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Lost gold ring at Daytona Beach, Florida….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

While out searching the rough surf for a large gold necklace, I was getting tired and thirsty and decided to take a short break. As I sat there relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, a man approached me and explained his dilemma. Two weeks earlier, Teddy had been walking on the beach and towards the end of his walk he noticed a bunch of garbage in an area of the soft sand and decided he would do the noble thing and pick up the trash and deposit it where it belonged… the garbage can! Earlier in his walk, he had been fiddling with his ring and for some “unknown” reason he slipped the ring onto his pinkie finger, where it was a tad loose.
He proceeded to pick up the garbage, bending over to retrieve each item and he put it all into a small plastic grocery bag, which was then thrown into the appropriate can. And when he walked up to his apartment he noticed his ring was no longer on his finger and immediately Teddy returned to the garbage can and pulled out the bag. But his ring was not in amongst the garbage so he retraced his steps and soon realized that the ring had probably slipped off and into the dry, soft sand.
For two weeks Teddy waited to ask someone with a metal detector to help him locate his lost gold ring and when he spotted me in the surf with my Whites Dual Field metal detector he boldly approached me with his story and I was more than willing to lend him a hand. It took a half hour to cover the small area where Teddy picked up the trash and there close to the concrete steps was Teddy’s lost ring, hiding under a couple inches of sand. Glad you asked for my help Teddy! And I know there are allot of other people out there who need my help as well! Call, text or email me, ASAP!
Mike McInroe….glad to be a member of

Lost wedding ring New Smyrna Beach, Florida…..found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Last November 3rd I wrote a short story about Shawn loosing a ring at New Smyrna Beach and how I was able to find it for him. Come to find out that his good friend Zack, lost his wedding ring that very same day, at the very same beach! Shawn, Zack and another close friend had taken a day off to relax and as they finished their lunch at the Breakers Restaurant they decided to throw the football around in the shallow part of the surf. (Does this story sound familiar?) The third friend decided to remove his wedding ring and leave it in the car, despite the lighthearted objections of Shawn and Zack. And guess who ends up loosing their rings?
So after returning Shawn’s ring to him that evening, I find out that Zack had lost his ring as well! That next day I was able to return to the beach and after a one hour grid search–a little to the north of where Shawn’s ring was found–up pops Zack’s wedding ring. Three guys at the beach and two of them loose their rings! What are the chances? And the best part of the whole story is–they both got them back! And I am still waiting for Zack to send me his photo–so in the meantime–my smiley face will have to do!
Lost your bling? Give me a ring!
Mike McInroe, proud member of