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White Gold Wedding Ring .. Lost Digging in Beach Sand .. Found and Returned by Metal Detector Man

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***  Maggie called me asking if I could help her and her husband find a ring lost in the sand. They are here in SoCal visiting from Bakersfield, CA. Her husband, Tony had been digging in the sand and was sure the ring came off while playing in the sand. They verified the ring was lost in that are after checking their photos taken on Maggie’s mobile phone.

I met them at the location where I was able to find the ring within minutes of starting the search. They were very appreciative to have the wedding ring recovered as they had a long drive back to Bakersfield, CA.

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Car Keys Lost in Sand at Newport Beach .. Returned to Panicked Beachgoer

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**** Christopher came up to me while I was detecting at Newport Beach.  He wanted to know if I could help him find his car keys lost in the sand.

He showed me an area where he and his friends had been messing around and he believed the keys could have fallen out of his pocket in that location. We had two positive things working in our favor. First, the keys had been lost within the last 30 minutes. Second, he had a good idea of the place on the beach where he was. 

Now, all we had to do was fire up my metal detector and find out where the keys were hiding under the sand. Ten minutes later I had the keys in my scoop. Christopher was so relieved that he didn’t have to go to the trouble of getting another set of keys and he was able to enjoy the rest of his day.

Lost Ring in Sand at Venice Beach, CA. Found Two Days Later

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It’s summer and if you lose anything on the beach or a public place call ASAP.. 949-500-2136 **

Maylee called asking for help to find a silver Pandora ring, possibly lost in the sand two days before. She and her friends were on the beach most of the day. They did take a long walk on the Venice Boardwalk. After returning to her hotel room 40 miles away from Venice Beach, she realized her ring was missing.

It was already two days since the loss and the only reason she believed the ring might be at the beach was after reviewing photos during the day. The ring didn’t show on the last photos before leaving the beach.

I almost told her that too much time had passed and there were too many other locations that he could have lost it. I looked at the clock and knew the traffic would not be too congested. I agreed to give it a try, even though she could not meet at the location.

Trying to keep a positive attitude,  I made it to the beach parking lot in less than an hour. It had just turned dark outside but that never is a problem. It was only a short walk to the lifeguard tower where she had been that Saturday. 

Started a 30ft. grid line and on the third pass I got a nice high tone on my equinox metal detector. ”YES” a nice silver ring with a black center stone surrounded by cz’s.

Sent a photo to Maylee. We decided it would be easier to mail it to her home in New York. She only had two days left of her vacation before returning to her home.

I learned again that you can’t really tell for sure if the item is there until you swing the coil over the area. Then, it’s still a game if inches.

After thinking about this whole ordeal, you might agree that the service worked out well for Maylee. She called a RingFinder from her hotel room 40 miles away from the beach where she thought she may have lost her ring. An hour and a half later I sent her a photo of her ring. She enjoyed the last two days of her vacation without having to take time and can fare to pick it up. When she retuned home, her ring showed up in the mail. Almost as easy as ordering something using Amazon prime. 

I love doing what I do!!


Wedding Ring Lost in Waves Throwing a Frizbee .. Santa Monica, CA. . Recovered Next Day

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

This call began with a text message from Kirby: Hi. Found your # on ringfinders. My wife lost her wedding band in the water yesterday at santa monica beach. Just south of lifeguard 25. She was about 25 yard in from high tide line when it happened.It is very distinctive, simple but custom symbols. Are you available to hunt for it?

I text him back telling him I would be there at start of the 2pm low tide to search in the water. When I arrived they were on the beach in the location. They explained that Rita felt the ring come off while throwing a Frizbee in knee deep water the day before. They have matching white gold wedding bands, so Kirby showed me his. He also had bearings on the shore that he remembered turned out to make this a successful recovery.
They had basically resolved that the ring was lost forever, but I assured them we still had a very good chance to find it. The sand conditions looked perfect. It only took 20 to 30 minutes to find this sentimental wedding band. The second target I dug in knee deep water was Rita’s white gold ring. I walked back towards the two of them sitting on the beach holding my hands up with the ring. Then I tossed it to Kirby as he walked towards me. For the next half hour they kept telling me how they couldn’t believe we found the ring.. They are from Vancouver, BC. enjoying a vacation at Santa Monica Beach. Their vacation was not starting out very well the first day. We were able to change that because they were able to find and they had been able to get me in the general location. It was a pleasure to meet this beautiful couple and we had an awesome day. I love this service, I’ll keep doing this as long as I am able to.


Custom Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

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Melanie had her sister’s family visiting from England. Even though Melanie lives just a couple blocks from Zuma and Point Dume State Beaches, she seldom spends anytime on the beach. It had been a special occasion because her sister’s family was visiting so they spent the at the beach enjoying our California weather.
Melanie had taken her two rings off placing them in a cup holder on the beach chair. When it was time to leave her brother in law picked up the chairs walking to the shower area before going to the car. Before they got to the car, Melanie realized her rings were missing. Her daughter was able to find one ring where they were sitting. But the most important and most sentimental ring was not to be found. They had a man with a metal detector help them for several hours. Also, thier neighbor lent them a metal detector that her brother in law tried to use till 11pm.
That night I received a call from Melanie apologizing for calling at 10pm. I actually like a late call because I was able to be on the beach at 5am before the beach rake moves the ring blocks down the beach. In the morning I could not find the ring after two hours where the first ring was found. When they met me at 7 am, they pointed out the path they walked to the showers. A half hour later and probably 40 to 50 yards away I got a strong solid signal. Melanie’s ring that her husband had purchased for her 21 years ago while visiting Cape Town, South Africa was in my scoop. Many memories and very sentimental to Melanie. She was very surprised and could not have been happier when I handed her the beautiful ring.
Normally rings lost from cup holders in beach chairs are usually close to where the chairs were picked up. This cup holder was a soft pocket type probably the reason the second ring fell out later.
A bonus for me was when they invited me to their home for coffee and continental breakfast. I had a very nice time talking to their guests from the UK. They had to hear some of my best ring find stories. Another day I will never forget..

Lost Keys .. Fullerton, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Jasmine lost a set of house keys three days before she found me on website. When we talked on the phone about the loss, I was concerned that it may have lost in a large area. Lately these key searches have been terrible failures because they lost them while jogging or on a long walk. I had just about given up on doing key searches. Jasmin assured me it was a small area.
The city of Fullerton is about a 24 mile drive and at rush hour traffic it was about an hour drive. When I met Jasmin she told me that she had searched everywhere she had been for the last three days. She even drove 40 miles back to work that first day. These keys were important to her because they belonged to her very good friend who had entrusted with the keys.
The only place she couldn’t check was a small lawn area and a small landscaped garden. The day of the loss, she had got out of her car with a handful of miscellaneous items. Before she went into the house, she went to look at a fruit tree that’s where her sunglasses dropped into the landscaping. I look straight down as we were talking and Bingo!! The two keys hiding in some plants.. The time of day may have helped make the keys visible. A very happy lady, Jasmin was. They may have only been a set of keys, but I do realize how much something as simple as a set of keys can upset a person. It was a pleasure to be able to meet Jasmin and help her find those keys. Too bad, I didn’t get to get my detector out of the car.