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Family North Topsail Beach Vacation Includes Platinum Ring Lost & Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders and let Steve Ray help save the day!!!

Marshall informed me his ring was loose and before going out for a swim, placed it under a sun shade the family placed on North Topsail Beach.   At some point, the ring was dropped into the soft sand beneath the canopy.  Marshall contacted Crystal Coast Ring Finders the next morning.  He knew it was in a very small area and after digging up a broken zipper, his shiny ring was found a few inches away.  He was shocked his wife wasn’t extremely upset when he notified her of the lost ring and now, things are back where they belong.

TIP:  Since most of us use the same cellular phone number… inscribe your contact number inside your keepsakes if possible