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Laguna Beach Skimboarder Loses Gold Wedding Ring in Surf … Found and Returned by RingFinder

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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*** Nick was skimboarding in a cove at Laguna Beach, CA. when his gold wedding band came off his finger and disappeared into the surf. Skimboarding is a board sport performed on the steep wet sandy slope in shallow surf as the wave recedes. This would give us a good chance to find the ring at the next low tide.

Nick had questioned me about his chances to find the ring if he took a rented metal detector to search for it himself. He felt it couldn’t be that difficult to use a metal detector. I explained to him that rental metal detectors are usually effective in salt water sand. Also, it is not practical to learn how to operate a metal detector while trying to find something as important as his wedding ring.

I made arrangements with Nick and his wife Ami to meet me at the location. I had a simple pulse induction metal detector that I could let him use while the both of us searched the 12:30am low tide. I even had an extra sand scoop that is important if you are trying to retrieve a target.

After giving Nick and Ami a quick lesson, we took off on our separate grid searches. I could see them struggle when they had to dig the few targets they did find. Nick did learn that the metal detector was not so easy learn. After about 40 minutes  my detector got a great signal outside the zone that Nick believed his loss had  happened. 

When I scooped the ring they were 100 feet from me. Walking back to the couple , I asked Nick if he thought the ring could be further out. Then I held the scoop with his ring in it for him to see. He and Ami were amazed and gave me the “Oh My God “ salute. They are a beautiful couple. It was a pleasure to help them out.


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Lost and Found Gold Wedding Band .. Santa Monica Beach, CA. .. Found by a Member of TheRingfinders

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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 …. Stender and his wife, Erin were at the Santa Monica Beach Club when he lost his gold wedding band in the sand. His wife Erin knew from a previous ring loss in Maui, Hawaii that there is a metal detecting services available online.

They Google searched metal detecting service and TheRingFinders came up. They called me, agreeing to stay at the location till I arrived. Sometimes it can take more time to find a parking spot than to drive to the location. They had arranged for me to parking in a private parking area which was a bonus for me.

I met them on the sand and it was a short search. The ring was only a few inches under the sand, less than 5 feet away from their beach chairs. They were very grateful for the help and it was a pleasure to help them. These searches are successful because they didn’t waste time trying to find it by hand. They called me in a timely manner. Stayed in the location and arranged for me get parking.


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Lost Ring Found in Newport Beach, CA. .. Found by a Metal Detecting Specialist

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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*** Adam is a lifetime resident of Newport Beach, CA. He was playing football with friends on the beach when his platinum wedding ring slipped off his finger into the dry sand. He knew from past experiences that it was his chance to find it was almost impossible, so he didn’t waste time searching.

Adam got on the internet and found my information on TheRingFinders directory. I met him on the beach soon after he called. We were lucky that he had marked off the spot where the ring came off his finger. Searching a football field area can be challenging. A short grid search turned up Adam’s platinum wedding ring in the scoop. Adam had to meet a friend so he was able to make it to his appointment without a delay. 

Another successful recovery because he called in a timely manner and he had the general area marked out.

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Unexpected Wave Washes Cellphone into the Sand at Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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If you lost your ring in the sand call  “Stan the Metal Detector Man” available now … 949-500-2136

**** I received a call, asking for help to find a cellphone that was lost in the sand at Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point,CA. Saagar and his wife had driven from Los Angeles to enjoy the day day at the beach. All Los Angeles beaches were closed because of the pandemic.

The surf was very violent that day and they had set up their blanket and chairs back away from the wet sand. After a couple hours they were surprised by a rouge wave that came up to wash all their belongings all over the area. His cellphone phone couldn’t be found. It definitely had to be buried in the sand. 

This happened in the late evening, making it more difficult to search. The loss happened way up the high side of the beach, so the phone didn’t get pulled into the ocean. They returned the next morning to have a frustrating two hours of searching by dragging their fingers through the sand.

I was called and after having to park more than a mile away, I was able to walk to their location on the beach.  It didn’t take much time  to find the phone just outside the area they marked out for me. It was amazing how deep the phone had sunk into the fine soft sand. (Probably 4 to 5 inches deep)

It’s always interesting to see the surprised reaction of the people when they realize how close they were to finding their lost item. The important thing is the all important cellphone was found and still working.


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Unique Hierloom Gold and Diamond Ring Lost at Belmont Shores Bay Beach, CA. .Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Chloe had lost one of two rings her mother had passed down to her. It was one of two matching gold with diamond rings that her father gave to her mother. One was her mother’s  wedding ring and the other was given to her mother the day Chloe was born.

Chloe had been sitting in the sand at Belmont Shores on the bayside with her friends. It was dark when she flicked her hand and one of the rings went flying into the sand. Everyone tried to find it with no success. She returned to her house just a block away, where She began to search the internet for ideas to help her find the ring. She was able to get my contact information but was afraid to call so late at night. After not sleeping well , worrying that the heirloom ring was lost forever. Chloe called me at 5:30am apologizing for the early call. I assured her it is never a problem and it is important to call ASAP.

