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Two Gold Rings Lost Gardening – Found in Long Grass

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Eleanor was weeding around their bach at Tokerau Beach in Doubtless Bay, just some light stuff to tidy up.

Later that day, she noticed her treasured gold and diamond engagement ring and her eternity ring were missing.

Searches of the weeded area and the lawn revealed nothing, so her daughter gave me a call.

Thirty seven years experience in recoveries, and state of the art equipment meant the two rings were swiftly located in long grass surrounding a clump of flax.

A cheaper detector, or novice user would have been unlikely to locate these lost rings as they were very fine, and tucked down deep in the dense foot-high grass of similar colouration.

Just over thirty minutes after arriving, hugs and handshakes were being exchanged now the lost rings had been found and were back in their proper place.