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Lost Medallion found on Zuma Beach in Malibu

It was late Sunday afternoon when I got a frantic call from Marlon who was out with his family enjoying the surf and sand of Zuma beach when his gold coin medallion fell off his necklace and landed somewhere in the sand. I assured him that I would be there soon and I would find it for him.

Parking and traffic are two of the biggest obstacles of ring recovery on the weekends and fortunately a lot of beachgoers had decided to leave which left me room to park. I met a frantic Marlon and once again told him I would recover his medallion.

I had my Equinox 900 with me and began to grid the area he thought it could be lost in. Gridding is like mowing the lawn, go slow, cover every inch of sand and dig all non-ferrous targets in your path. On my 3rd pass I got a sweet tone and when I brought my scoop out of the sand there was Marlon’s medallion. I must say I have never seen a customer that excited about a recovery as he was literally jumping up and down yelling “we found it” to anyone and everyone within earshot. It was a great moment and I was thankful I got to be a part of it.

If you ever find yourself in a position like Marlon call or text at 805-290-5009 right away so we can put together a plan to make the recovery as time is not your friend especially on a public beach.

Lost Ring at the beach in Malibu, CA. .. found with a Metal detector expert

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*** Abby and her friends had spent the day at a small beach in Malibu, CA. When they started to pick up their beach stuff, she realized her favorite silver ring was not on her finger. They spent over an hour searching the dry sand because she had not been in the water or any other location on the beach.

   One of Abby’s friends found my information with a google search for ideas on how to find a ring at the beach. They called me and I asked a few basic questions. The most important question was can you wait at the location till I get there?  

It was going to be dark but that is not a problem. Getting there tonight would save her another trip to the location. From what she told me, I assured her that once I got there the search should not take much time.

We met about an hour later. After seeing the 40’x50’ area I began a grid search. There wasn’t much metal trash signals, but it was black sand which can be a nuisance as can interfere with most metal detectors. 

It wasn’t looking good when I neared the end of the search area. Then a strong high conductor signal broke through the black sand. YEP! Digging up one scoop of sand and shaking the scoop we could hear the heavy silver ring clanking in the scoop. Total time of the search was about a half hour.  If I started at that end of the search area it would have been 5 minutes. 

Abby and her friends were very grateful. 

Call ASAP.. 24/7.. Timing Important and can make the difference to find your valuable keepsake. .. I an available Now and I WILL TRY ANYWHERE. … Stan   949-500-2136

Lost Ring In Mission Viejo, CA. Yard .. Found with Metal Detector in Grass

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****Christine’s husband called me shortly after feeling his ring slip off his finger in his front yard. He had found my contact information online while searching for a place to purchase or rent a metal detector.

I told him I was available to help him find his ring if someone could meet me at the location.. 

His wife Christine was able to meet me an hour later. She showed me a location where her husband had shook his hand while taking the trash out to curb. 

She said it was a dark colored platinum wedding band. After about 30 minutes scanning the rose garden and the lawn I got a signal that turned out to be the missing wedding band in the grass. Like many other searches this was not a platinum ring, it was a tungsten carbide ring. Sometimes people tell you it’s silver and it turns out to be platinum or white gold. I always search in all metal mode when possible. You can’t depend on discrimination settings on the metal detector.

Not all searches are this easy, this ring was completely out of sight and couldn’t have been found without a metal detector. 



Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Beach Party Volleyball Game .. Dockwieler State Beach, Los Angeles, CA.

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…. Mark was attending a company beach party at Dockwieler State Beach with more than 25 coworkers. They had a friendly volleyball competition where Mark’s gold wedding band flew off his finger. He immediately knew when it came off and it went directly into the sand. 

For the next few hours several of his colleagues tried to find the ring in the sand. Mark did realize that he would have a better chance to find his wedding ring, if he rented a metal detector. Little did he know, this beach is a highly mineralized sand. Most metal detectorists avoid this area like the plaque.

Mark could not find a place to rent a metal detector but he did find my contact information on a google search. After hearing his story, I was able to make sure he could be there when I got to beach. 

The party was still in progress when I arrived. Everyone was excited to see me find the ring that they had attempted to find. Mark showed me where he was standing as he took a powerful swing at the volleyball. There was a lot of frustrating small signals but I was sure the gold ring would be much stronger. After a doing three cross grids two hours had passed. It was dark and all the people had gone home. 

Just Mark and I were the only persons on the beach. This simple search was beginning to look like a “no find”.  As a last resort,  I went 90 degrees from the spot where Mark hit the ball approximately 40 feet outside the right side boundary lines.  My thoughts were if this was unsuccessful,  I would have to go back to my car to get a different detector that might be more efficient in this highly trashy/ mineralized sand. THEN ! Boom, a great signal there in my scoop was Mark’s wedding ring. I found the ring on the first couple passes outside the area where the ring was most unlikely to be.  I did waist some time going over the primary search location three times. Only because it was unstable with a lot of false signals.  We often say, “Don’t Forget To Search Outside the Box.” Lately I have more respect for rings recoveries in volleyball courts. Rings lost playing volleyball can go a lot further and in unpredictable directions.. This was certainly a good example of searching outside the box.

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