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Gold diamond wedding ring set lost from purse during a company party at Newport Beach

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*** A lady named Pin had gone to a company beach party at a Newport Dunes Resort. It was a large group of over one hundred people with catered dinner, music and live entertainment. Most of the venue was set up on the sand.  Pin decided to take off her rose gold and diamond wedding ring set and put them in her basket type bag. 

After returning home, she couldn’t find her wedding rings in her purse. She assumed that they may have been pulled out when she was taking things out during her 3 hours on the beach. Then she had the thought that maybe somebody had stolen the rings. 

Pin called the main office to ask if anyone had reported wedding rings fo lost and found. One of the people at the office gave her my contact information. Pin called me giving me directions to where they had been during the beach party. She was unable to meet me at the location, so I went to the location of the screen shot map she had marked up.

After a couple hours of grid searching without finding the rings I had to leave because of rain. Early the next morning I returned to finish the search. I wasn’t the ten minutes before I got a great signal that turned up two beautiful rose gold wedding rings.  

I texted a photo of the rings to Pin and immediately she called me. She was so excited we couldn’t talk much. She asked if I could hold the rings till for a couple days because they were out of town. No problem, we met the next weekend to return her very special rings.

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Lost Wedding Ring while on Family Outing in Newport Beach ..Found by Member of TheRingFinders

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** Kevin called me while he was searching the sand for his wedding ring.. He said he had been at a Newport Beach location with his wife and young child. The had a small pop up tent for the youngster. He gave his silver wedding band to his wife for safe keeping. She put the ring in the small pocket inside the tent. 

They left the beach returning home. That’s when they checked the tent for the ring. It was not in the pocket. Kevin figured the ring may have fallen in the sand when they picked up their beach equipment. 

His call came to me as I was going to a doctor appointment. I had enough time to stop by to see the suspected area of the loss. I only had a minute to talk to him and assured him would return to scan the area he showed me. 

When I returned two hours later, I did a preliminary search as there were too many people on the beach to be thorough. I did eliminate a major area except where other beach goers were set up. I don’t like to ask people to move, especially when the ring could be anywhere, in the sand, in the car, or the garage. 

Long story short, I came back a 7pm and had the whole beach clear of people. After 20 minutes I had the silver ring in my beach sand scoop. I called Kevin and he was very excited. He told me that today was their 10th wedding anniversary. He wife was so happy.

Diamond Wedding Ring Set Lost in Sand at Corona Del Mar Beach, CA. Found and Returned

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.. I was detecting on the beach when two guys approached me. I was ready for the big question, “ what’s the best thing you’ve ever found.” They only wanted to know if I could walk over to the firepits to help a member of their party find a set of wedding rings. She believed they might be where she had been most the day, although she had gone to the water earlier that afternoon.

It was about 9 pm and the beach will close at 10pm. There must have been 20 or more people in their group. They had all tried their luck at finding the ring. The clock was ticking and they all thought bit was useless to think the ring set would show up before they had to leave. 

I set up my detector and immediately started getting signals from tin foil and pull tabs. My audience was watching my every move, waiting for a successful recovery. A short time after I started I got the best signal of the night. Right under where Ruth had been sitting. Two white gold wedding rings soldered together gave me a strong signal in my Minelab Manticore metal detector.

Ruth was next to me so I held up the sand scoop asking her to look in the scoop. With the light from my headlamp her white gold diamond rings were shining at the bottom of my scoop. She let out a screen of joy and that set off a screening frenzy form all her friends. Another great night time recovery being at the right place at the right time.

Cartier Love Bracelet Lost in Grass at a Newport Coast Park, Newport Beach, CA.

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I received a call from Sosan asking for help to find a piece of jewelry lost in grass at a private park in Newport Coast, Newport Beach, CA. The call came an hour before sunset and they had been searching for hours. I was only 5 miles from the location, so we made arrangements to get me through the security gate and I was there soon after the original call.

I met Sosan’s husband who was able to tell me some of the details of the lost Cartier Love bracelet. It had been a large party at the park with a awesome venue. She had been in a specific area when she felt her two piece bracelet was loose. A few minutes later the bracelet had fallen off her wrist. The first half was easily found visually, soon after. The other half was another story. It was hiding in the deep grass and should have been close to the other piece. It was also amazing that such a large piece of jewelry could be completely hidden out of site in the deep grass.

