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Grandfather’s Ring Returned From The Ashes! Parkland County, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Vieri called me a week ago asking if I could locate his grandfathers ring which he lost on the farm, the ring is very sentimental and it was imperative that the ring was back on his finger.

We agreed to meet today! Vieri told me there could be two possible area which the ring could be he told me he had walked down to the pond and put the boat in the water, I did a complete search of the area No ring! then Vieri said the other place was where he was burning brush in the firepit which he had lots of brush to burn he also mentioned he had no gloves on while he was throwing the brush into the firepit I searched the area where the pile of brush was No ring then I checked the firepit then out of the ashes pops out his grandfathers ring.  I told Vieri to take it to a professional Jeweler their specialized equipment and products will be able to safely and effectively restore the ring to original condition! (fingers crossed).

Vieri was so grateful that the ring was found.

Another happy client!

Lost GoPro Camera @ Camp Yowochas Fallis, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



img_1357 img_1358img_1359

Received an email from Tyng on Saturday requiring my assistance to locate his Gopro camera while on a three day retreat at camp Yowochas with his grade six students he was supervising,

Tyng was available to go on Sunday I agreed to assist him, Tyng picked me up at 7am we headed out 50 miles west of Edmonton to the camp we arrived the weather was not at all in our favor Rain and Cold Brrrrrrr.

We had to walk about ½ mile through the bush into an open field Tyng showed me the area that they were playing hide and seek in tall grass I must say the area that he thought the camera was lost created a huge challenge to swing my detector.

After about two hours out in the tall grass I was convinced that the camera was not in that area, Tyng was 110% sure that was the area he lost the camera, I told him lets back track to the last known location which was at the other end of the field where the grass was shorter they all sat down in a circle and talked about their time at the camp then they left the field.  

Within 15 minutes I heard a loud scream Tyng found his go pro in the area I suggested he was ecstatic to have the camera back with all the pictures and videos he had taken while on the three day retreat with his students.

Another happy client thank you Tyng for entrusting me to find your GoPro also your generous reward.          

Lost Engagement Ring Parkland County Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received a call around 4 pm yesterday from Cara asking if I could help find her engagement ring which she lost Saturday evening while she was fanning moths away from her face, and away goes her ring into the bush, they spent a couple of hrs looking for it that evening with no luck then after purchasing a metal detector and spending all afternoon with no luck finding her ring, Cara goggled (lost ring) and found the Ring Finders web site and contacted me.

Told Cara I would be there with in ½ hour since I was in the area, meet up with Cara and her fiancé and they showed me the area where the ring flew off with in 20 minute I had the ring back on Cara’s finger, This ring had a huge sentimental value to them both no amount of money could ever replace.

Another very happy client.

 Thank you Cara for entrusting me to find your lost ring and your generous reward.  

Keys Found Chickakoo Lake Parkland County.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received a call this morning from Brenda @ 8:30 am in regards to her keys that she lost while she was walking and playing with her dog @ Chickakoo lake recreation area yesterday afternoon and asked me if I could find them I told her if the are there I will find them. I told her I could be there in an hour and half because we have a snow fall warning in the area this afternoon  we agreed to meet in the parking lot.

Arrived at the parking lot it was snowing and -16c (3F) Brenda showed me the path she took along the lake I could see the tracks in the snow which made it easy to follow I took my trusty white’s spectra V3i walked about 1/4 of mile following the tracks with no luck, then Brenda said she stopped at a picnic table where she was throwing a stick for her dog, then  she showed me where she broke a stick and threw the stick onto the frozen lake so I headed towards the lake and bingo with in 20′ of the table a sweet sound of Iron buzzed my ear phones and there in 4″ of packed snow her keys, It took me 20 minutes to find them. Thank you Brenda for allowing me to search for your keys. Another happy client