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Two Gold Rings Lost Gardening – Found in Long Grass

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Eleanor was weeding around their bach at Tokerau Beach in Doubtless Bay, just some light stuff to tidy up.

Later that day, she noticed her treasured gold and diamond engagement ring and her eternity ring were missing.

Searches of the weeded area and the lawn revealed nothing, so her daughter gave me a call.

Thirty seven years experience in recoveries, and state of the art equipment meant the two rings were swiftly located in long grass surrounding a clump of flax.

A cheaper detector, or novice user would have been unlikely to locate these lost rings as they were very fine, and tucked down deep in the dense foot-high grass of similar colouration.

Just over thirty minutes after arriving, hugs and handshakes were being exchanged now the lost rings had been found and were back in their proper place.

Gold Ring lost in Whangarei Paddock – Found in 12 minutes.

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Jax was feeding some ‘tame’ wild ducks today, throwing the food out to them over the fence into the paddock.
During one throw she said she felt her Grandmother’s sovereign ring, recently resized and now slightly loose, fly off her finger.

She wasn’t too concerned as she intended to go into the paddock and pick it up after finishing with the ducks.

Food exhausted, and heavy ducks wandering off, Jax opened the farm gate and ambled out into the paddock to pick up her lost ring.
At least, that was the plan.
After the family had also been enlisted to join the search to no avail, her son searched on the internet for a Whangarei metal detector, and found me.

A couple of hours later, I arrived and quickly got kitted up and into action.

The fast, cursory sweep out into the paddock failed to locate it, so I settled into my systematic high resolution ‘forensic’ searching.
A couple of minutes later the metal farm gate came within the search pattern, I swung it clear to get a clean signal and sure enough, there was the ring nestled in the grass.
Right where Jax had been standing – As is often the case, the actual loss was not as initially perceived by the owner.

I advised her to get a ‘ring guard’ fitted, a small spring bar that fits inside the ring to aid in keeping loose rings where they need to be.