I was also sure the large 18k (17 grams ) gold half of the Cartier Love Bracelet would be easy to find with my Metal Detector. You just never know, It did show up over 30 feet from where the other half was found. It was getting a bit testy when I had to expand my search area. Persistence paid off and we had a special celebration as the sunset. It was my pleasure to meet Sosan and her husband to help them find the sentimental piece of jewelry.

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Lost Ring in a Laguna Beach Garden .. Found with Metal Detector

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Andrew had been visiting Laguna Beach from San Francisco. He was helping his good friend plating seedlings and maintaining a large garden. Before return to the house Andrew realized that sometime during the gardening he lost his gold ring.

They spent several hours going over the area where they had been working. They even dug up the seedling plants to inspect the hole for the lost ring.. in an attempt to research if a metal detector could help locate the ring, Andrew found TheRingFinders website. He found my contact information, calling me to ask how the service works.

I drove to the Laguna Beach home that same day. We proceeded to get set up in the large garden on a hillside of the property. Grid searching the area was a bit time consuming because there were several metal targets that had to be investigated. I always search in all metal mode when doing ring recoveries. It’s common that people aren’t sure if the ring was gold or silver, they often say silver colored . There is quite a difference between the signals that gold and silver show on the newest models of metal detectors .. After doing a double/ triple grid, the ring showed up next to a large plant that had interfered with my ability to swing the detector coil on my first pass. 

I could feel that Andrew and his friend were beginning to lose hope as I was nearing the end of places to search. Then, Boom !! I spotted the ring after getting the perfect gold ring signal. I didn’t say anything, just asked them to come over to look at something at the base of the plant.

Another great experience to witness the happiness and gratitude from Andrew and his friend who thought this was impossible to find such a small item in a huge garden. Also, Andrew now knows his ring is 14 k white gold marked inside band.

Lost White Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Ocean at Laguna Beach Saved and Returned

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Ben called asking about how this metal detecting service works, an often asked question. He had been swimming the day before and believed his ring might be in the ocean. He didn’t actually feel it come off. Also, he didn’t realize his white gold wedding band was not on his finger until later that evening.

I explained that if he was swimming at a higher tide, we might have a chance to find it at the next low tide. It’s nothing I can guarantee as the sand conditions vary from one beach to another and time of the year. Also he didn’t feel it come off. The only thing I know from experience, is rings are commonly lost when fingers shrink in the colder ocean waters.

The only thing I can guarantee is, when I finish gridding an area I can say it’s not there. I was there at the location Ben showed me, but it was not low tide. I told him I may have to return at the next low tide. As long as I was there I could search out as far as the surf conditions would allow me. The most important factor was I had a 50’ to 75’ wide area that he was sure he had been.

I suggested that Ben go enjoy his day with his family. This was going to be a preliminary search and I would return later at low tide. Just before leaving the beach I got a nice signal. BOOM!! White gold wedding band just 20 ft. outside my search area. Ben’s ring showed an hour after we talked. He was amazed and very grateful to have his ring back where it belongs,

Lost Heirloom Gold Diamond Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA.. Recovered by Member of TheRingFinders

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*** Pete called me asking about my service. He said he is with friends on the beach at a local Laguna Beach hotel. His friend, Michelle had just realized that hierloom gold and diamond ring was not on her finger. I explained a couple things about how the metal detector works and that I could be at his location soon as it was only 8 miles from my base.

Pete told me to wait for him to call back as the hotel security personnel were on their way to help search for the ring. I know that beach is loaded with black sand and very difficult to search with the average metal detector. I couldn’t wait for Pete to call because I knew he would soon be calling. 

I jumped into my car head south towards the Surf and Sands Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA. Just as I was parking I got the call from Pete. I said, I would be there in two minutes. As I walked up to the group I met Pete who was holding one of those handheld detector wands that security people check people for weapons at event entrances. ( not good for rings in black sand )

Machelle didn’t know when the ring came off her finger, but was positive that she had not left the 30’x30’ area. That was all I needed to hear. I set up my detector, backing off a few feet to get a couple practice swings in before getting focused on the search. After a couple passes in a grid line the sweet sound of gold was heard in my earphones. One dig with the sand scoop revealed the beautiful ring. 

The whole group of more than a dozen people witnessed the recovery. Michelle gave me a big hug telling me how much this ring meant to her. It was a gift from her grandmother who had worn it for many years. 

It was a pleasure to help Machelle and it was Pete that had the presence of mind to search on line for TheRingFinders directory.

