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Lost 18k Mother Mary Medallion in Backyard Over a Year Ago

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

A call out came in from Lisa for an extremely sentimental 18k Mother Mary medallion which was lost in a Brampton, Ontario backyard over a year ago.

Lisa’s Nephew Matthew had searched googled and came across the global directory for TheRingFinders!

I met up with Lisa after work. Lisa explained she was picking pears in her backyard when the wasps came out of the hive. She ran away and somehow broke her gold chain with two medallions on it. Matthew was able to find one of her medallions but not the other.

I started my grid search in her backyard with my new Minelab Manticore metal detector. It took a while digging out every signal as I was not use to my new machine.

I managed to locate the medallion 4” down approximately 7’ over from where her Nephew found the first medallion.

Here is the video of the recovery. Please like & subscribe 💞

Lisa was very happy to receive the gifted Mother Mary medallion back as it was a treasured gift that belonged to her late Cousin.

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Young man loses sentimental 10k gold medallion on a local football field!

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I saw a post A Facebook post on my local area that a  Mothers teenage son lost a very sentimental gold scorpion medallion and was offering a reward for its return!

I sent Laura a private message to offer my assistance voluntarily and met up with her and her Son at 11:35PM that night!

Her son Daniel explained that he was playing football with his friends and soon after realizing that his gold chain around his neck was broken the gold medallion had fallen off! He panicked because the medallion had belonged to his late Grandfather Bill which was given to him last year by his grandmother.

It was an amazing warm night under a clear sky with an almost full moon on the 1st search night/morning. I decided to tackle the area (pun intended) where the kids first had their bikes set on the football field and then after a little while decided to go where the main area of football tackling took place.

Time was getting on and it was 2:40 AM in which I thought it was 1:40 AM. We decided to pack it in and that I would come back the following evening after work To continue grid searching!

In the meantime Daniel took a snapshot from Google Earth and highlighted the areas in red where he thought he was with his friends! I always try and get the clients to do that so I can complete a thorough grid search (expanding out by at least 10’) and sometimes a cross grid search!

The second day I continued gridding through on and off rain as well I went to 1245AM. The third day Friday after work I started back and went until 11:30 PM continuing the grid of the football field areas identified! The fourth day I finished off another section and decided to go back to the main area of tackling. I cross gridding in a different direction and on my third pass 4’ outside of Daniels highlighted (Cone placed) area I uncovered the precious heirloom gold pendant on the soil under a tuft of grass!!

When I arrive home I called Laura and proceeded with the surprise that I had recovered the medallion!! I dropped the medallion off after dinner!

Check out the video surprise!

I also advised Laura and Daniel that during the 2nd & 4th day searching… I uncovered three gold rings in the process!! I had already contacted one of the local teachers Mrs Reilly to see if somehow there were records at the school to assist in returning these rings to the rightful owners! Fingers are crossed!

The Family is so happy to have this precious heirloom gold medallion back and will be making a donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation In which they will receive a tax receipt!!