Heirloom ring found in yard in Longmont, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Recently I was contacted by Sheila, who lives in Florida. In February, she came to Colorado to visit her friend Barri from Longmont. While Sheila was here in Colorado, we received several inches of new snow. Since she is from Florida and snow is a rarity, she went outside to play around in the snow, throwing some snow balls and such. Apparently while gathering snow the ring fell off her pinky finger (it is a small ring). When they noticed later that evening that her ring was missing they searched in earnest for it but without success. After that several other people had visually looked for the ring but they also ended their searches without success.

As background information, Sheila’s mother passed away in 1998 and her father then kept her ring for the next 10 years until he passed away in 2008. There was a small battle between the 10 children of the couple as to who would get their mother’s wedding band. Well, Sheila was the one who ended up with the cherished ring.

When I arrived at the house, Barri and I looked over pictures and watched a couple short videos that were taken the day the ring was lost. In one of the videos you can clearly see the ring on her figure. There was a short series of photos that were taken moments later and the ring was missing in the last photo.  Thus we knew exactly when the ring was lost.

I put my detector together and began my search. Within 10 minutes of starting I had found the ring. We called Sheila to tell her the good news. To say she was happy would be a HUGE understatement. She was crying, almost uncontrollably, for longer than it took to find the ring.

Sheila's ring