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Lost wedding ring in Lincoln Nebraska

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Erin was doing yard work today, later on she realized her wedding ring of 29 years was not on her finger. She contacted us and we headed over. She was very detailed as to the work she was doing and where. My son and I got to work, 10 minutes later we surprised her with her ring. Always a blessing to help others.

White Gold Diamond Pendent Necklace Found Terwillegar Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a text from Preena on Tuesday inquiring what I charged to find a diamond necklace lost in a back yard.  When I spoke with Preena, she informed me that her daughter was attending her graduation party in a friends back garden.  After asking Preena many questions I agreed to meet up with her the next day.

When I met Preena at the house and she showed me pictures of her daughter with and without the necklace on her!  Preena said that the had searched the back garden with out any luck, and I reassured Preena if the neckless was lost in the garden I would find it!

It took me over one hour to locate the necklace.  Preena was grateful to have the necklace back as the necklace was very sentimental to her.   It was gifted to her by her husband when her third child was born.  Preena had given the necklace to her eldest daughter on her graduation day.

Another happy Client.