14K White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned Myrtle Beach S

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an e-mail from Mandy F. asking if I might be able to help her find her engagement ring that she lost in the surf on Saturday during her Bachelorette party. In her e-mail she stated they stayed in North Myrtle Beach but the resort she mentioned was located in Myrtle Beach. I e-mailed her back asking her to call me so I could get additional details and confirm whether the resort she had been staying at was in Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach.  While I was waiting for her call, Matt Fry TRF Myrtle Beach called and asked if I had seen the listing on Craigslist about a lost engagement ring in North Myrtle Beach. After some discussion we concluded that my e-mail and the Craigslist ad was one in the same lost ring. Shortly after we hung up, Mandy called and gave me all the details which included the address for the resort which ended up being in Myrtle Beach (Matt’s area).

I called Matt back and we arranged to meet and do a combined search. We worked about 2 hours doing both north/south and east/west grids and leap frogging each other working our way north along the beach. In Mandy’s description of her location she said she was staying in one of the resorts but when her mother, friends and her went out to the beach they moved farther south because of the large crowds behind her resort. Unfortunately there were 3 or 4 resorts in a row that were associated with each other and had the same name in some variation. As a process of elimination we wanted to make sure we covered as much as we could before the tide came in and hampered our search areas plus it started pouring down rain. As Matt was moving ahead of me he was working the surf line with the incoming tide and I saw him walking up the beach with a scoop of sand, look at me and nod his head, I knew instantly that he had the ring. He had the ring cleaned off by the time I got to him. Matt and I stopped for a late lunch and called Mandy. She was ecstatic and couldn’t believe we had found it. She said she thought it was lost forever. I took a picture of her ring and sent it to her and got the following text back “Omg!!!! That’s my baby, God bless you so much!!!! You guys are truly Angels”. How can it possibly get any better than that, getting someone’s treasure back to them. Wow!!!

I’m putting the ring in the mail tomorrow so she can get it in time for her wedding in less than 2 weeks.

Mandy and James, Matt and I wish you the very best on your future and pray all your dreams come true.

Matt, as always you came through again. Many thanks for your help on this one and getting the job done!!!!


Mandy F. Mandy F.'s Ring

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6 Replies to “14K White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned Myrtle Beach S”

  1. Matthew Fry says:

    Jim, it was a pleasure working with another tenacious digger. Mandy and James have luck on there side.

  2. Matthew T. Fry says:

    Mandy and James Have luck on THEIR SIDE

  3. Mandy F says:

    Jim & Matt,
    I cannot begin to express how upset I was when I lost my ring. I tried to brush it off because it was only materialistic and we could replace the ring. As time went by, I thought of all the memories James and I shared and the ring symbolized our start to a new & better life. I could not sleep thinking about how much I wanted my ring back and the memories we shared.
    I thank God you reached out to me. I prayed so hard for an Angel to please take my heartache away. You boys delivered a miracle! Your resilience and hard work is very much appreciated!! I could not believe how quickly you guys were to help me!! In less than 24 hours from hearing my cry for help, you were on the beach and searching. That is so rare to see individuals who care so much for others. I greatly value my ring, but I am even more greatful to meet people who have kind souls.
    Even if we were not able to find the ring, you guys are amazing!!! Thank you for taking time out of your day to search for me. I cannot express how much I am greatful for each of you!!!
    Thank you…. Thank you….. Thank you!!!!

  4. Larry Griffith says:

    Team work and timing were essential with the upcoming wedding. Mandy didn’t need the added stress at this time. Great work guys!

  5. Jim Brouwer says:

    Glad you and Matt found the ring!!! Excellent!!!

  6. Pam Pinkham says:

    Jim & Matt,
    Thank you so much for looking for my daughters(Mandy F.) ring. She was very heartbroken when she lost it. She tried to hide it but I knew it really affected her. You guy’s are definitely our hero’s and we appreciate all you have done for her and for other’s like her. Not too many good and honest people in this world anymore. Thanks again!

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