She was going to try to rest for a bit and said she could meet me at 8:30am .. I was at the location an hour early just to make sure I claimed the area as a search location. After Chloe showed up she gave me a smaller plot of sand to search. Her precious hierloom gold and diamond ring was in my scoop within  a few minutes. Then her face lit up with a big smile and you could see the relief from all the worrying she had gone through for the past 12 hours.

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Santa Monica, California .. Lost White Gold Wedding Ring in the Sand .. Found and Returned to Owner

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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****Samantha and her husband took advantage of Santa Monica beaches being open after several months of being closed. They live close enough to walk to the beach. Sometime during their stay he lost his white gold wedding band.

After a frustrating search without finding the ring they returned home. Samantha did not give up.. She contacted me after finding my contact information on the internet. Hearing her story, I was convinced we had a very good chance to find the ring. Dry sand, lost four hours ago, and they knew the ring was missing before leaving the beach, perfect conditions to find a ring with a metal detector. 

****Samantha’s husband had given up and thought she was wasting her time. She walked back to the beach to meet me as most the people were finishing their stay at the beach.

I set up my detector as she was beginning to show me the general area they had been sitting that morning. There was a lady and her family sitting on part of the location we were to search. As I started my grid the lady on the beach blanket asked Samantha, “ What are you looking for?” Samantha told her and to her surprise the lady held up the white gold wedding band. Saying she had found it earlier while randomly running her fingers through the sand. 

Samantha was a very grateful lady. We discussed how lucky we were to come back to the scene of the loss before everyone left the beach. I’m sure if we put off searching for the ring ASAP. The person that found the ring would have been on the road  with no way possible to find the owner of the ring.

I like being the person that finds the lost item but the important thing is that the ring was found. This has happened several times before. It’s part of being a Ring Finder.


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Lost White Gold with Diamonds Wedding Ring.. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned to a Happy Wife

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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**** David’s wife Arsine had put her wedding ring in a pocket of her jacket for safekeeping while at Huntington Beach, CA.. Just before leaving the beach she went to retrieve the ring and it was missing. She was sure it was lost somewhere in the sand.

After a hour of searching the sand with no luck, David called me to ask for help. I live within 8 miles of their location so it was a short time till I showed up where the loss occurred.

They had the spot secured so I was confident that we could find the ring in few minutes. After a few swings of my Minelab Equinox metal detector the white gold diamond wedding ring was found and returned to Arsine. Another happy couple helped by a member of TheRingFinders.. Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 

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Lost Car Keys in the Sand Found for Beachfront Tenant .. Newport Beach. CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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* ** When detecting on the beach it’s always disheartening to find a set of car keys that someone has lost in the sand. It makes me think of how much trouble the person had go through to get home and how expensive it was to replace the keys. I suggest that everyone put contact information on their keys and phones. I always turn keys to the lifeguards. Probably the best chance to get them back to the rightful owner.

I was approached by Norma while detecting at Newport Beach, CA.  She was frustrated because she had to check out if her beachfront rental before noon. (it was 11:45). That morning Norma had gone out for a little meditation session while watching the waves. She believed it was possible the keys we’re lost in that location.

We had one problem, she couldn’t get me on the exact location. I’m used to that situation because many beaches do not have good reference points. All sand looks the same. I like to remind myself,  don’t get excited when someone can’t remember exactly where they were sitting. I picked a location to start the process of elimination. Ten minutes later my metal detector hit a strong signal that turned out to be Nora’s keys. Another happy person that I was able to help because I was in the right place at the right time.


I WILL TRY ANYWHERE ”   CALL for information and help. Metal detectors are the perfect tool to finding jewelry and other valued metallic item. It does take a quality detector with an experienced professional conducting the search.

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Lost Gold Ring on a Hillside at a Newport Beach Residence .. Recovered

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Jim was at a Newport Beach residence,  while in the backyard patio when he made a movement with his hand similar to throwing a frisbee. His gold ring went flying off his finger down the steep hillside into the thick landscaping.

This was the second time Jim had called me for help within a month. The first time he was able to locate a ring lost in the house after I gave him a handheld metal detector known as a pinpointer to use.

The loss occurred within a few miles of my base location, it did not take long to meet Jim. When I arrived at the location it was for this search it was a surprise to such a steep hillside with dense landscaping. It would have been easy to not even attempt to search this area. 

I often say “I Will Try Anywhere.” This time I put a small 6” search coil on my metal detector beginning a grid search through the less dense foliage. Second stage of the search would require getting down on my hands and knees to use my pinpointer in areas the 6” coil cannot reach.

The ring was found at the base of a tree before I had to resort to crawling through bushes. Jim was standing very close to me when I located the ring. He looked at me with astonishment as I showed him the ring laying in shrubs next to the tree trunk.

Knowing that the ring was definitely in the general location, staying  positive and trusting in my equipment made this search successful. There were a couple large clumps of bushes that could have been impossible to search. 

It was a pleasure to help Jim.


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