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Lost Wedding Ring. In The County Of Ponoka. Hoadley, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Brandon last week asking me if I could find his white gold wedding ring in three feet tall grass. He had lost it while out scouting for a good hunting spot in the bush.  I told him if it was there I would find it.

We agreed to meet this morning and drove out to the spot out in the country, as we drove and got talking Brandon told me it was imperative that the ring was found as he had just been married a month ago.

I asked Brandon how he lost his ring he told me he was brushing the grass off his pants near his jeep when he felt the ring fly off his finger but he had no idea of the direction. For me it was a good clue and with past experience I knew the ring had to be close by.

When we arrived at the location Brandon said the whole terrain had changed stating that the grass was standing at the time he lost the ring, and now all the grass was laying down like a strong wind had blown the grass down or animals had trampled it down.  This made the search a little harder.

After about two hours of searching I heard a fantastic sound in my headphone.  There was his ring well hidden in the grass about ten feet from his Jeep.  I called Brandon over and the expression on his face said it all.  He could not believe his eyes. He was very happy to have his ring back on his finger.

Another happy client.

Thank you Brandon for calling me.


Lost Wedding Ring Found Ermineskin, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)




Received a call yesterday from Stacey requesting if I can help her locate her husband white gold wedding ring which he lost last November in the back yard while racking leaves, I told her I could meet up with her first thing in the morning.

Meet up with Stacey and she told me that her husband had looked franticly for the ring, looked in the bags of leaves a couple of times and the yard with no luck and he feels terrible about ring, then he told Stacey he will have to call The Ring Finders and she said who are they? He told her that he heard about me on the radio and he was going to call me, But Stacey beat him to the punch and called me, I’m hope he doesn’t call me before the end of the month.

Within fifteen minute I found his ring in the back yard I called Stacey over and asked her is that your husbands ring? She could not believe I found it so quickly Thank you Stacey for entrusting me to find your husband Ring  Another happy client.

 Stacey is going to surprise her husband on their wedding anniversary at the end of the month with his ring. Happy anniversary to you both.  

Lost White Gold Wedding Band CFB Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Sunday December 20, 2015

Miranda called this morning asking if I was available to find her husband 14ct  white gold wedding band which he lost while shaking snow off his hand his ring flew off. They both spent a couple of hours looking and filling plastic pails with snow and taking them into the house to melt, with no luck finding the ring, they where all ready late in heading out of town for the weekend,

Miranda gave me the location where the ring could possibly be, I headed out to the base it took me about five minute to locate the ring. I meet up with Stipan yesterday and handed him his ring back in which he was very grateful to have his ring back where it belongs.

Thank you Stipan for the generous reward, once again another happy client.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family