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Lost Sentimental Gold Ring Glassboro NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)




Elijah had an unfortunate incident while playing basketball in his driveway in Glassboro, NJ. He lost his grandfather’s sentimental ring, which landed somewhere in the grass. Despite several days of searching and even using a metal detector, he couldn’t find it. His mother contacted me for assistance in locating the lost ring. We arranged a convenient time to meet up, and I started the search process. Within just 10 minutes I was able to retrieve the gold ring!

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Beautiful, Sentimental Gold Charms Lost, Recovered and Returned in Swedesboro, NJ!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Got a late night text from Renee after she found me in the Ring Finder Directory. After a few days of frantic searching and the purchase and attempted use of a cheap metal detector she decided to reach out to a professional! In our text conversation she shared with me that she was out berry-picking at her home in the Swedesboro, NJ area when her hand got caught in her beautiful gold, charm-laden necklace and the chain broke spilling all the charms over a grassy area. She was able to find the chain and 2-3 of the charms but couldn’t locate 2 of them. She told me that she acquired the charms in France many years ago….and they were extremely important to her. I agreed to meet her the following afternoon. Upon arrival to her home I first asked to see the similar charms she was able to recover….I scanned them with my detector to firstly make sure my machine could pick them up and secondly to calibrate my machine to pick up just them when scanning the area. She made it easy for me by marking the area where the chain broke and she found several of the charms. I was about 3 minutes into the search when my machine let out a sweet low tone that suggested gold! With Renee at my shoulder I bent down and pushed some grass out of the way….there they were! The immediate relief and joy showing on Renee’s face makes it all worth it! I was very happy to be able to reunite Renee with her very important and sentimental charms!

Lost Wedding Band Found Dalton Farms Swedesboro NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call from Bryan’s mother Mary Alice who found me on my website RING FINDERS SOUTH JERSEY .

Then Bryan called me and explained how and the general area where he lost his gold wedding band. He was at the Tulip Festival

at Dalton Farms in Swedesboro, NJ.  We met up shortly after the call and within a half hour the ring was found and back on his finger!







Lost Key Fob Found! Swedesboro NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Don’t wait to call! 215-850-0188

I received a email through my website Ring Finders South Jersey about a lost key fob while landscaping the yard.

Shortly after speaking with Eddie and a quick search the key fob was found.