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Lost Diamond ring in Chuluota lake, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Sunday morning I received an e-mail from Sonya asking if there was any possible way I could help her find her Diamond Pave wedding ring.  Apparently on Saturday she was helping put the boats into the dock area when all of a sudden her ring slipped off of her finger and dropped straight down into the murky water.  Without  hesitation Sonya jumped right in and immediately started to feel around for her ring. The bottom was full of small one inch size clam shells and sticks and such making it impossible to find her ring.  She tried using a mask and underwater lights but still could not locate her precious ring.

I assured Sonya that her ring was there and that the chances of finding it were very, very good!  So after church with my family and a quick lunch I drove out to meet Sonya and her family.  As she showed me the exact area where the ring fell into the water I slipped my scuba boots on and with my scoop and Tiger Shark in hand I lowered myself into the water.  The first couple of targets were elusive as the bottom was very uneven and loaded with small clam shells and debris.  My Tesoro Tiger Shark sounded off on a wrench, some assorted nuts and bolts and the occasional nail.  At this point I figured it was a matter of simply eliminating all the targets in the 6 foot area and sooner or later I would find her ring.  And sure enough after 15 minutes of cleaning the area out–there in the scoop was Sonya’s ring!  The joy mixed with relief was obvious on Sonya’s face as she immediately slid the ring back on her finger where it belonged.

It truly was my honor and my privilege to help you Sonya and thank you so much for your generous reward.

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