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Lost Tungsten Wedding ring FOUND off Mauldin RD SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Tuesday night I received a call from a young woman about her husbands wedding band that slipped off his finger while he was working. After talking and setting up a time to come out and search. I met the husband (Trey) at the location where the ring was lost and getting more info that would lead for a quick recovery. I started my grid search and digging everything that was close to the surface being that the ring should be an easy find. I searched for around 2 hours until the heat was to much for me that i started feeling ill. I decided to go back this morning and widen my grid search. After 5 min I received a clear target response in my headphones that even Trey heard from 20 ft away. I pulled out my pinpointer and zeroed in on the metal object that was about an inch under the soil. I scraped away some of the soil to expose Trey’s large Tungsten wedding band. Trey asked ”What did you find?” walking toward him I smiled and said”your ring”    His smile said it all. I want to thank Trey and his wife for letting me have the privilege to find the ring for them and for the generous reward.  I used my whites v3i metal detector to find this ring with a vdi # of 43 on Tungsten ring.

tungsten ring and hole

tungsten ring and hole


Trey's Tungsten wedding band

Trey’s Tungsten wedding band


One Happy Man.The smile say's it all

One Happy Man.The smile say’s it all


My Office equipment and work space.

My Office equipment and work space.

Found Lost Wedding Ring in Lake Wilson in Weatherford,Tx

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

IMG_1367 IMG_1368

We got a call from the gentleman above late on a Friday afternoon.  Said he had fallen out of a boat on a small private lake in Weatherford,Tx and wondered if we would come try to find it.  I said we would be happy to but it would have to wait a week as were on our way to the airport to leave for vacation in Cancun for a few days.  I loved his response, he said “well it ain’t going nowhere”.  We agreed I would call him in a week when we returned.

As promised we called the following week and spoke with John about his ring, he explained that he and a friend were coming in from fishing on a small boat, he had stood up just at the moment his friend decided to pull the boat up a little higher on the bank.  When that happen, John lost his footing and fell into the lake.  He said he could feel his wedding band slipping off but could do nothing about it.  The waters edge was slippery and covered in algae and dropped off about 5-6ft in depth.

John found “The Ring Finders” website and located us.

Ellen & I drove 75 miles to the spot on the highway to meet John and have him and buddy lead us back on the dirt roads to where the lake was.  I set up my gear and went into the lake, it was amazing how deep it got so close to the shore.  John told me while I was in the water that he had used swimming pool cleaning poles to try and drag the ring up on shore and he also had a friend bring out his metal detector but no luck finding the ring.  I spent maybe 20 minutes in the water getting a feel for the area where John thought the ring would be.  I was getting lots of hits on my detector and using my water scoop was very difficult in the muddy bottoms.   As I went to change hands with my equipment my detector passed over a flat rock covered in algae  and my Garrett AT Pro went off loudly so I knew something was there.  I reached over with my hand and felt along the top of the rock and there was John’s wedding ring.  My wife and John had been talking along the bank and I said “hey John would you like to have your ring back?” and held up his gold wedding band .   He was flabbergasted, he said over and over “I thought I would never see it again”.  These reactions are what make this so much fun.

My wife was filming with her IPhone and began to ask John some questions.  He said this was the first time this ring had been off his finger in 57 YEARS.  He buddy then said, ‘tell them what you did’.  John replied with a sheepish grin, “I did not tell my wife”  he said I have a friend who owns a Pawn Shop who got him a temporary wedding ban to wear until we could hopefully find his ring.  We laugh and laughed.  Then John said…. “I wonder if the Pawn Shop with take the other ring back”.

It was a wonderful day.

Another great find for “The Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen Wilson


Found Wedding Ring in Trophy Club,Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


We received a call from a lady who said “thank God I reached you”I have a lost ring for you to find.  I said OK and ask for the details.  She described it as a Men’s gold wedding ban.  I ask her where is was lost and she said in her backyard.  I ask as I always do, “are you sure that’s where you lost it” and she said she was positive.

I said OK then we can find it, then I asked the most important question.  How was the ring lost, what was he doing when he lost it……. there was a long silence and she said “I know it’s there because I threw it there”.  I said that was no problem and we would drive the 28 miles to Trophy Club,Tx around 7pm to let the heat go down, it was 101 degrees warm.

We arrived at a beautiful home, got our equipment out, the lady kindly showed us where she was when she threw the ring and then my wife her re-inact the event (this is a must we have learned).  We spent maybe 20 minutes detecting the yard and there was a lot of underground trash.  We knew the ring would “Hit Hard” on our detectors because it had only been 3 days since it was lost and men’s wedding bands are typically large in size.

We were correct in our assumptions and the Ring was returned for another happy customer for “The Ring Finders”.


