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Lost white gold ring found in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Jackie contacted me to come out to the beach and help find her husband Jose’s white gold wedding band. Jose had placed his ring on a beach towel and not knowing Jackie picked up the towel and the ring went flying into the sand.

This was a very quick hunt since they knew the general area of the lost ring. After digging a couple of targets, I had his ring in my scoop.

Jackie and Jose were super happy with the ring finders service.

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The Sand Versus Wedding Band

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Brennon called me and asked if I could help find his wife Casssie’s wedding band. Cassie took off her engagement ring and wedding band and placed them on her sweater when she went into the water at the beach.

It wasn’t until they got home she realized she lost her rings. They headed back to the beach and with the help of others they found the engagement ring but couldn’t find the wedding band.

When I arrived it only took me a few minutes and I found Cassies ring. They were very thankful for the ring finder service.

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Lost Gold Ring on a Hillside at a Newport Beach Residence .. Recovered

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Jim was at a Newport Beach residence,  while in the backyard patio when he made a movement with his hand similar to throwing a frisbee. His gold ring went flying off his finger down the steep hillside into the thick landscaping.

This was the second time Jim had called me for help within a month. The first time he was able to locate a ring lost in the house after I gave him a handheld metal detector known as a pinpointer to use.

The loss occurred within a few miles of my base location, it did not take long to meet Jim. When I arrived at the location it was for this search it was a surprise to such a steep hillside with dense landscaping. It would have been easy to not even attempt to search this area. 

I often say “I Will Try Anywhere.” This time I put a small 6” search coil on my metal detector beginning a grid search through the less dense foliage. Second stage of the search would require getting down on my hands and knees to use my pinpointer in areas the 6” coil cannot reach.

The ring was found at the base of a tree before I had to resort to crawling through bushes. Jim was standing very close to me when I located the ring. He looked at me with astonishment as I showed him the ring laying in shrubs next to the tree trunk.

Knowing that the ring was definitely in the general location, staying  positive and trusting in my equipment made this search successful. There were a couple large clumps of bushes that could have been impossible to search. 

It was a pleasure to help Jim.


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Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Beach Party Volleyball Game .. Dockwieler State Beach, Los Angeles, CA.

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…. Mark was attending a company beach party at Dockwieler State Beach with more than 25 coworkers. They had a friendly volleyball competition where Mark’s gold wedding band flew off his finger. He immediately knew when it came off and it went directly into the sand. 

For the next few hours several of his colleagues tried to find the ring in the sand. Mark did realize that he would have a better chance to find his wedding ring, if he rented a metal detector. Little did he know, this beach is a highly mineralized sand. Most metal detectorists avoid this area like the plaque.

Mark could not find a place to rent a metal detector but he did find my contact information on a google search. After hearing his story, I was able to make sure he could be there when I got to beach. 

The party was still in progress when I arrived. Everyone was excited to see me find the ring that they had attempted to find. Mark showed me where he was standing as he took a powerful swing at the volleyball. There was a lot of frustrating small signals but I was sure the gold ring would be much stronger. After a doing three cross grids two hours had passed. It was dark and all the people had gone home. 

Just Mark and I were the only persons on the beach. This simple search was beginning to look like a “no find”.  As a last resort,  I went 90 degrees from the spot where Mark hit the ball approximately 40 feet outside the right side boundary lines.  My thoughts were if this was unsuccessful,  I would have to go back to my car to get a different detector that might be more efficient in this highly trashy/ mineralized sand. THEN ! Boom, a great signal there in my scoop was Mark’s wedding ring. I found the ring on the first couple passes outside the area where the ring was most unlikely to be.  I did waist some time going over the primary search location three times. Only because it was unstable with a lot of false signals.  We often say, “Don’t Forget To Search Outside the Box.” Lately I have more respect for rings recoveries in volleyball courts. Rings lost playing volleyball can go a lot further and in unpredictable directions.. This was certainly a good example of searching outside the box.

