Chris Dean

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost ring or jewelry.

To cover the cost of fuel, etc., a small and fair “call out” fee will be charged. This detail can be discussed when you call.

Search Types

Yards, Parks, Rivers & Structures. Anywhere you know you lost your treasure. I have an underwater detector and can search in up to chest deep water (warm weather only). I can conduct insurance searches, assist law enforcement agencies and even search structures for lost treasures (cash, gold, silver, etc.

Search Locations

Kerrville, Fredericksburg and anywhere in the Texas Hill Country area! If you are out of this area please do not hesitate to call as arrangements can still be made to assist you. Note: Searches on private property MUST have permission of property owner. Likewise, searches on public property must be legal and have clearances from proper officials.

Chris Dean's Bio

My wife and I ventured into metal detecting several years ago and since then, my son (Shane), has joined our search team. We are very excited to utilize our knowledge and resources to assist people in located their lost treasures. A lost treasure needs to be returned to it's owner and we will do everything possible to see a "Smiling Face" when it's returned.

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Chris Dean - Testimonials

  • I was thrilled and very impressed with Chris's efficiency. (2016)


    Last Sunday in Louis Hayes park I lost my rings. A set of 3, I found 2, but could not find the other. With evening approaching we left the park. On Monday I asked around to my co-workers if they had any ideas as to what I should do about my dilemma. Chris Dean was referred to me by Ken as a person that searched for lost belongings. Tuesday,

    I searched Facebook, befriended him and messaged Mr. Dean explaining that I lost a ring in Louis Hayes park and was curious if he could

    Chris was immediately responsive, and began to ask questions about where, when, how. Very impressed by his thoroughness, I had great confidence he could find it that day. However, because of the misplaced location,

    Chris said he would have to get permission from the parks. I sure am glad he knows what he is doing. Chris and his wife met my family down at Louis Hayes on Tuesday to show him the area where I suspected the ring to be.

    To my horror THE GRASS HAD BEEN MOWED! What if the lawn mower had chewed it up so bad, it was no longer wearable? I was worried, but Chris was reassuring and hopeful. Next day, Chris text me a picture of my lost ring! How exciting! I met Chris after work and put my ring back where it belonged. I was thrilled and very impressed with Chris's efficiency. I cannot give enough thank you's for doing a great job.