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16 Hours Searching For Lost Gold Ring in Millwood’s Pond Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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I received a call last fall regarding a ring which had fallen into the Millwood’s pond. I was shown the approximate area and was told it would probably be about ten feet from the railing.

As I descended down into the lake I noticed it was full of garbage, pop cans, bottles and bricks, etc.etc. The water was a foot deep, and very mucky. I searched the immediate area and picked up lots of pop cans and pull tabs. AT pro was constantly beeping, however I had no luck finding the ring. I decided to leave and continue my search the following day. I returned and continued the search for another 3 hrs expanding my search to about a 30’x 30’ area. Again no luck.

I asked to be shown the area once more. I was told that they had been bike riding and with the force of the sudden stop the ring had flown off and that he had seen the ring fly. I searched again but did not find it.

This spring I resumed my search, but decided to wait until the water level in the pond dropped. I searched for another 4 hours. Throughout my searches I was constantly picking up garbage. People would stop and thank me for cleaning up their pond, not realizing that I was searching for a ring. After 16 hours of searching I finally found the ring.

Thank you for entrusting me and The Ringfinders to search for your ring.


Please check this article in the Edmonton Journal.



Husband’s White Gold Ring Found in Bonnie Doon Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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I received a call from Laura yesterday asking if I could help her to locate her husband’s wedding ring that she had accidently lost on Saturday morning either in her home or yard.

I met Laura at her home and she told me that on Saturday she was in the laundry room and her husband’s ring was lying on the counter. She picked up the ring and put it in her pocket and went about doing her house work, gardening chores, and shopping errands. It was not until later that afternoon that she realized the ring was missing from her pocket. She showed me shorts similar to the ones she had been wearing. The pockets were too deep for the ring to have fallen out of.

I checked her back yard, around the flower beds, her rock pond, the front yard, her truck, and garbage bags that she had put out for recycling. Two hours of searching and no luck. There was a kitchen garbage bag still in the house that I had not checked. Laura emptied the bag while I went back to recheck the pond. I heard her scream “I found it”. She was very excited and I was glad for her.

Laura asked me if I was an ex-police officer. When I asked her why, she replied that I was always questioning her with possible scenarios regarding the ring. I replied that I asked all these questions to try and trigger your memory, and to give me clues as to where the ring might be.

Laura then realized that she had cleaned up the kitchen and maybe she put the ring down on the counter top and without thinking wiped the top off and that was probably when the ring had fallen into the garbage container.

Another Happy Client! Thank you, Laura and Chris, for entrusting me and The Ring Finders to help you find your lost ring.

Anniversary Ring Found St. Albert, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Dawna  emailed me late last night asking if I would help find  her ring. When I called her this morning she told me that she had been doing yard work on Tuesday and that evening noticed her ring was missing from her finger.  Over the next few days she went out to try and find it but with no luck,  then thought that perhaps she had lost it in her bedroom and was unable to find it there either.

When I arrived around 8:30 this morning she showed me where in the yard her ring might be,  and said that she had also worked in her flower pots.  I checked a small area in her front yard, then moved to the back yard and did the same.  Her ring was in the last pot that  I checked in the back yard. My pin-pointer picked up a strong signal about three inched down. Another Happy Client. Thank you Dawna for e-mailing TheRingFinders.

Keys Lost At Blackmud Creek Ravine Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

matt VW KeyVW Fob

Received a call from Matt last night around 7:30 to see if I was able to come out and try and find his key fob for his Volkswagen  that he lost on Saturday on a toboggan hill while he was sledding down the hill with his family. I told him if the keys are on the ground I will find them for him. I told Matt I would be there in 30 minutes I meet up with Matt at his house and walked over to the hill with my trusty V3i, Matt told me that he spent some time on Saturday evening looking for the keys but it was too dark to see also he was out early Sunday morning with no luck. Matt showed me where he was sledding on the hill and he had a spare set of keys on him, I tested his key fob and was getting a visual display of 37! Within 5 minutes I received a clear loud 37! on my unit Bingo!!! Key fob was located buried in about 4 inches of snow, another happy client Thanks Matt.