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Kissimmee Florida lost wedding/engagement ring Found by Ring Finder Mike McInroe

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Angela had given her wedding/engagement ring to her husband to put in his pocket for safe keeping and while pacing back and forth in their yard while talking on his phone…somehow her precious ring just disappeared. Angela thought that maybe her ring dropped somewhere in the house and she looked everywhere and could not find it. Later they determined it very well could have come out of his pocket while walking in the yard. Determined to find her ring Angela purchased a metal detector and tried her best but it made way too much noise and proved unhelpful. Again she went online and searched for a metal detecting service and a story from theringfinders.com website came up and she found my number. We talked and I set a time later that day to meet and do a proper search. Their yard was not very big and the grass was quite short so I began searching the area along the side of the house and made my way to the back yard. Twenty minutes later I got another pull tab signal and I could just barely see Angela’s ring hiding in the grass! I called her over to see what I had just found and she was stunned and speechless….for about 5 seconds! And her beautiful smile is what I was hoping to see and the joy of being reunited with her engagement ring and wedding ring was a site I will not soon forget! I am so very grateful to be able to help people find their lost rings! Have you lost something recently and need a ring finders help?

Call or text ASAP…321-363-6029!

Mike McInroe….thrilled to be part of theringfinders.com

Lost ring in car in Orlando, Florida….Found and returned to happy owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Got a call from Christine who asked if I could possible help her find her diamond engagement ring which fell in her car by the drivers seat and somehow just disappeared! Her husband tried looking for it with a flashlight and literally bruised and scraped up both hands while sticking his fingers into the small cracks and crevices trying his best to locate his dear wife’s lost ring. They even took it to the Mazda dealer and they removed the seat and searched for the ring as well but were unable to find her lost engagement ring. Christine was very distraught over the whole ordeal and went online to look for some help and stumbled onto theringfinders.com. She was fascinated that there actually existed a unique service of ring finding specialists who recover lost ring on land, in the water, in cars and most anyplace imaginable. She called me and I came the next day with my equipment and began my search. My main tool of choice for these types of searches is an endoscope that is ideal for looking in tiny, restricted areas. Under Christine’s car seat there was only one slit in the carpet where electrical wires go to control the seat adjustments. It took about 20 minutes and at one point I saw a penny that was in a small grooved area and further back behind the penny I saw a sparkling reflection that could only be Christine’s diamond ring. I then rigged up a thin cooper wire with a small hook on the end and carefully worked it along the cable of my endoscope and gently and very slowly pulled her ring out to where I could grab it with my fingers. I handed the ring to Christine’s husband and said, “How should we surprise Christine?”. Just then Christine came out of the house and asked how it was going. So I casually said, “Well I did find a penny…..and then I found this hiding behind the penny!”. Christine could not hold back the tears…only these were tears of JOY!!

Thanks Christine for calling me and allowing me to help you find your precious engagement ring!

Lost something recently? Call or text me ASAP! 321-363-6029

Mike McInroe….humbly at your service and thankful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost Ring found in the sand. Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)

Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

TIMING IS IMPORTANT .. call or TEXT Adam ASAP .. 714-785-5111 .. With all the spam calls if I don’t answer please TEXT..

***I received a call from this young man you told me that several days prior to him calling me he was standing in about two feet of water skimming rocks into the water at which time he felt his ring fly off his hand.  He told me the next day he bought a metal detector and tried to find his ring but but did not have any luck at all.  I informed him that if he directed me to the right area where he was in the water when he lost his ring that I believed I had a good chance of finding it even thou it had been a few days.  He was very hesitant because my profile did not show any recoveries. I informed him that I have recovered hundreds of rings but those recoveries were from different States and I could not display them in my Florida TheRingfinders profile. I texted him photos of many of my recoveries and informed him he had nothing to lose by letting me try and find his ring as there was no charge, if found reward only.

After searching for about a little over 1 hour I was thrilled to see the look on his face when  returned his favorite ring.


How to Find a Ring on the Beach … Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. .. Call a Member of TheRingFinders ..       “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

                          .. Call and Text – Adam someone you can TRUST…                                                     714-785-5111

Lost ring in the grass, Winter Park, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dave’s lost and found ring story began on January 17th, 2022, after some very cold and windy weather! Here in Florida we have allot of Spanish moss that grows on many of our trees and high winds will occasionally knock clumps of it off and leave the ground covered in small piles that need to be picked up. Being as it was cooler and a bit wet Dave could feel that his ring was a bit looser than normal but he wanted to clear the debris off of his yard before it got dark. As he zig zagged across the grass gathering handfuls of moss and sticks he would then walk to the edge of his yard and toss them into the woods. Later that evening he noticed his wedding ring was not on his finger and thinking back on what probably happened…he was almost positive it must have come off while clearing his yard! So the next day he began looking for his ring and it soon dawned on him how extremely difficult it would be to actually spot it in the leaves and grass. He realized he needed the help of someone with a metal detector and that led him to “Theringfinders.com”!

