Lost Wedding Ring in Daytona Beach Surf....Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Late one evening I received an e-mail from Marc asking if I could find his lost wedding ring in the surf at Daytona Beach.  Earlier that day Marc and his family were enjoying the waves when he realized his wedding ring was missing.  He spent an hour or so looking in the sandy surf when he realized it would be next to impossible to actually find it without the use of a metal detector.  Unfortunatly they were to leave very early the next morning for Toronto, Canada and that’s what led him to theringfinders.com.  Thankfully Marc was able to give me excellent directions and a very precise idea as to where he lost the ring.  It took 2 visits to the beach and a total of 7 hours, but miracles do still happen!  The following week I was able to send the ring by UPS and Marc was reunited with his lost wedding band.

I just love it when people’s stories have a happy ending and when vacations are not dampened by the loss of something so special!

Thank you Marc for your generous reward and for passing on the word about theringfinders.com

Lost something recently?  The sooner you call the better!

Mike McInroe proud member of theringfinders.comMarc --Toronto ringphoto-1marc toronto ring


4 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring in Daytona Beach Surf….Found!”

  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Way to go Mike! I know how those surf hunts can be. Cool looking ring.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    7 hours! You had to work for that one Mike…Way to go!!!! Happy Hunting, Chris

  3. Dave Millman says:

    Two visits and 7 hours? You’re incredible!

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