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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at the Beach

from North Berwick (Maine, United States)
Contact: 1-207-423-4122

DSC01838 (2)I received a call from Carl saying he lost his ring .  After getting the location  (  deep sand, Ocean beach) and answering a few questions on how he  lost it,  we were sure it was within a 100 sq ft area. He had searched the night before, then called me this morning. I got there around noon and using my Fisher CZ -20, found it within minutes. Carl and his wife were down from  Canada visiting his parents in Kennebunk Me. and leaving the day after he called.  I was glad I could help the young couple.DSC01840

The Amazing Migrating Ring in Half Moon Bay

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

CurtisHMB-smile-smCurtis and his wife spent their one-year wedding wedding anniversary at Half Moon Bay, between San Francisco and Santa Cruz on the California coast. Sitting up on a sand bluff at the State Beach, they popped a cork on a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the view. When it came time to leave Curtis stood up, brushed the sand off his pants, and felt his wedding ring fly off his finger into the sand.

They search fruitlessly for the ring in the sand, even using a metal detector they borrowed from the park ranger. Curtis came back the next day with a shovel and kitchen strainer and sifted big piles of sand, but still couldn’t find the ring. The situation was looking grim until they found TheRingFinders web site.

I met Curtis at the beach today. He showed me exactly where they were sitting, about halfway up the steep sand bluff. The small open area where they had been sitting was surrounded by ice plant. I could see the piles of sand that Curtis had made with his shovel the day before.

I used my metal detector to thoroughly search the area where they had been sitting. The sand was shallow here, because Curtis had already dug down to the hardpan layer. Next I expanded out to the surrounding ice plant. I only found one metal hit anywhere near where they had been sitting, just a piece of an old aluminum can.

I knocked down the piles of sand that Curtis had made, but didn’t find the ring, so I started working my way down the bluff. About 20 minutes into the hunt, I got just my second metal hit of the day. It was very deep, about 8 inches down, and registered as an older, pure copper penny, but when I finally dug down deep enough there was Curtis’s ring. His first anniversary was saved!

Although he lost his ring up where he is standing, near the top of the bluff, we found it about six feet down the bluff where my metal detector is lying.

Although he lost his ring up where he is standing, near the top of the bluff, we found it about six feet down the bluff where my metal detector is lying.

It's a very nice ring! Good thing we found it.

It’s a very nice ring! Good thing we found it.

Calgary Ringfinder Kevin Niefer CTV News Lost Ring Stanley Park

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

Lost Wedding Ring Stanley Park Calgary

CTV Calgary                                      Published Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 11:58AM MDT                            Last Updated Thursday, Oct. 11,  2012 7:37PM MDT

Losing a wedding ring is a sickening feeling for anyone that’s misplaced the  piece of sentimental jewelry.

A local metal detector specialist, known as ‘The Ringfinder’, is doing his  part to end the emotional pain.

Kevin Niefer has been metal detecting for the last 25 years.

In 2011, Niefer joined the Ring Finders Network, and is the group’s  representative here in Calgary.

Niefer says he’s been quite successful helping people find their lost  rings.

He’s currently helping Alicia Tropak locate her lost wedding ring.  She  misplaced her ring on September 23, 2012, somewhere near Stanley Park.

Tropak is expecting her first child at the end of the month, and says her  fingers swell sometimes.  She took her ring off, put it in her pocket, and  lost it somewhere along her walk.

Niefer is hopeful he can find the ring using his metal detector which has a  history of locating all kinds of hidden treasures.

“And that could be jewelry or old relics like pins or chauffeurs badges, or  coins,” says Niefer.  “You never know what you’re going to dig up, and when  you dig it up, it’s thrilling.”

“Or it might be a bottle cap.”

Niefer and Tropak were unable to find the ring on this day, but will return  to expand the search.

For more information about the Ring Finders, website

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Another Lost Ring Found on Stinson Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Lost wedding band found at Stinson Beach

Lost wedding band found at Stinson Beach

What is it about Stinson Beach in Marin County? Why are so many rings lost there? We got a call today from Lindsey, who had driven over from Sacramento with her daughter to beat the summer heat. She took off her wedding ring to apply sunscreen, then walked over to her daughter to apply more…and the sand swallowed up her ring. After looking for it everywhere, she used her smartphone to search for metal detector rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s when she found us.

It took us a few hours to make it to Stinson Beach because of the rush hour traffic. Once we arrived, Lindsey showed us where she had lost her wedding ring, and we immediately knew that we would be able to find it for her. Why? Because she had been sitting under her umbrella when she lost it, and she had not moved the umbrella. It was like a pin stuck to the beach saying “Lost Ring Right Here!”

The hunt itself took just ten minutes with our metal detectors. It’s a good thing Lindsey knew exactly where to look-her ring is quite petite, and such a small ring could be hard to find if the search area is large.

So the moral of the story is, if you lose your ring or other jewelry, stop and mark the location, then call TheRingFinders!

Don't move that umbrella!

The umbrella marked where the ring was lost on the beach

Lost gold and diamond ring found

We found Lindsey’s lost gold and diamond ring

Lost Wedding Band on Ocean Beach-Found!

