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Lost Wedding Band Found In Langley, BC.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

I got a call from a young man asking if I could help him find his lost wedding band. What I didn’t know was he lost his wedding band 24 hours after he was married. When I arrived at his parents place he told me the story how he came to find out that his ring was gone at the end of the day. The thing was he didn’t know exactly where the ring had fallen off his finger.

He said that he was playing ping pong in the back yard and was doing a few other things in the yard that day. It was a big yard and it took me 2 hours to do a cross grid search, with no luck. I asked if he had checked his car and he said he vacuumed and checked it inside out but no ring. It was looking like it would have to be in his parents house but for some reason I felt like I needed to check the car as in my experience rings have a way of finding hiding spots.

After 2 minutes of search the car and under the passengers seat I caught a glimpse of his ring in a little hiding spot for the seat motor.












I believe if I didn’t check the car it would have been there for a very long time…If I had started the car first it would have been a fast recovery!!

I love my job! If you’ve lost your ring please contact a member nearest your location on


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Lost Ring Amelia Island, Florida…Found!

from Jacksonville (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-904-373-1295

My name is Leonard Boger, If you’ve lost your ring or jewelry, contact me and I will help you find what you thought was lost forever.

Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned – Myrtle Beach, SC

from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

I got a referral from my son-in-law on a lost ring he saw on Craigslist. I contacted Ruth, whose husband, Todd had lost his wedding band while they were here on vacation from North Carolina. After talking with Ruth she explained that the wedding band had originally belonged to her father and that Todd took a liking to it and started wearing it about 6 months ago. Ruth also said that Todd had lost the ring in the surf about 2 hours before high tide.

I got the description and location which I then learned was lost behind a resort in Myrtle Beach. Normally I would pass this off to Matt Fry the TRF member in Myrtle Beach but I didn’t want to further complicate this so I took the request.

I ended up at the location and searched extensively for the next 3 days during the low tides with absolutely no luck. By then I was convinced someone else had found the ring. After my third search, I contacted Jim Brouwer, President of our local MD hunting club, asking him if he’d put the description out to the other members to see if anyone had found the ring and if so, was willing to return it.  Jim replied saying he had found a similar ring around the same location. Wow, what’s the chances of this all falling into place? I contacted Ruth the next day asking if she could provide a picture of the ring and her husband’s ring finger size.  About 3 hours later Ruth sent me the information and I forwarded it on to Jim along with Ruth’s contact information. Bingo – we had an exact match. Jim got the ring in the mail and back to Todd and Ruth.

A big thanks goes to Jim Brouwer for his complete understanding, cooperation, and willingness to help return a treasure and put a smile on Todd’s face.

Lost Wedding Ring Cobourg Beach Ontario…Found !

from Peterborough (Ontario, Canada)

Bob Howe has his first Wedding Ring Recovery since joining ‘The Ring Finders’!!

I received a phone call from Himanshi. She was very upset as she had lost her Wedding Ring the day before at the Cobourg Beach, Canada Day.

Himanshi emailed a picture of her husband’s ring as they were identical so I would know what I would be looking for. They had the rings made to match. Himanshi also included a Google map with a marked spot where she was when she had lost it. On the phone, she had explained to me that her husband and herself were throwing a ball back and forth in about a foot of water when her ring came off her finger. When the ring came off her finger, it hit her husband’s foot, they searched and searched in the cold water but couldn’t find it.

When we arrived at the beach, my wife and I studied the map and decided on a starting point. I headed to the water with my water detector and scoop. Ten minutes later, I walked out of the cold water with Himanshi’s wedding ring. I couldn’t believe that I had found it so quickly.

When I got back home, I called Himanshi to give her the good news. I was so excited to be able to reunite her with her wedding ring. It was 9:30 at night when I called, Himanshi was so excited, she couldn’t believe that I had found her ring.

We made arrangements for her to pick up her wedding ring the next morning. When Himanshi and her husband arrived the next morning, she was so relieved and thankful to have her wedding ring back on her finger.

IMG_6398           IMG_6947

It gave me a feeling of excitement and pride to have been able to help someone find something that was so important to them.