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Lost Ring in a Laguna Beach Garden .. Found with Metal Detector

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Andrew had been visiting Laguna Beach from San Francisco. He was helping his good friend plating seedlings and maintaining a large garden. Before return to the house Andrew realized that sometime during the gardening he lost his gold ring.

They spent several hours going over the area where they had been working. They even dug up the seedling plants to inspect the hole for the lost ring.. in an attempt to research if a metal detector could help locate the ring, Andrew found TheRingFinders website. He found my contact information, calling me to ask how the service works.

I drove to the Laguna Beach home that same day. We proceeded to get set up in the large garden on a hillside of the property. Grid searching the area was a bit time consuming because there were several metal targets that had to be investigated. I always search in all metal mode when doing ring recoveries. It’s common that people aren’t sure if the ring was gold or silver, they often say silver colored . There is quite a difference between the signals that gold and silver show on the newest models of metal detectors .. After doing a double/ triple grid, the ring showed up next to a large plant that had interfered with my ability to swing the detector coil on my first pass. 

I could feel that Andrew and his friend were beginning to lose hope as I was nearing the end of places to search. Then, Boom !! I spotted the ring after getting the perfect gold ring signal. I didn’t say anything, just asked them to come over to look at something at the base of the plant.

Another great experience to witness the happiness and gratitude from Andrew and his friend who thought this was impossible to find such a small item in a huge garden. Also, Andrew now knows his ring is 14 k white gold marked inside band.

Metal Detector Finds Lost Ring in Sand at Newport Beach, CA.

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Katie and her family were having a party at their beach front house in Newport Beach, CA. They set up some beach games and other activities on the sand. Sometime during the day her uncle Don loss his gold wedding band in the sand. He told me it happened when he brush sand off his clothes.

The whole family and friends tried their luck at finding the ring. After sifting through the sand with tennis rackets and dragging their fingers the ring was not found. Katie found my contact information while searching the internet.

I was able to meet them shortly after Katie called me as I live 2 miles from the location. After a short discussion about how the loss occurred and what type ring I was looking for, I began a grid search with my metal detector. The ring showed up soon after I began the search. Everyone at the party was elated and surprised that Don’s ring was found where so many of them had spent hours trying to find it. Don was happy to have his ring that he has worn for many years.

Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring in Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach, CA. Recovered in Water by Ringfinder.

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How I found Diego’s wedding ring in the water with a metal detector.. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man if you need help finding a ring or any sentimental keepsake. .. available now Call or Text for information on how the service works… Stan  949-500-2136

*** Diego called asking if I could find a ring in the water. He and his family were in Long Beach at a park called Colorado Lagoon. He had waded out in the lagoon waist deep diving head first in the water. He knew that was when his ring came off his finger.

I asked him to mark the spot above the high tide line and take a couple photos. Tide was rising and it may be too deep by the time I get there. He wasn’t sure the whole family could stand by as they were just about ready to leave. 

I made the 18 mile drive catching them still at the site of the loss. Diego was awfully upset. I calmed him down saying the most important part of the search is done. We know he felt the ring come off his finger and I have the exact location. It may be deeper that I can get today but tomorrow morning we have a very low tide. It’s a back bay with no waves. The ring isn’t going anywhere.. 

I did a thorough grid out to neck deep with no success. There wasn’t very many bottle caps or trash metal targets, which is a good thing. It was looking like a return search the next low tide. He was insistent that it was at least waist deep. Completing all the water grid before calling it a day, I got a strong signal in knee deep water. Boom! Tungsten Carbide ring that was definitely Diego’s ring.. Another Very Happy guy. I knew that this meant the world to him because he was speechless. A perfect day, when we do these searches we never know what we will run into.

Don’t waste time contact me now.. Timing is important, especially if the loss is in a public location. Metal detectors are very effective to find small objects, when used by experienced metal detector expert. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ .. Stan the Metal Detector Man is a member of TheRingFinders .. Call or Text Stan  949-500-2136

Wedding Ring Thrown off Balcony .. Mission Viejo, CA. .. Found

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Monday .. August 24, 2015

Yvonne called me asking if it was possible to find a wedding ring lost in ivy outside her condo in the landscaping. I explained that I would have to see the location, but assured her that I could at least give it a try. Arriving at her home I could see that the ivy covering the ground was very low which should not be a problem. She told me that her husband borrowed a metal detector and had a lot of problems using it.
I then asked how the ring was lost. She hesitated, so I interrupted her, saying, was it thrown, it happens all the time. She then explained that it was thrown in the heat of the moment.
Showing me the direction towards the pool area. I searched the planted ground cover first, but could see some thick larger bushes that could probably hold a ring in the foliage. Also, if the ring made it to the cement deck of the pool, someone may have found it in the 4 days since the loss.
Keeping my head thinking about only making sure it wasn’t in hidden in the landscaping. I searched the whole slope and all the plants in the pool area.
Spending more than three hours with my detector and a pinpointer, sometimes on my hands and knees, I was running out of places to search. I went up to give Yvonne the bad news. As we looked out off the balcony, I explained exactly where I had searched. Telling her that if it wasn’t picked up by somebody that it may be hung up in those thick bushes. I had searched much more area than she had laid out, but I should take a few minutes to show her where else she could look. Then, I decided to finish that last bit of ivy, 50ft to the left from the original search zone.
As Yvonne walked around to meet me at the bottom of the slope she spotted the ring on clear ground. (the ring had green and black paint on on side and was camouflaged as pictured)
It doesn’t matter who finds it. We eliminated those other areas first then went to the most unlikely location. I could not believe the angle or the distance that this ring traveled. For me it was a “believe or not moment”. What a happy lady, she told me she did a lot of praying also. It works.

