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The Ring Finders Found Lost ring San diego

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


TheRingFinders metal detector service helped find a lost Gold wedding band in the surf at Oceanside beach in San Diego; CALL NOW 760 889 2751

I received a call from John asking if I could help find his Gold wedding ring that he lost at a local South Oceanside beach while playing football in the waterline. He told me the inscriptions inside of the ring was stamped with their wedding date of over 30years ago!! This definitely meant a ton to him but also weighed a ton on me to give it my best along with the fortitude needed to help anyone as a member of The Ring Finders Metal Detector service here in San Diego.

I told John I had a great chance of finding it at the very next low tide. I could of jinxed myself there! This particular beach is different than most,, The waves routinely crash into the boulders that are retaining multi-million dollar homes and preventing the houses from falling into the sea. There is also usually very little Felspar & quarts grains here to speak of or also known as dry sand in California. Literally it’s a hammer & an anvil at high/mid tide.

“Between the boulders & the surf.”

Fortunately, This so happens to be a beach I first learned how to surf as a kid,Grew up most my life nearby & even learned how to ground balance my first V.L.F metal detector on mineralized magnetic sand well over a decade ago…

So, I arrived to the scene of another lost gold ring,Then began to perform a grid search in the wet line where it was most likely fell off at.

  After nearly a half hour I had to give up chasing the tides out until the dead low tide arrived. I decided it was smarter to start searching (The Ring Line) I learned mostly from and where I have found most of my washed up old jewelry..Moments after while swinging my metal detector I was stopped by a very familiar sound that is similar to a gold ring..Sure enough it was Johns lost wedding band successfully now recovered from this hungry ocean spot!  Thank you John for the kind reward. Every penny helps me help others in need. 

Every wedding ring has a story that can live on. Don’t hesitate or wait,Time may work against you. The sooner you contact me,,The better the chances we have of recovering your lost precious ring.

Diamond ring lost and found at Mission beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



Theringfinders Metal detecting service helped find a lost wedding ring at Mission beach. OPEN NOW: 760 889 2751

It was a another sunny day in San Diego when I received a call asking for help from a lady in Mission beach who had lost her wedding rings.She said they had sifted through the sand and managed to find the band but not the main diamond ring.
I was just getting home from another lost ring search but immediately made a U-Turn and said I was on my way.

Upon arriving to the scene of the lost rings
I was shown a small 10X10 foot area where it disappeared into the sand.X-Marks the spot.I told her this wouldn’t take very long to find,Then could see the worries from her facial expression disappearing as well. I also had to park in a 15min loading Zone so a speedy recovery was Keene. I began a search with my state of the art Metal Detector and found the precious ring in just 1 beep..or a minute!

I surprised her with it in my sand scoop shovel while the tears with hugs electrified all around. These are the best kinda rewards when you feel like a hero or at least did a professional deed to help someone in need.