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22K Gold Ring Found for Owner, Falmouth, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Will was on his way back home to Canada.  His 22K gold ring wasn’t.  It was buried at an uncertain location on the beach.

Yesterday, a late evening call from Will alerted me to the fact that he’d lost his ring somewhere in dry sand or in the water while they were enjoying a day on the sand and in the surf.  I arranged to meet him early today and he showed me the areas he expected the ring to be: a dry sand area where he’d played ‘spike ball’, an area where the family sunned on the dry sand, and a water area where he’d been swimming.  Will had asked a detectorist who happened by to scan the first area, with no results.  The water seemed like the next best bet so I started there, working parallel to shore from neck-deep in toward the beach.  After about two hours with no results I went ashore and scanned the spike-ball and sunning areas but came up with nothing but some trash.  In the meantime, Will and family had to depart for home.  I’d assured him that if I found the ring I’d arrange to send it back to him.

Back in the water, I started in the middle of the search area, working in- and off-shore toward one side until I reached the edge.  I then expanded the search area and within a few minutes got a nice solid signal.  I sank the scoop deep and a few seconds later was looking Will’s buttery-gold ring sitting in a scoopful of gravelly cobbles.  Success!

The next step will be to ship the ring home.  I had a great time on this search and I’m elated that I’ll be able soon to re-unite Will and his ring!

Update, 23 October: Will’s ring was shipped off to his sister in New York state on 30 August, as it was anticipated that he would be visiting her in early September and this also would avoid possible customs issues in getting his ring back into Canada.  Unfortunately, the planned visit did not work out but now, finally, the ring has made it back to where it belongs!  Will, thank you for adding your background story about the ring.  I’m so happy for you and Swathi that the ‘circle is now complete’!

Will’s 22K buttery gold ring.

At last, back where it belongs!