Diamond Wedding Band Lost .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

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Saturday .. 8-22-15

Alex and his family are from Hesperia, CA. where it has been very hot all week. They were spending their day off at Newport Beach. This beach will be busy as it has been very hot inland. He set up his set up his beach awning early, in front of lifeguard tower #24. When the lifeguard came on duty, Alex was asked to move his awning so the lifeguard emergency vehicles could have access to the beach. Half way through the day his wife, Mireya realized her wedding ring was not on her finger.. She believed it may have come off while applying sunscreen, but she had been in the water also.
Alex emailed me at 7:10pm. I replied with an email at 8:00pm.
He called me at 9:30pm. I went straight to the beach to begin my grid search at 10pm.. Starting the grid search from the lifeguard tower towards the beach. It took about an hour to do the dry sand about 200 ft to the north. Then I went to the low tide zone hoping that the ring had been lost in the water, No success.
About to give up, I returned to the dry sand heading for my car. Seeing my starting point. Maybe I should try a couple more grids lines to the south… Late in the night and tired, I tried one more time … Yes !!! There it was 3ft over from where I started, two hours before. It always helps to have the person that lost the ring present, but Alex and Mireya live 90 miles away. It also helps that the person who lost the item is present to tell you what they remember. All my directions came from Alex on the phone. I should have ask to talk to Mireya.
They picked up the ring Sunday. Every ring has a story, this will always be part of this rings story. You can see the smiles on their faces, a happy reunion with a symbol of their wedding day. It was a pleasure to meet them.




White Gold Wedding Ring … Found and Returned .. Balboa Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Monday .. 6-22-15

I got on the beach early Monday morning after a busy beach weekend. The beach was littered with a lot of metal trash. Which is good and not so good. After about an hour I got another tinfoil like signal. You have to dig them all, but this came up in my scoop sparkling. A beautiful 14k white gold wedding band with several diamonds.
I put it on my key ring not to lose it and continued detecting. A couple minutes later I received a call to search for a ring at Venice Beach. Just as I was leaving Kirt walked up to me. He had a beginners type metal detector in his hand that he borrowed from somebody. He politely asked me if he could ask me a question. That’s when he asked me if I had found if I had found his wife’s wedding ring. He described the ring and the exact inscription inside. I said yes and his jaw dropped with disbelief.
Giving the ring to him, I told him about TheRingFinders and what service we do. He asked for my contact information which I gave him, promising to send me a thank you email. I left Kirt on the beach for a 40 mile drive to Venice Beach for another ring search.


Lost White Gold Wedding Band .. Huntington Beach .. Volleyball Court

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday .. May 31, 2015 .. 10:30pm

Karl called me from the airport where he was waiting for his fight back to his home in Phoenix, AZ. He told me he had lost his wedding band while watching his daughter participate in a volleyball tournament. He texted me the location. It was one of 28 volleyball courts. I drove 5 miles, found his ring and was able to text him a photo of his ring just as he was shutting down his smart phone for the departure of his flight. The next morning I returned the ring to his wife, Kristen who will be returning to Phoenix later. Below is Karl’s side of the story.

Thanks again for finding my ring. I was attending my daughter’s beach volleyball tournament at Huntington Beach. During the game, an errant volleyball headed into the crowd towards me. I instinctively shot my left hand up into the air in an attempt to deflect the ball, and as I did, I felt my wedding ring fly off my finger. My wife and I looked around for it frantically, knowing that with each person walking by and kicking up sand, our chances of finding it were dwindling. After searching for about a half an hour, and seeing person after person kicking up sand and surely burying my ring, we resigned ourselves to having lost it for good.

