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Lost Engagement Ring and 3 Wedding Bands Found Sea Isle City, New Jersey by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano OVER 200 SUCCESSFUL ITEMS RECOVERED!!!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Matt and Alicia enjoyed a day on the beach with their sons in Sea Isle City, NJ on Wednesday. They arrived around 3 PM and set their chairs up near the water’s edge. Before applying sunscreen to herself and her sons, Alicia took her 4 rings off and layed them on her chair. As the tide came in, the chairs had to be moved back a few times. They packed up around 7 PM and returned to their house. Approximately an hour later, Alicia realized her wedding rings were missing. Matt gave me a call and we planned to meet at low tide. I gridded the wet sand and did not get any signals, so I expanded the search up to the dry sand. After gridding the dry sand for some time, I finally got a signal and dug up one of the 3 bands. The next signal was another band, followed by the engagement ring that is extremely sentimental because the diamond is a family heirloom. Thankfully, the last band was nearby and recovered!

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Lost wedding ring in Sea bright NJ Found by Matt St.Germain aka Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On July 7th i received a message from Edward Cropski aka/ N.J. Lost Ring Finder about a lost wedding band in Sea Bright NJ. Ryan and his wife were relaxing and enjoying the day when at some point Ryan went into the water and while wading/body surfing during high tide, he watched his ring come right off his finger as a wave came in. He reached out to Ed who then sent him my way as i was closer. It was lost on the 6th, I went out there on the 11th for the 2am low tide and based on map images and a video his wife took of where they were at the time i was able to find it in about 2hrs of searching. They were very happy to hear that i had found it when i sent him a picture and could not believe it!. He told me from now on it is not going to the beach with him again! Another happy couple!

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