Brian Tucholke

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis’’. If I find your lost item, I’ll accept what it's worth to you and what you can afford. I have a nominal call-out fee of $20.00 to cover fuel expenses if the item is not found (maybe more or less depending on your location).

Search Types

Salt and fresh water up to 5 feet deep, beaches, yards, fields, snow banks. If the search area is not on your property or on public property that has no restrictions on metal detecting, you will need to provide written permission from the owner or proper authority to the effect that I am authorized to do a search on the property.

Search Locations

I search primarily on Upper to mid-Cape Cod.

Brian Tucholke's Bio

I am semi-retired and have been metal detecting for 10+ years. I enjoy helping people find their lost items and hope that I will be able to help you.

Brian Tucholke - Recent Blog Post

  • Wedding Ring Recovered From Watery Grave & Returned to Owner, Falmouth, MA (2022)

    A morning call from Daniel came with the hope that I could find his wedding ring, which had slipped from his finger into the surf the previous evening.  I met him at the beach a half hour after his call and he explained that he felt the ring fall off in chest deep water, near […]

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  • Lost Men’s Wedding Ring Recovered and Returned, West Falmouth, MA (2022)

    James was enjoying the evening surf in chest-deep water when he realized that the platinum wedding band he’d been wearing for 15 years had gone missing from his hand.  An online search for help turned up The Ring Finders and in a short time I received a call.  I met him at the beach a […]

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  • Lost Wedding Band Reunited With Owner, Falmouth, Massachusetts (2022)

    Four years ago, Matt approached me while I was metal detecting offshore on a local beach.  He’d just lost his wedding band in the water and asked if I’d mind looking for it.  I was glad to help, and after he showed me the area where it was lost I searched for several hours but […]

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  • Lost Wedding Band Recovered, West Falmouth, Massachusetts (2022)

    I had a great start to the day today.  In a morning call, Sarah told me how her husband had lost his wedding band at the beach the previous evening and asked if I might be able to search for it.  I met her and her girl friend at the beach a half hour later, […]

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  • Sentimental Pocket Knife Found, Falmouth, Massachusetts (2021)

    You probably have a story of your own about how a relative gave you something special when you were a kid or a young man, something you’ve treasured over many decades.  Such was the case with Billy.  His father presented him with his Barlow pocket knife when Billy was 20 years old and Billy carried […]

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