Later that day, upon returning to our hotel and preparing to leave Los Angeles, I got on the internet and conducted a Google search for folks with metal detectors in the Huntington Beach area. I found Stan Ross on and I called him from the airport as I was awaiting my flight. Stan was on the case in no time, and he kept me apprised of his status as he scanned the beach and I got ready to get on my flight. Then, just before departing, Stan texted me with a triumphant pic of my ring. He had found it! My wife and I were ecstatic! Luckily, my wife and kids had already planned to stay an extra day at the beach, so they were able to meet Stan and get my ring back. We’re very grateful for Stan’s services, and we give him our absolute highest recommendations. Thanks again Stan.
image image

Silver Ring Possibly lost in Sand .. Spring Break .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Thursday April8, 2015

Jessie’s family is visiting Newport Beach from Texas. They have been staying in a condo on the beach with several friends and their kids hanging out enjoying our awesome sunny weather.
When Jessie called me she told me she had lost her ring the day before, but she was not sure when or where she lost it. The beachfront house they are staying in has sand right up to their front patio. She had spent most of the day in the sand with the younger kids. There was a time during the day that Jessie put sunscreen on the kids. She could not remember for sure if that was when it went missing.
When I got there I was lucky enough to get a parking space within 25 ft. of the sand. That is the first miracle. You have to know 43st. Newport Beach. As I returned a call to Jessie to let her know I was here, about four or five little girls started yelling Metal Detector Man.. They were part of the vacationers family. I only had to walk around the corner to meet Jessie. I set my detector answering a few questions of how it works. They asked how deep it would detect because they had spent several hours sifting through the sand yesterday and today. Because she wasn’t quite sure where or when it was lost, I said we can start out about 4 feet from the wall to eliminate that area. With about 15 people watching my every move, I started my grid search. First target one penny ( not a silver sound), then a piece of tinfoil ( closer to a gold tone) , the last sound could have been a quarter. It was not a quarter, but it was Jessie’s silver ring. Found within the first five feet probably 5 minutes. It surprised everybody including me. It took longer to get pictures of the ring and Jessie with the ring for this blog and our book of smiles. It is a good feeling for me to know that their vacation was not spoiled by the loss of a sentimental keepsake.
They had called a friend of mine who told them to look me up in I was on the beach in Laguna when she called but it’s less than ten miles and it took about 45 minutes to drive to their place. It’s only about three miles from my home.


I Found Chris Turner’s Platinum Diamond Ring .. Huntington Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Hyatt Regency Resort  … Huntington Beach, Calif. … Monday ..  April 6, 2015

I received a call from a lady who said they had lost her husband’s ring Easter Sunday in the sand while staying at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Huntington Beach. She told me her husband’s name is Chris Turner and he was in a meeting. He would contact me soon. For a second I thought the call was some sort of prank, because the founder and CEO of TheRingFinders is also Chris Turner. It was just a coincidence. I told her I would not wait for him to get out of the meeting, because this is one of the most heavily hunted areas of Huntington Beach by recreational metal detectorists, especially the day after spring break. I would go to the general area and wait for Chris’s phone call.
After arriving I walked out on the beach to the towel line. I could see that the beach sifting machines had already passed through this part of the beach. They are very thorough, but sometimes they set up their machines for surface cleaning allowing them to travel faster covering more area.
Chris called saying he was on his way to show me the exact location. When he walked on the beach I was gridding about 50 feet away from where they had set up yesterday. He directed me over to the location and told me that he had given his wedding band to his wife to put in her coin purse. On the way back to their car he asked her for the ring. It was not in the purse. They went back spending 2 hours searching the sand. Possibly they moved enough sand that the ring sunk deep enough that it was missed by the sifter. I made about three or four 25 ft. passes and got the beautiful solid sound of precious metal. Scooped up Chris’s beautiful ring that he has worn for 16 years of marriage. Smiles and high fives from the other people on the beach. Then a big man hug from Chris. It was hard to keep a positive attitude in this search because I know this beach well. Just as we were taking a few photos for this blog, here comes one of the regular Detectorist that work this beach. I was surprised we didn’t see more. Chris got on the phone to give his wife the good news. Then on his way back to work.


White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Found .. Malibu, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Pt. Dume State Beach, Malibu, CA. #2      ….  Saturday   April 4, 2015

I was at Pt. Dume State Beach on a ring search for Rachel. While waiting for people to leave the towel line search area. A lady walked up to me asking if she could use my services. This is what I call ” A Walk Up.” Her friend Joselyn had dropped her wedding ring set in the sand while putting on sunscreen. She was standing up when she dropped the two rings. ( less than 4 ft. ) The two ladies and their husbands searched for over two hours with their fingers finding only the smaller wedding band. They were amazed that the ring evaded their attempts to find it with their fingers in such a small area of sand.
Joselyn’s husband took off with the car to go into town trying to purchase a metal detector.
I walked over to the location in the sand near the parking lot. There was so much electrical noise interference I started to panic. I just thought I would listen to all those false signals hoping that my Minelab CTX 3030 could give me a solid signal. I got a good different sound and put my scoop into the sand. Up popped the beautiful engagement ring. Smiles and hugs made it a special occasion for all. Joselyn allowed me to set the ring back in the sand to take a photo, but she said she was afraid that it might get lost in the sand again. Her friend was glad they found the ring because she had to get to the airport for her flight back to England.
I went back to wait for people to leave so I could finish searching for the other lady’s engagement ring.