Ocean City NJ Lost Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

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n the realm of lost treasures, love and sentiment hold unparalleled value. When Chrissy lost her beloved engagement and wedding ring on the beach in Ocean City, NJ, their hearts sank. Dave spent an hour or two searching, and he could not find them.

Chrissy called me for help from Facebook and my page Ring Finders South Jersey. I spoke to her and met Dave, her husband 20 minutes later.

I began my search after getting the details of how they were lost in the sand. Having the general idea of the location. The kids dug a large hole that was a starting point. I was able to find both rings very quickly!

The vacation was saved and they could continue their week! Dave and Chrissy were so happy! Chrissy said, ” If I was there, I would have cried!” It was a happy ending in Ocean City, New Jersey!

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