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How to Find a Gold Ring Lost in a Grass Field … Dana Point, CA… Using a Metal Detector

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***  Jim called me after finding my contact information at metal detecting specialists directory. He had lost a large gold ring that was past down to him by his father. The loss happened earlier in the afternoon while playing a friendly game of football on a grass field in Dana Point, CA.  Jim didn’t feel the ring come off his finger, but he did notice it missing just after the football game.

He and his friends spent several hours searching the 50 x 30 yard grass field. He went to a local sporting goods store purchasing a metal detector that just frustrated him trying to use with so much metal trash in the old park.  It was already dark before he called me, but I agreed to meet him to see the location. The most important factor of most searches is to get the best idea of where the loss happened. It was so late that this search might have to be done the next day when it was daylight. Some public parks have 10pm closing hours.

It was already 9pm before I could begin the search. Jim had been at the park for over ten hours. He said he couldn’t leave knowing the heirloom ring that his dad had given him was in that field. It meant the world to him.

After choosing to start at the most likely end of the grass field, where there was a little lightning, progress was a little slow because of many trash targets. Two hours later, I was getting close to the end of the search zone. I was getting tired and had resorted to only checking the strong signals. It was looking like this search would have to continue tomorrow. It was possible that my grid lines were not straight, the ring could have missed. 

Then I got a strong double signal as my coil passed over a larger non ferrous object. With my high power search light I could see the gold ring in deep grass. I asked Jim to come over to answer a question about where he thought the ring could be. Then I asked him to look down. He blew up with an emotional reaction that is hard to describe. This ring that his father had give him was so important he was willing to do what ever it took to find it.  It took two hours to find finishing at 11pm. Persistence pays off again!


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Family Heirloom Ring Recovered – Huntington Beach, CA

Alejandro told me his Cousin was boogie boarding when he hit the sand and broke his nose. During this mishap his gold and ruby ring which was his late Grandfathers fell off into the surf. I said I would go first thing in the morning during low tide to search for this family heirloom. My intuition paid off and I found the ring after a two hour hunt right when the tide was at its lowest point.

The loss happened on July 5th and I recovered it on July 7th. This is a popular beach for detectorists and we were lucky it was not found during this busy July 4th weekend.

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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Huntington Beach Found And Returned

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

I was on the way to the beach on Wednesday morning when I received a call from Steve who just lost his platinum wedding ring in the sand at Huntington beach. He was visiting with his family from Philadelphia. I told him that I could be there in an hour and fifteen minutes. Soon I was there and met him in the parking lot. I followed him to the beach chairs and began the search.  Within three minutes the ring was in my scoop and back on his finger.  He and his wife were ecstatic to be reunited with their wedding band. A few photos and a heart felt thank you and I was on my way.

Lost White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring in Sand .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)































Crystal found my contact information on line. She told me that she had put her two rings on a towel that was on her beach chair. Later, when she went to move her chair under the shaded canopy, she grabbed the towel throwing it in a small tent they had set up for her young child. Crystal was holding her young daughter in her arms when she move the chair with the free hand.
It was just a few minutes after moving into the shade that she realized what she had done. Everybody jumped in to help and they were able to find the double wedding band, but couldn’t find the larger diamond engagement ring.

I was confident this would be an easy search judging by past searches.. Not so easy, I was begining to lose hope that the ring was still in the area. It was a white gold with large solitaire surrounded by quite a few diamonds, possibly it was buried deep by the other people searching by hand. I’ve also read that these solitaire rings may be lying in a vertical position, heavy end down. Three or four passes changing my settings on my detector to optimize detection depth with no success. I could see the look! from others that were watching me. ” Does this guy know what he’s doing look?”
As last resort we moved 35 feet away from where the first ring was found to check under the shaded canopy. Three or four swings inside, I got a strong solid hit, a nice low tone (12-03 TID).
A beautiful white gold solitaire diamond ring in my sand scoop.
We think that the ring may have dropped on her daughter or stayed on the chair till she brought everything inside the canopy. Another example of why I should not assume that both rings fell at the same time in the same place.
It was a challenging search that had me wondering if my equipment was working properly. My next move would have been to get one of my other backup detectors. Pulse induction detectors that get all metals with a little more depth.
Everybody seemed to be impressed that the ring was found and they said they would tell their friends about