Don & Ellen – The Dallas Ring Finders”

PS…. the husband was in counseling while we were looking for the ring.


Wedding Set Lost on Day of Anniversary at Rehoboth Beach: Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

Michael OMalley Ring Recovery 001Michael OMalley Ring Recovery 002










I received a phone call at 7:30 am on May 27th 2013 regarding a Platinum Wedding  set that had been lost the day before on May 26th 2013 in the sand at Rehoboth Beach, Del. The story was that the couple were celebrating their wedding anniversary on May 26th and that they were at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The owner had taken her rings off and placed them in her lap in order to put suntan lotion on the couples child. Forgetting that she had placed the rings in her lap she stood up and the rings fell into the sand. There were attempts made to recover the rings by sifting the sand, but the rings were not to be found. Upon getting the phone call I arrived at the beach about an hour later only to find that the beach had been raked by the city workers using a tractor and a sand rake. My fear was that the rings had either been gobbled up by the sand rake or that they had been carried in an unknown direction down the beach by the sand rake. I began my search in an area that was pointed out by the ring owners husband with negative results. I then adjusted the area of my search due to the husband believing that they had been closer to the water than he originally thought. The husband left the beach in order to help his wife pack as they were to leave to go back  home on this day, I told him that I would call him with the results of the search. The husband had’nt made it back to his parked car before I recovered the 1kt diamond Platinum ring right in the area where I began my second search. I called him and told him that he might want to come back down to the beach which he did and at that time I returned the recovered ring to him. I then conducted a spiral search from the area that the diamond ring was found and I failed to locate the wedding band. I then searched north of that same location without recovering the band. Then a search of the area to the south of the recovered diamond ring resulted in the recovery of the wedding band sixty feet south of where the diamond was recovered. It appeared that the sand rake had moved the wedding band from the area of where it had been dropped. I actually saw several of the small diamonds on the wedding band glistening in the sunshine before my metal detector passed over top of it. A small portion of the top of the wedding band was exposed just above its hiding place in the sand. The wedding band was recovered and returned to its rightful owner. Another anniversary saved by the Ringfinders!

Found Gold wedding band in Greer SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Today I received a call from jennifer regarding a lost gold wedding band. After setting up a time to go out and search I knew i had my work cut out for me. The location where the ring was lost was in knee high grass and right next to a busy road. I started my grid search and knew this was going to be hard to swing my detector through the tall grass. (you that have searched those kinds of areas know what i mean). After 2 hours of digging foil,parts of cans, the dreaded pull tabs,bottle tops,and other misc junk. I finally heard  my whites v3i  sound off giving me a vdi number of 34. It was GOLD, YELLOW GOLD. Just then my ph rang and it was jennifer wanting to bring me some water. Wanting to surprise her with the ring. I dropped a bolt in her palm that i had found earlier then removed it and put the ring in her hand. I believe that was the biggest hug i have gotten so far. Hugs and tears and the smiles afterwards are what make the heat, bug bites and all the searching worth while. I cant wait for my next search.

Maybe i can help you with that lost item.

I love my job

So Happy

So Happy








Lost Wedding Ring Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I phone pics 206

Received a call from Shaun to see if I could locate his lost wedding ring that he had lost three weeks prior in his back yard while he was raking leaves and cleaning out his flower pots. I phone pics 205After about 1 1/2 hours of searching I found his ring in the flower pot.

Fireman Looses Grandfathers Wedding Band while Fighting Brush Fire, Fort Worth,Texas – Found!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

IMG_1268        IMG_1267


Fort Worth,Texas Fire Fighter Looses Grandfathers Wedding Ring in while Fighting Brush Fire!

On Friday afternoon we received a call from a Fort Worth fire fighter.  He said that he and his crew had been fighting a brush/fence fire behind a home where a woman had thrown out some 2-day old fireplace coals.  The coals had set the compost pile and fence and part of the yards of 2 homes on fire.  He said his buddy had lost his Grandfathers ring which he now wears as a Wedding Ring.  It was 3pm on Friday afternoon, they were 52 miles away across Dallas & Fort Worth and 5pm Friday afternoon traffic was a major contention.  I knew it would take a minimum of 2 hours to drive there so I asked if we could come on Saturday due to traffic, but the young firefighter had panic in voice and ask us to please come.

How can you say ‘no’ to a Fire Fighter?  It took us nearly 3 hours to get there due to the heavy traffic.

He was waiting for us when we arrived and explained that he had been inside the backyard of the home and was knocking out the burning fence slats with the palm of his hand while fighting the fire.   He knew exactly where he was standing (in the wet, smelly compost pile) when it came off, and it was lightly raining… Get the picture?, pretty much a yuck site.

