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Finding lost rings at the beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you just lost your ring on the beach…Call me (LOUIS) 305-608-1870, or text.   Wether you lost your jewelry on the beach, in the water, or in your backyard (DAY OR NIGHT) I can find it …Below you can see a couple of happy customers who both had their beloved rings found.  One of these rings was actually found at 3am by a friend of mine 2 days later and we were still able to return it.  The other ring was found and returned while he was on vacation at a restaurant. Please see my other posts for of successful recoveries.

Lost Ring Pensacola Beach – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

It’s always been neat how this hobby of mine brings me together with people that end up having so much in common with me, regardless of where they come from. This time it was with Micah and Brooke who were in town from Louisiana for Micah’s brother’s graduation. It just so happened that my family have also been celebrating my daughter’s graduation on the same day. Brooke called me early Saturday morning and let me know that she and Micah had been at the beach the afternoon before and Brooke had taken off her rings and laid them on the towel. When she got up she popped the towel and only later realized that both rings had gone flying. When they realized what had happened, they came back and searched everywhere. Miraculously they were able to find the wedding band but couldn’t find the engagement ring anywhere. Brooke was distraught and they even went and purchased a metal detector. They quickly learned that an average machine just won’t work right on our beaches. Lots of tears were shed until luckily Brooke’s mom did some internet research and found me. They stayed up reading my stories until they trusted me enough to reach out and see if I could help. I am very glad that they did. We spoke that morning and agreed that it would be that evening until we would be done with all the graduation festivities. My wife came with me (she’s my lucky charm) and we met Micah and Brooke on the beach with only about 30 minutes left before dark. I consoled them both and told them not to worry that I was pretty good at searching even in the dark. We were a little worried because they weren’t exactly sure where they were the day before and overnight the tide had come way in and a lot of the beach was now covered in saltwater and seaweed. I told them that if it was still there, I would find it. This turned out to be a really large search and I methodically gridded out the areas as my wife kept them from being too worried. I finally came back and asked them both to pick a direction because it was definitely not in that area. When Brooke picked right and Micah picked left I said a little internal “uh oh” but started towards the left because I was closer to it. My favorite part of this story is that Brooke said after a few more passes is when she was starting to lose a little faith so she bowed her head to pray. That was about the exact same time that down the beach I asked God that if it was in his will, would He please put me where he wanted me. Sure enough only a few steps later in the wet sand and seaweed I got a perfect gold tone. As I pulled out her beautiful engagement ring I turned and headed towards them sitting on the beach. It took a little convincing in the dark that I really had found it until finally Brooke jumped up and saw it and gave me a huge hug. 😃 I am so glad I was able to find your ring and I wish you both many happy years together. God bless!