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Lost Engagement ring found at Carpinteria State Beach

Call Dave the Ventura and Santa Barbara county ringfinder immediately day or night at 805-290-5009 if you have lost your ring.

I got a text from Christine who had lost her engagement ring Sunday afternoon at Carpinteria State Beach and unfortunately had to return to San Diego as she had been visiting the area for the weekend. Carpinteria is known for its beautiful beaches and calm waters,  Christine had been enjoying the day and decided to go for a swim. When she did she took off her ring to keep it safe but when she returned she grabbed the towel it was on and the ring went flying. She looked for as long as she could and heartbroken she left the area to return to San Diego.

She found me on the web after doing a google search and with her best recollections of where she was I headed to Carpinteria to recover the ring. She put me in an area close to to the boardwalk and I searched the area only able to recover some bottle caps. I expanded my grid further towards the water and on my second pass I got a nice tone and a 44 on my XP Deus 2 metal detector and I had her ring back in my scoop.

I called Christine immediately and told her I would box the ring up and mail it back to her in San Diego and two days later things were back to normal for Christine with her ring on her finger.

If you lose your ring on the beach, in the water, in the grass at your house or the soccer field call or text me immediately as time isn’t on your side. The sooner we can get to looking for it the better the chances are for recovery.