Custom Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

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Melanie had her sister’s family visiting from England. Even though Melanie lives just a couple blocks from Zuma and Point Dume State Beaches, she seldom spends anytime on the beach. It had been a special occasion because her sister’s family was visiting so they spent the at the beach enjoying our California weather.
Melanie had taken her two rings off placing them in a cup holder on the beach chair. When it was time to leave her brother in law picked up the chairs walking to the shower area before going to the car. Before they got to the car, Melanie realized her rings were missing. Her daughter was able to find one ring where they were sitting. But the most important and most sentimental ring was not to be found. They had a man with a metal detector help them for several hours. Also, thier neighbor lent them a metal detector that her brother in law tried to use till 11pm.
That night I received a call from Melanie apologizing for calling at 10pm. I actually like a late call because I was able to be on the beach at 5am before the beach rake moves the ring blocks down the beach. In the morning I could not find the ring after two hours where the first ring was found. When they met me at 7 am, they pointed out the path they walked to the showers. A half hour later and probably 40 to 50 yards away I got a strong solid signal. Melanie’s ring that her husband had purchased for her 21 years ago while visiting Cape Town, South Africa was in my scoop. Many memories and very sentimental to Melanie. She was very surprised and could not have been happier when I handed her the beautiful ring.
Normally rings lost from cup holders in beach chairs are usually close to where the chairs were picked up. This cup holder was a soft pocket type probably the reason the second ring fell out later.
A bonus for me was when they invited me to their home for coffee and continental breakfast. I had a very nice time talking to their guests from the UK. They had to hear some of my best ring find stories. Another day I will never forget..

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  1. Curtis Cox says:

    Very moving story! But Several hours a local detectorist searched???
    I’m glad they didn’t rent metal detectors cause, “Round things have a tendancy to roll”
    Its amazing where Gold nuggets settle……..Nice Return Stan👍You know well!

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