Men's Lost Wedding Band Found and Returned, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Mark was enjoying a swim at the beach, only to find that his gold wedding band had disappeared.  His wife did some searching on the Fabulous Falmouth web page and discovered the searches and recoveries I’d made with The RingFinders.  Early the next day I received her call for help.  Fortunately, low tide was coming up in a couple of hours, similar to the timing of the loss the previous day, so I arranged to meet Mark at the beach to do a search.  He described how he had put lotion on his hands before going in the water, and he felt confident that the slippery lotion and shrinkage in the cool ocean accounted for the ring making an unwanted exit from his finger at some point during his swim.  We identified the boundaries of a substantial area where the ring might be and I headed out to do a search.  I started shore-parallel swaths at the deep edge of the area and slowly worked toward the beach, keeping ahead of the incoming tide.  A frustratingly large number of solid targets turned out to be aluminum trash, but after about four hours I dug a sweet gold signal and his beautiful ring came up in my scoop.  Mark had left an hour or so earlier, so I called him and he returned to collect his ring.  It was a great to see the big smile on Mark’s face, and it was another great day for The RingFinders!


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  1. Mark D says:

    Brian spared no effort in his search —I was incredibly impressed by his tenacity. While I was distressed about the ring, I was able to enjoy my day on the beach knowing that someone with experience was doing everything he could to locate it. Even when I was ready to give up, Brian was not! After 26 years of marriage, that ring held great significance to me and I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t recovered! Thanks for saving our July 4th Brian!

  2. Mark, I’m delighted that I was able to help you. Thank you for the opportunity and have a great summer!

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