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Lost Wedding Ring in Florida Lake….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Matt and his buddies made plans one Saturday to play some volleyball out in the middle of a small Orlando lake.  It was a hot day so the water felt cool and relaxing.  Unfortunately too relaxing as the combination of the cool water and activity made Matt’s wedding ring slide right off his finger and into the sandy bottom of the lake.  Matt and his friends spent the next few hours running their fingers through the murky sand trying desperately to find his ring!  Two days later Matt called me and we agreed on a time to meet and conduct a thorough search.

This search required the use of a canoe and kayak plus 4 pvc poles to mark the area in the 4 foot deep water.  Matt had to guess where the net would have been located as they used only temporary poles put in just for the day.  As I grid searched inside the 4 poles Matt maned the sifter.   I would dig each signal and dump the contents into the floating sifter and Matt would locate the target.  We found lots of junk in the soft sandy mud and after an hour of digging and sifting I heard Matt yell—“Here it is!!!!”

It is always a huge thrill to see the glint of gold in one’s scoop or sifter and this time it was extra exciting especially for Matt as he took part in the actual search and find!

Thanks Matt for your help in the search and I am so glad we were able to find your wedding ring.

Mike McInroe  Grateful member of theringfinders.commattimage