I met Dave a few days later and he showed me where he walked and we realized he basically covered his whole yard…and he has a very large and beautiful back yard! I first concentrated on the areas where he threw the debris and then checked the shallow water of the lake. That took a good hour and a half and then darkness fell. I said my goodbyes and reassured Dave I would be back to start systematically covering the yard. So I returned a few days later with my Garrett ATMax metal detector and switched to my large coil and began a tight grid search pattern. Two hours later it got dark and again I had to give up. Again I told Dave I would be back again in a week or so. Two weeks passed and I met Dave for a third try—hoping and praying that God would allow me to find Dave’s lost 20 year old wedding ring! I only had a quarter of the yard left to search and 15 minutes into my grid search I got a sharp, shallow signal and using my pin pointer I got that solid, beautiful, steady beep that we all love to hear…and there to my surprise was Dave’s lost wedding ring, just sitting there in the grass…perfectly camouflaged! I went around the house to tell Dave to come see what I had found, and you can imagine how happy he was to have his ring back again!

Lost something recently or maybe years ago and need help? Give me a call or text me ASAP!
Mike McInroe….honored to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost cell phone along highway, Ormond Beach, Florida….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

In November of 2017, Jerry was visiting his brother and wife in the Ormond Beach, Florida area and was in a bit of a hurry as he packed up his car to head north for the long drive home. And in his hurry he forgot that he had set his phone on the top of the car! Here is Jerry’s account. “My phone survived a brief thrill ride on top of my car before sliding off onto the shoulder of the road, where it survived a couple of cold and lonely nights before you, Mike, came to the rescue. I tried to hire someone from Craigslist for an “Odd Job” but nobody was interested. The day before I contacted Mike, I asked a local police officer to go out where the signal was still pinging and have a look around. It’s a work phone and they probably wouldn’t have charged me for it but I had some video on there of my daughters last Tae Kwon Do belt test that I didn’t want to lose. Glad I thought of metal detectors and glad I discovered you (and theringfinders.com)! Thanks again! Jerry O.”
So glad to be able to help you Jerry and thanks for entrusting me with the job of finding your lost cell phone!
Mike McInroe…one of many helpful members of TRFers!

Lost wedding ring, Flagler Beach, Florida…..Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Tiger gave me a call after loosing his wedding ring in the sand at the beach. He could hardly believe that his ring just fell off of his finger so easy like! It all happened the day before as he and a friend were throwing the football just along the waters edge. As he went to catch the football, apparently the point of the ball hit him right on his ring finger and the impact knocked his ring right off into the sand. It all happened so fast that he did not see the exact direction his ring went flying, but he had the presence of mind to stop and take note of a few land marks. (That quick thinking would be a huge help to him in the end.) He searched the area as best as he could and even contemplated renting a metal detector but as he typed into Google…Flagler Beach metal detector rental…up came one of theringfinders stories about a recent successful lost ring search. So Tiger figured what better way to go, then to hire someone who has the equipment and experience to help him find his lost ring. Two hours later we met on the beach and Tiger showed me the small area where he was standing when he lost his wedding ring. I set out four corner flags and searched the small area anxiously awaiting that sweet, familiar signal. My first signal was a crusty penny and that got Tiger and his wife’s hearts racing! Nothing else showed up in the marked off area so I made a pass around the outside and there in the wet sand, with the water washing over my scoop, was Tiger’s lost ring. I quietly thanked God for helping me find their precious ring and could not help but smile to see the joy and happiness on their faces. Thanks Tiger for the generous reward and for giving me the opportunity to help you in your time of need. Lost your ring? Call, text or e-mail me ASAP!
Mike McInroe—proud to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost college class ring, Lake Mary, Florida……found and returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dave was spraying a mixture of cleaners on his two story home roof, hoping to kill some of the Florida mildew that was growing on his shingles. The pump sprayer he was using began to leak and his hand started to burn. The burning steadily got worse until he had to stop and he then noticed his fingers were actually beginning to bleed! So he tried shaking the liquid off of his hand and the motion caused his 2007 UCF class ring to go flying. Actually only three quarters of his ring went flying as his 14k gold ring had come apart in three pieces. Dave was able to see his ring, shining in the grass down below and after rinsing his hand he went to where he last saw his ring….but he could not find it anywhere. He tried raking the area hoping to bring it to the surface but still his ring remained hidden in the thick grass. Dave then went out and bought himself a small metal detector hoping that it would help locate his lost ring but still no luck. He then went on line and typed in “How to find a ring in the grass” and up popped theringfinders.com and one of the search stories. So he gave me a call and we discussed his situation and I felt quite confident that I could help him find his lost ring. Later that evening I met Dave and he showed me the small grassy area where he dropped his class ring off of the roof. I set my metal detector to the coin and jewelry mode and right away there was obvious electrical interference that caused the detector to chatter constantly. By switching to the Prospecting Mode I was able to begin searching the most likely areas. And sure enough I soon got a nice solid, repeatable signal with low numbers and it pinpointed very shallow. Dave was so grateful to get his lost ring back and it was great to see the joy and relief as he firmly shook my hand. I thanked God for another successful search and as I said my goodbyes, I was happy to have helped another needy person. Lost something recently? Maybe I can help! Give me a call, text or e-mail and we can talk about your situation.
Mike McInroe, ready and willing member of theringfinders.com