With a desperate customer, our Garrett equipment and rubber boots we went to work.  Thinking the ring flew off some distance into the field behind the home, we searched everywhere.  Eliminating nails, iron, junk, etc. doing everything we could to find the ring.   After an hour it was starting to get dark and everyone was loosing hope my wife went back into the backyard and began slowly going through the compost pile with her detector and pinpointer.  Understand this compost pile was about 18-inches thick and 5-ft by 5-ft  in size.  It was soaking wet from the fire being put out, burnt from catching on fire and wet burned trash just really stinks. But this is what the fireman was standing on when he was knocking out the burning fence slats.  I was coming into the backyard to help her when I heard her yell out “I Found It”, the fireman was standing right there when she found his ring, he was so excited.  He kept saying “you guys are awesome, you guys are awesome, unbelievable!, wait till I tell the guys back at the station!”.

This was by far our dirtiest  hunt, but one of our most rewarding.

Our Firefighters across this country will run into a burning home or building for us without thinking twice about it, the least we can do is work through muck to find a wedding ring for them.

This was a very emotional find for us and we are so glad to be part of “The Ring Finders”.

Till next time, detectors ON!

Don & Ellen

Palladium Wedding Found in Double Oak, Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)



We got a call from a wonderful lady that said her husband (a pilot) had lost his ring while working in their front yard.  He was standing in a culvert ditch tossing some large rocks from one side of the driveway to the other and felt his ring slid off; he said he heard it “tink” twice but never saw it land.  He and his family searched for months looking for the ring without luck. He bought a cheap metal detector himself  but without success, his father-in-law came over with another detector but had no luck either.  Months past and his wife was playing around on the internet and found “The Ring Finders” website and called us.

We arrived and met with the couple, I truly think the husband felt is was a lost cause.  The ring had be lost for over 6 months. With the snowy/wet weather we have had this year he felt it was lost forever.

My wife & I got our Garrett Detectors and went to searching; we checked everywhere the husband said he thought is might be but had no luck.  So we went back over to where he stated he had been standing originally when he lost the ring.   The ditch was knee deep in leaves, trash, mud and an 18-inch metal pipe that went under their driveway.   After scanning over that area many times we decided everything had to come out of the ditch due to way too many hits on trash.  So on our hands and knees we began to pull out all the leaves and junk using our Garrett pinpointers to check every handful of trash for the ring.  After a short time I saw something shiny and I told my wife “I Got It”.  There stuck in the mud, 5-8 inches down in the muck, right where the husband had been standing throwing the rocks was his ring.  The “Tinking Sound” he heard must have been the ring hitting the metal culvert not the driveway as he thought.  The ring was in great shape.

And for the fun part, we went up to the door and rang the bell, the wife came to the door and she said “No Luck Huh” and we just smiled and I open my hand revealing her husbands “Palladium Wedding Ring”, she said “Oh my gosh, let me go get him”  he was thrilled and we had “Another Successful Hunt for the the Dallas Ring Finders”.

God I love this hobby!

Till next time, detectors ON!

Don & Ellen

platinum wedding band FOUND in Greer SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

IMG_2169IMG_2168IMG_2167                                                             I received a call from David this morning about finding his lost wedding band.I met David tonight and found it in less than a minute.

Thank You David for giving me the chance to find your ring, it’s always nice to met good people.

Jason Bontrager

Lost Wedding Band Found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call last night from Mehran about his lost wedding band in downtown Toronto.

Mehran had finished shovelling his driveway after a large snowstorm we had here, and then removed his gloves.



photo 2


He then started to brush some snow off his pant legs and then felt his white gold wedding band go flying.

Mehran heard his ring bounce off of something and it was gone.

After trying to locate the ring around his driveway with no luck, I got the call.

I was able to make it down to Mehran’s home this morning in Toronto, Saturday February 9, 2013 around 10:00am and then asked him a few more questions.

He told me that after he lost the ring, he shovelled a little more snow off of the walkway leading to the front door and had piled the snow up onto a large pile beside the driveway. I had a feeling it would be in this large pile.

After grabbing my gear and getting set up, I eliminated some snowy areas on the driveway and then started scanning the top of the large snow pile along the walkway and driveway.

After a minute or so I finally got the signal we were looking for.

I pinpointed the area and then used my pinpointer to find the exact location of the signal. After brushing about eight inches of snow off the top of the pile , Mehran’s ring came into view.


It appears that the ring must have been scooped up by the shovel and tossed on top of the pile last night.

This was a relatively fast search and the smile on Mehran’s face was great.

Thank you for the generous reward.

It was really nice to meet you today.

Take care,

Mark Ellis