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Diamond ring lost and found at Mission beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



Theringfinders Metal detecting service helped find a lost wedding ring at Mission beach. OPEN NOW: 760 889 2751

It was a another sunny day in San Diego when I received a call asking for help from a lady in Mission beach who had lost her wedding rings.She said they had sifted through the sand and managed to find the band but not the main diamond ring.
I was just getting home from another lost ring search but immediately made a U-Turn and said I was on my way.

Upon arriving to the scene of the lost rings
I was shown a small 10X10 foot area where it disappeared into the sand.X-Marks the spot.I told her this wouldn’t take very long to find,Then could see the worries from her facial expression disappearing as well. I also had to park in a 15min loading Zone so a speedy recovery was Keene. I began a search with my state of the art Metal Detector and found the precious ring in just 1 beep..or a minute!

I surprised her with it in my sand scoop shovel while the tears with hugs electrified all around. These are the best kinda rewards when you feel like a hero or at least did a professional deed to help someone in need.



Lost Wedding Band…Caroline, Ab-Found!

  • from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)





A couple months ago, Rick came into our family feedstore, I had showed him an ad about The Ring Finders, that I had placed in a free publication and weekly buy and sell paper.  He told me, he lost his ring in his back yard 2 years ago, while playing football with his son. He had spent many hours looking for it, he even pulled all the grass, where it dropped. At the time, there was about 3 feet of snow on the north side of his house, and we agreed to search in spring.  I arrived at Ricks place, after work, he had just got off work as well.  He showed me the location, as well, I asked him many questions.  I was a little concerned when told me how many times he had cut his lawn, but I had to try and search.  Rick was very interested in the Garrett AT Gold, and asked all kinds of questions about the tones, and how did I know weather it was a nail, or ring etc.  Soon I got a hi tone, and an 81,  Rick asks, is that the ring!  I said, no, it’s a penny, and I can not leave a penny in the ground.  After searching for 1hour and 45 minutes, I got a nice mid tone at 60. 1 and 1/2 inch down was his wedding band.  Rick had given up hope of ever finding his ring, he didn’t have much hope of me finding it, esp when there was no signal, where he thought he lost it.  Rick, and his wife were very happy.

Lost Ring in Sand found with Metal Detector.. Venice Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

















Saturday 7-25-15

Today,  four of our ringfinders met at Venice Beach to attend a skateboard competition for disabled kids “Life Rolls On” .. John Hughes, Curtis Cox, Steve Smith and myself met early for breakfast and a few hours of detecting before the event. After the event they headed home and I stayed a little longer to check out the Santa Monica pier using my Segway.
I was within a few blocks of returning to my car when Sofia called asking me if I could help her find a ring lost in the sand. When I asked her location she said Venice Bch. lifeguard tower #18. My detector was in my car parked in front of LG tower #19.
It was only 15 or 20 minutes till I met her and she told me that the ring had fallen out of her back pack. She marked an area she thought it might be. It only took a few minutes because she had not left the area. Thank goodness for cellphones and the Internet. It was located a few feet outside the location she marked, but that’s normal. Also, itwas a coincidence that I was so close because I live an hour away, when the traffic is good. It was a good day for all.