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Apple iPhone Lost at Vanderbilt Beach, Naples – Found and Returned to Owner

from Marco Island (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-239-500-7464

While watching the beautiful sunset with her husband at Vanderbilt Beach, Kim’s iPhone somehow managed to slip out of her pocket and get lost in the dry sand. They looked on and off for several hours with no luck. During a grid pattern search the phone was located. Another very happy person reunited with her lost item, which just so happened to contain hundreds of priceless and irreplaceable photos of her daughters wedding a week earlier. Good luck and God bless!

COMMENT: 3/28/2018 – Mark found my iPhone after I lost it in the sand at Vanderbilt beach this evening. We were frantically looking for it when we got a call from him letting us know he had it. My grandchildren’s photos, my daughters wedding this past Saturday and many other memories would have been lost ! Thank you! Thank you!

Need help finding your lost ring in Southwest Florida?

from Naples (Florida, United States)
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For years, I’ve been lucky enough to help folks like you find rings they thought were lost forever! I look forward to helping you get that ring back on your finger so you can start smiling too!


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Lost ring found at Delnor-Wiggins State Park in Naples, FL with metal detector

from Naples (Florida, United States)
Contact: 239-247-0760.

Just a few days before Valentine’s Day, I got a call from a guy that was hoping I’d be able to help him find his sweet wife’s diamond engagement ring.

They had lost it, and two other rings, in the sand at the beach. They found the other two rings, but, after hours of searching the area with a borrowed metal detector and sifting through tons of sand, they had just about given up hope of ever seeing the engagement ring again!

But, Joe didn’t give up! He got onto Google, searched for “help finding lost rings in Naples”, and up came the good ‘ol RingFinders Directory. I was able to meet them at the beach and found the ring after about an hour of searching. It was tricky, though, because all the digging and sifting had pushed the thin diamond ring down into about 10″ of sand… too deep for most detectors to pick up. Image

Needless to say, when we found it, Elaine was ecstatic! And, after lots of hoopin’, hollerin’ and hugs, she declared me ‘Her New Best Friend’!

Happy Valentine’s Day Elaine and Joe!


Missing gold ring recovered in Marco Island, Florida

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Lovely Dorthea (pictured below) called this morning requesting my detecting services after having lost her emerald/diamond/gold ring off of her finger as she was cleaning the railing of her tenth floor condo balcony.  The ring had flew off her finger and fallen 10 stories below into the thick/dense grass.

After being unable to locate the ring herself, Dorthea called for help.  Within 30 minutes of detecting, the dropped ring was recovered!



Lost diamond ring went out the window with the banana peel, found in the Everglades, East of Naples, Florida

from Naples (Florida, United States)
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Next time you’re driving down the road and go to toss a banana peel out the window, be sure your ring doesn’t go with it!

This young lady’s diamond engagement ring went flying when she tossed her peel hard enough to get it to the grass on the other side of the highway. For hours, she and her family searched near and beyond where the peel had landed, but couldn’t find the ring.

When she called us the next day, my wife and I both went out there and searched all over that side of the highway, but no luck. Before we left, we started checking the other side of the road, and low and behold… there it was… way past where it was supposed to be, and on the opposite side.

Like they say, “If it’s not where it’s supposed to be, it’s where it’s not!”

Found the ring WAY BEYOND where it was supposed to be.

Found the ring WAY BEYOND where it was supposed to be… on the opposite side of the road.







Brain Surgeon Buries Engagement Ring

from Naples (Florida, United States)
Contact: 239-247-0760.


This is a story about a guy madly in love with the woman of his dreams!

Like any guy madly in love, all that mattered was that she said YES!

Like any guy madly in love, all that mattered was that she said YES!

And, like any guy head over heels, I’m sure Steve wanted his proposal to Mary to be as sweet and amazing as could be… one of their happiest days ever.

They’d flown in from Denver for a romantic getaway on a beautiful beach in paradise.

And, as the sun was setting over the water, he was about to ask her to be with him forever!

If all had gone as planned, having her “find” the ring in the sand, would have been a wonderful memory! But, when it came to “finding the ring”, the ring could not be found. Steve and a dozen hotel staff and beach goers searched the beach for hours, in the rain, but had no luck.

Then, Mary got online looking for someone with a metal detector and found our listing in the directory on

Since it was already getting late, as soon as I got the call, I headed right over from the job I was on… didn’t even stop to change. When I got to the beach, I had them go over things with me and got right to work. I pushed my center stake into the sandbar where they thought the ring was lost and spiraled my search pattern out from there.

Here's what it's all about! Helping them find that ring!

Here's what it's all about! Helping them find that ring!



I found the ring after about twenty minutes of searching… 20 feet away.

When I looked up at them with the I-FOUND-IT smile on my face, they ran over to where I stood with their ring in hand. After a few seconds of cheers and hugs, Steve turned to Mary, dropped down to one knee, right there in the surf, and asked her to marry him. Talk about being able to “feel the love”! It was a powerful moment that I’ll never forget.

Dr. Steve’s patients are so fortunate to have found a skilled brain surgeon that also has a heart of gold!





Video of the story that aired on ABC-7 News in Ft. Myers, Florida

from Naples (Florida, United States)
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Here’s a link to a story ABC-7’s Paul Gessler did about me finding Mya’s Daddy’s wedding ring in the Gulf of Mexico:


Daughter’s Hand Once Fit Inside Dad’s Lost Wedding Ring, Recovered From The Gulf, off Naples, Florida!

from Naples (Florida, United States)
Contact: 239-247-0760.

Newborn Daughter's Hand in Dad's Wedding Ring

Every Father’s wedding ring is special. But, when Matt Wilson called us on Valentine’s Day and sent us this photo of his newborn daughter’s hand, easily fitting inside his ring… we knew we had to find it for him!

His miracle baby daughter, Mya, now a happy, healthy young girl, was born 12 weeks early and weighed in at only 1 pound, 10.8 ounces.

Now, years later, while having a photographer shoot their first family portrait, on a beach in Naples, Florida, Matt’s ring ended up in the drink!

He searched for the ring for hours, but ended up having to fly home without it. Then, thanks to TheRingfinders website, Matt was able to find us and sent us a map of the area and the photo of the ring.

It took three trips out to the area, but I was able to find it and return it to the family.


 “I still remember the day I got the voice mail from him. I didn’t listen to the entire message, because I heard him say, ‘Hey Matt its Larry. I think I have some good news for you…’. I called him back and he read me the date off the inside of the ring. It was amazing! I had given up hope of it being found… but Larry came through for us!”  – Matt Wilson

“Beachcombing for Hope” – The Ring Finders make front page in The Naples Daily News

from Naples (Florida, United States)
Contact: 239-247-0760.


from Naples (Florida, United States)
Contact: 239-247-0760.

Here’s a link to the online version of the article: