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Platinum Diamond Ring Lost in Sand.. Sunset Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

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**** Mila called me from Sunset Beach, CA. asking for assistance to find her platinum and diamond ring. The ring came off her finger as she jestured with a flick of her hand. It went directly into the dry sand disappearing immediately. 

She and her friend spent an hour feeling through the sand realizing it was going to be impossible to find the small ring in the sand. They also had to a very important appointment across town in just a few hours.

Mila told me she could be at the location till I arrived. From what she told me, I assured her we could find the ring in a short time. It was just a half hour drive and a short walk to the beach. I set up my detector and within a few minutes we had the beautiful platinum diamond ring back on Mila’s finger where it belongs.

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Lost Wedding Ring After Putting into Beach Chair Cup Holder .. San Clemente, CA. .. Found using Metal Detector Specialist

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***** Janet and Paul were attending a family reunion at a beach front home near San Clemente, CA.  A beautiful home right on the sand with a couple dozen family members present when Janet lost her gold diamond wedding ring in the sand. 

The evening before calling me most every body set up their beach chairs in the sand only 20 ft. in front of the beach house. Janet put her two rings in the pocket of the beach chair. Then after moving back into the house she could only find the engagement ring in the chair pocket. The wedding ring had to be in the sand only a few  feet in front of the patio.  That night and the next morning many of the group tried their hand at finding her ring while everyone sat on the patio watching the search.

After almost a day after searching without finding the ring. Someone in the group found my contact information while trying to rent a metal detector. I was able to meet Paul shortly after he called me. Walking through the house I seemed to have a big audience of family who were curious to see if I could find the ring. After they had all tried, using fingers, rakes and sifting methodically with a sand crab sifting tool.

Setting up the detector to eliminate some of the electrical interference from the building, I began my 20ft. square grid search. The ring showed up on my second pass just as I was telling my onlookers not to get excited when I dig a target because I remove all metallic items as I search.

Everybody cheered and smiled as I held up the ring for Janet. Not all searches go this well. Metal detectors work real good for finding a ring if the ring is there. The right tool for the right job. Finger dragging, rakes and sand crab sifters are not very effective for finding and important irreplaceable sentimental piece of jewelry like a wedding ring. 

It still doesn’t bother me to search for hours to eliminate an area that may ring may be hiding. It’s all part of searching. Eliminate one area so you can go to the next possible hiding place. We post our successful finds but many people don’t realize that our unsuccessful searches lead into hour and hours of searching. It sometimes gets boring and discouraging. I still learn with every search and get more experience with each hunt, that’s rewarding.


Lost Platinum Wedding Band … San Bernardino, CA. … Found on Soccer Field in Grass

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John Volek from Houston Metal Detecting Service in Texas called me.  John , had received a call from a man in So. California that needed some help finding a ring that was possibly lost on a soccer field. John asked me if I could do a search in near San Bernardino.
. It’s about an hour away and I told him I was available. He gave me Al’s celphone number. We set up to meet Saturday so Al could get me close to the location.
We met at a local school 7am, but our first problem was the gates were locked. This was not going to stop us, so it was time to climb the 6-1/2 ft. fence.
Al lives 90 miles away and had attended a soccer coach certification class the week before. He wasn’t quite sure if his ring slipped off his finger while playing goalie. He had put on sunscreen and felt that may contributed to it slipping off his finger. He has worn the platinum wedding band for 17 years without remembering it falling off his finger.
We set up a large grid area, probably 100 ft square. The grass was very thick, I would guess 3 inches deep in most places. Good place for a ring to hide. There were other trash signals but I was confident I could pick out the platinum ID numbers. (12-17 to 12-20 on my CTX) .. I did check every signal with a 12 prefix and a depth of 4 inches. After an hour and a half getting near to the end of area we laid out. I could see Al was losing hope. Then I went down to check a 12-17 signal with my pin pointer. I put my fingers in the grass and one finger slipped right into the ring. I kept it in my hand asking Al to recheck that spot. As he checked it I pitched his ring to him. He went ballistic with joy and at the same time disbelief. It took about 20 minutes for Al to stop saying “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT”..
After thanking me thirty or forty times we got in our cars to drive home. Al drove 90 miles and I drove 70 miles. It was a fantastic day.