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Lost Wedding Band Found on Ocean Beach

Lost Wedding Band Found on Ocean Beach

Pallav visited Ocean Beach in San Francisco for the first time yesterday. He had a great time with his wife Garani and their friends, but after playing football he noticed his gold wedding band was gone. The whole group searched for the ring, but it was gone in the sand. Then Pallav used his iPhone to get the GPS coordinates of the location where he lost the ring. This was really smart, because if you’ve ever been to Ocean Beach, you know it is HUGE. Garani first looked for a metal detector rental, then contacted us late last night. Pallav met us at the beach this afternoon, which was cold as usual for San Francisco in July. We marked out a rectangle around the GPS coordinates and started our search. That’s when the fun began. Lots of people light bonfires on Ocean Beach. The firewood is often filled with fasteners, which end up in the sand after the fire. We found more than 50 nails, screws and big staples as we searched. Usually  our equipment can discriminate these out so we don’t have to dig them up, but when a nail is bent or twisted, it can fool a detector to thinking it might be something else, like a ring. After about an hour and a half, I got a tone unlike most of the others. It was Pallav’s ring. He said it looked like the sand had polished it overnight. It did look good. It sure is fun returning people’s precious possessions!

Lost men's wedding band found on ocean beach


Many people have come to the RingFinders after searching the web for a metal detector rental. Renting a metal detector is a bit like renting a bulldozer or back hoe: they aren’t the easiest things in the world to use! If you have rented a metal detector and failed to find your lost ring, or just want an experienced metal detector expert to help, contact us.

Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found on Beach at Half Moon Bay

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Lost diamond wedding ring found at Half Moon Bay

Lost diamond wedding ring found at Half Moon Bay

Today Prarthna called me from New Jersey. She and her husband visited California last week and had a wonderful time. On the way back to San Francisco International Airport they stopped at the beach on Half Moon Bay. It was there in the deep sand that Prarthna felt her diamond wedding ring slip off her finger.

This was not a typical wedding ring, either. Prarthna’s husband had studied diamonds and hunted for four months to find the perfect stone, then had the ring custom made for the stone. The ring had great sentimental value to both of them.

Late this afternoon, I met her friend Navdeep who had been at the beach with them the day the ring was lost. He showed me where Prarthna had been walking when the ring slipped off her finger. We marked a search zone in the sand, and most importantly, he climbed up a hill to sit at the same bench he was sitting at when she lost it. Using a hardy bush growing in the sand as a landmark, he directed me to stand on the sight line where he remembered seeing Prarthna. The intersection of the search zone and this line of sight identified the place where he felt the ring most likely landed.

I carefully gridded the search zone and triple searched it without luck. The sand was very clean, suggesting that other metal detector users had already cleared out the pull tabs, bottle caps and other metallic trash  that we find at most beaches. But I did find four coins, so we remained hopeful.

Next I started searching south from the search zone, not far off the sight line. On my first pass, I got a low tone that usually means aluminum or gold. This time it was Prathna’s ring, four inches deep in the sand. Look at the photo below, you can see how beautiful it is. Navdeep had done a good job showing me where to search. Prarthna was very happy when we called her with the news that we had found her ring.


Diamond ring found at Half Moon Bay

Two Lost Rings Found in Sausalito

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Catherine with her parent's wedding rings

Cynthia with her parent’s wedding rings

Cynthia always wears her mother’s and father’s wedding rings, which are beautiful hand-made antiques from Chile. She was wearing them last weekend while gardening in her back yard. Unfortunately, when she flung some clippings over the fence, the rings flew off too. After searching fruitlessly for the rings, she searched the web for Metal Detector Rental and found TheRingFinders.

Cynthia lives on a hill in Sausalito, with a view of the marina from the back. Like many Marin County back yards, her back yard slopes steeply downward. The rings were most likely somewhere on that slope. The first thing we did was to repeat the accident with a “ring on a string,” another gold ring attached to a bright red ribbon so that it would be hard to lose. After five tosses, we could see that the ring consistently landed in a zone starting about 10 feet down the slope. That’s where I started searching.

The hill was covered with thick ivy. Unfortunately, the ivy also covered large rocks, tree stumps, and even some old terrace walls. These hidden obstructions created lots of hollows and crevices that could conceal the rings. I attached the small 6″ search coil to my metal detector, but some areas were so small that I still had to search many areas on hands and knees with a handheld detector.

After an hour on the slope, I had covered the entire target zone with no luck. Further down the hill, the slope was too steep to search. But I still hadn’t detected the area above the target zone, closer to the fence.

Within five minutes of starting to search the new area I pulled out the first ring. Six inches away I found the second one. Both were just eight feet from the fence. The rings were as beautiful as Cynthia had described them, and she was extremely happy to get them back.

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Lost antique heirloom rings found in Sausalito

Lost Gold wedding ring recovered in Shipbottom,LBI,NJ by TheRingFinders Ed Cropski

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

                                                                                                          I was contacted by Eric today stating that he had lost his White gold wedding band while out on a sandbar where boats anchor up at lowtide to hangout,swim.  While playing ball in about 3 feet of water and missing the ball when thrown to him,he had to retrieve it from a nearby marsh island.When he approached the island he had stumbed in the sand mud bottom and continued playing not noticing until later that his wedding ring was gone.Later that night while searching the interenet on how to find the ring,he came acroos The Ring Finders website and contacted me the next day.We met at the marina and ventured out the sandbar and began the search first where they had anchored up in about 3 feet of water and retraced the days events eventally ending up at the marsh island where the ring was found after about an hours search total.He along with all the nearby boaters watching were just simply amazed with the recovery of such a small item in such extremely difficult area.I have to say so was I! He immediately phoned his wife with the great news and was extremely Thankful for my help and forwarded me a generous reward and displayed some of my advertising at his friends local bait & tackle store.Thanks again Eric! Glad I could help!