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Happy tourists

  • from Fort Walton Beach (Florida, United States)

Just want to post a few photos from recoveries before I joined The Ringfinders. Also go to my website: http://www.treasurefindersfl.com to view other happy tourists when their lost items were recovered. Love metal detecting!!!

Lost wedding ring, Apopka, Florida……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Scott was playing with a football in the pool with his son and some friends and as they finished up he noticed his wedding ring, of 12 years, was not on his finger. So he immediately started searching in the pool thinking that was the most likely place where it probably slipped off while he was swimming. Scott is a certified diver and had no trouble checking all the corners and crevices where his ring could have been hiding–but he came up empty handed. That led him and his friends to search the deck area around the pool and along the fence surrounding the deck. And still no ring. Along the outside of the fence was a row of 5 foot hedge type bushes that gave the pool area some privacy and it was very likely that the lost ring could be hiding either in the bushes themselves or at the base of one of them. Scott and his friends spent a few more hours searching those areas and still could not seem to find his lost ring. The next day they packed up and headed home to the Tampa area and Scott was not happy to be leaving his wedding ring behind. He kept thinking that there had to be a way to find his ring, and that thought led him to search on Google “What do I do when I lose my ring?” and up came one of theringfinders.com stories. So Scott called me and explained what all happened and described the pool area quite well. I asked him to contact the Holiday Inn Express manager and ask for permission to conduct a thorough search of the pool area.
When I arrived later that day the skies were cloudy and rain was threatening. It turned out to be a very tough search and took me 5 hours to finally find Scott’s lost ring. Thankfully the hotel manager left the pool lights on and Scott’s ring had landed in the grass at the far end of the pool on the other side of the hedges!
Thanks Scott for calling me and it was an honor to help you get your lost ring back to you.
Mike McInroe — ready and willing member of theringfinders.com