals were nails, the third signal was Tim’s white gold wedding band in the bottom of my scoop.  Tim put me in a good area and it made for a quick search. I was so happy to find Tim’s ring for him and his wife. I really love the expression on people’s faces when the ring is found. Maybe you can be my next success story!


Lost White Gold Wedding Band…2nd Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I just got home from the United States where I was helping one of our members from The Ring Finders on a big search that I will be writing about soon.

As I was getting close to home I received a call from a young man who had just lost his white gold wedding band. It was lost at 3rd beach at Stanley Park, Vancouver.

After talking to Mike, the young man who lost his ring, we decided to meet at 2 AM at low tide so that he could show me the area where his ring was lost.

I think he was surprised that I wanted to meet him at such a time but the only chance we had was at low tide.

So when I met Mike he showed me the area the ring was lost at, the water was waste deep and he felt that I was in the right area.

He told me that the ring was made from his wife’s great grandmother’s rings and that it could never be replaced.

Mike stayed for 45 minutes then he said he was getting tired and would wait to hear from me in the morning to weather or not I found his ring.

Less then 15 minutes after Mike left for home I got a good signal, I scooped the sand and there in my scoop was his white gold wedding band…

I called him right away as I knew that he’d still be up and he was very happy to get the news!

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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Wedding band found in grass parking strip – Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Adam lost his white gold wedding band one night while walking to a friends house after a night of festivities at one of the local “watering holes”. Due to the amount of libations consumed the true path to the residence was not know for sure. Best guesses as to locations of stopping points to try to rid himself of severe hiccups seemed to be the likely spots of the rings disappearance. The search area could have been several blocks worth of grass strips within the public right of way. But with the information that I had in hand I began my search in what seemed to me the most likely of all the spots. I started my search in a grass strip that Adam had searched on his hands and knees for several hours. Within 10 mintues of search time the ring had reappeard under my search coil. I called Adam who was doing a visual search in one of the alleyways near by. He was a very happy man to get his ring back.

Ring recover June 29, 2010.

Lost Wedding Band at a Baseball Field in Port Coquitlam…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

First of all I’m chocked that I accidentally deleted the video that went with this smile…My flip video camera doesn’t allow me to recover the video when I mess up…

I received a call the other day from a young lady who tells me that her husband of only two years had lost his wedding band while playing Baseball, one week ago in Port Coquitlam.

I decide to search that evening after I finished work, I was to meet up with her husband after his dinner with friends. I arrived at the park at around 8:15 pm and there was a baseball game on so I just kicked back and enjoyed the slow pitch.

When the game was over around 9:20 pm I was getting ready to start my search and was met shortly after by the young man who had lost the ring. He showed me all the areas he was playing and warming up in, it made sense to me that the only time the ring would come off his finger is when he was pulling off his glove.

Because his glove was on his left hand and because he wouldn’t take it off while playing the most likely area for me to search was where he was warming up. I figured when he was running back to the sidelines where his team was getting ready he’d take off his glove and out the ring would go… At least that’s what I was hoping for.

It was getting dark fast and I told him that he could go home and I’d call him when I found it. I started my grid search where he showed me where he was standing while warming up and headed back towards the sideline.

It was going on 45 minutes and the mosquito’s were out in full force, I was thinking to myself that I’d come back on the weekend and search some more for the ring and I was getting close to the end of my grid when I received a loud signal on my detector. I turned on my flashlight and kicked the grass to see his 14k white gold wedding band looking back at me!

That felt so good to see! I quickly called him to tell him the good news and was greeted with a nice Thank You card from his wife and a kind reward for my efforts.

I Love my Job!

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