Custom Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




















Melanie had her sister’s family visiting from England. Even though Melanie lives just a couple blocks from Zuma and Point Dume State Beaches, she seldom spends anytime on the beach. It had been a special occasion because her sister’s family was visiting so they spent the at the beach enjoying our California weather.
Melanie had taken her two rings off placing them in a cup holder on the beach chair. When it was time to leave her brother in law picked up the chairs walking to the shower area before going to the car. Before they got to the car, Melanie realized her rings were missing. Her daughter was able to find one ring where they were sitting. But the most important and most sentimental ring was not to be found. They had a man with a metal detector help them for several hours. Also, thier neighbor lent them a metal detector that her brother in law tried to use till 11pm.
That night I received a call from Melanie apologizing for calling at 10pm. I actually like a late call because I was able to be on the beach at 5am before the beach rake moves the ring blocks down the beach. In the morning I could not find the ring after two hours where the first ring was found. When they met me at 7 am, they pointed out the path they walked to the showers. A half hour later and probably 40 to 50 yards away I got a strong solid signal. Melanie’s ring that her husband had purchased for her 21 years ago while visiting Cape Town, South Africa was in my scoop. Many memories and very sentimental to Melanie. She was very surprised and could not have been happier when I handed her the beautiful ring.
Normally rings lost from cup holders in beach chairs are usually close to where the chairs were picked up. This cup holder was a soft pocket type probably the reason the second ring fell out later.
A bonus for me was when they invited me to their home for coffee and continental breakfast. I had a very nice time talking to their guests from the UK. They had to hear some of my best ring find stories. Another day I will never forget..

WW 2 Military Dog Tags Lost .. Montage Resort, Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I talked to Craig on the phone, he told me about losing WW2 military dog tags that had been passed down to him from his grandfather. He was very distraught as these meant the world to him..
We talked for a few minutes on the phone about the location. It is a small beach cove at the Montage Beach Resort in Laguna Beach, CA.. The whole cove is less than half the size of a football field. I knew exactly where he was describing his loss. He agreed to meet me there, but I knew I could get there before Craig. It was important to beat the oncoming beach crowds.
I was able to spot where Craig had been digging the night before. I set up and searched a 20×20 ft area before he got to the beach. He was very positive as to where he had been the day of the loss. As I searched, I picked up the trash metal. Explaining to Craig that if I had to cross grid they would not bother me on my second pass. I showed him a peace of metallic strap which he told me was the same piece of metal he coached away from a seagull. He actually was feeding seagulls that day to get it to drop the metal strap.
I could not find his lost military dog tags. He was starting to believe that some young guys, that were sitting behind him, may have taken his heirloom keepsake. We talked about other options he might try to find his chain and tags.
I went home thinking that it could be possible the tags were buried deep because he had moved a lot of sand trying to find them. Long Story shortened.. I returned the next morning with a Pulse Induction detector that may give me a few inches more depth and would get all metal types. Starting at one end of the beach, I gridded the whole beach ( 2 hrs ). Up against the cliff in the sand I spotted an edge of one of the dog tags sticking out of the sand. Swing my coil and bam, a solid sound. Craig’s grandfathers WW2 military dog tags. More than 50 feet away from anywhere he had been. I had searched every bit of sand except about 50 square feet. Ready to call it a day.
We think that the seagulls may have taken them to that location or the young teenagers may have taken them to there, losing them or just throwing them there. We will never know! I do know that Craig was a happy guy.