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Lost Tiffany Rings in the Sand at San Clemente, CA. Beach.. Found and Returned by Member of TheRingFinders

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**** Aly and Matthew were on the beach near the pier in San Clemente, CA. to watch the sunset. Aly lost Tifanny interlocking circle ring while waving her hands to chase seagulls that attack their snacks. They spent quite awhile searching the dry sand and it was beginning to get dark.

Mat found my contact information while searching the internet for help. I met the couple on the beach with my metal detector and a very high powered search light. We had two positives going for us. Aly had felt the rings come off her finger and marked the location with a stick. Secondly they were able to stay at the location of the loss till I arrived.

There was a 10 ft. slope on the dry sand where they had placed the marker. Even though I don’t depend on VDI numbers, I knew any high number or high tone could be Aly’s silver Tiffany double rings. Within the first couple minutes I got a high tone which I mistakenly told them, here’s your ring. Wrong! It was only a dime. Then, closer to the marker I got a another high tone which just turned out to be a quarter.

The search area had been grid searched in one direction, so I started a cross grid in the other direction, expanding it another 20 feet. I wasn’t quite sure of the size of the ring. A small silver ring on edge could have been missed, but in this situation that wasn’t the case. I found the ring 15 feet further away from where she was standing when the ring set came off her finger. It must have come off at the end of her arm movement.

Aly was very happy to have this special ring back, as it was a gift from her grandmother several years ago. Mat was also the hero for finding a RingFinder using his smartphone.

How to Find a Gold Ring Lost in a Grass Field … Dana Point, CA… Using a Metal Detector

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***  Jim called me after finding my contact information at metal detecting specialists directory. He had lost a large gold ring that was past down to him by his father. The loss happened earlier in the afternoon while playing a friendly game of football on a grass field in Dana Point, CA.  Jim didn’t feel the ring come off his finger, but he did notice it missing just after the football game.

He and his friends spent several hours searching the 50 x 30 yard grass field. He went to a local sporting goods store purchasing a metal detector that just frustrated him trying to use with so much metal trash in the old park.  It was already dark before he called me, but I agreed to meet him to see the location. The most important factor of most searches is to get the best idea of where the loss happened. It was so late that this search might have to be done the next day when it was daylight. Some public parks have 10pm closing hours.

It was already 9pm before I could begin the search. Jim had been at the park for over ten hours. He said he couldn’t leave knowing the heirloom ring that his dad had given him was in that field. It meant the world to him.

After choosing to start at the most likely end of the grass field, where there was a little lightning, progress was a little slow because of many trash targets. Two hours later, I was getting close to the end of the search zone. I was getting tired and had resorted to only checking the strong signals. It was looking like this search would have to continue tomorrow. It was possible that my grid lines were not straight, the ring could have missed. 

Then I got a strong double signal as my coil passed over a larger non ferrous object. With my high power search light I could see the gold ring in deep grass. I asked Jim to come over to answer a question about where he thought the ring could be. Then I asked him to look down. He blew up with an emotional reaction that is hard to describe. This ring that his father had give him was so important he was willing to do what ever it took to find it.  It took two hours to find finishing at 11pm. Persistence pays off again!


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Lost Ring Found by TheRingFinders Member… Long Beach, CA.

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Julie called me an hour after losing her ring at Long Beach, CA. I only asked her if the ring was lost in the dry sand or wet sand and to text me the nearest address. 

When we met on the beach she was with John at an unoccupied lifeguard tower. She told me that they had climbed up the steps on the tower to the platform. When she got to the top, she brushed some sand off her leg and the ring flew off her finger. Both Julie and John heard the ring hit the deck but could not determine the direction it went.

I was a little overconfident that it would be a quick recovery. My first obstacle was many metal trash targets. My first grid of the small area was a rapid scan listening for a low gold tone. Next grid of scan was slow digging and removing every metal target. ”No Ring”. I knew that it was possible for the ring to be hiding close to the metal legs of the lifeguard tower but I was holding off on searching near the metal legs till later. 

Before getting on my hands and knees to use my handheld pinpointer. I used my sand scoop to move sand away from the metal legs where my detector had a chance to find a ring without being masked by the metal support legs. 

After one hour, the third grid of the area was successful. The ring was found within 18” of the metal tower supports. I’m sure that I moved it out far enough for the detector to separate it from the larger metal. Although it is possible that I may have just missed it the first times, the main thing is the ring was recovered. It always rewarding to see how happy John and Julie were to have the ring back. It was very sentimental to both of them.