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Recovery Of Lost Wedding Rings Cle Elum River Ronald WA

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Watch this video of Sterling’s lost wedding band that got pulled off his finger by a Cle Elum River rapid.

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This adventure took place on August of 2021. Sterling contacted me and explained a few weeks prior he had lost his rose gold wedding band of seven years in the Cle Elum River in a rapid.  My first reaction after hearing river rapids left me a bit questioning what chance of recovery we would have but I always remain optimistic and refuse to blurt out negativity during my interview process. I learned early on by having an open mind willing to seek out all possibilities is more than half the battle in all of these recovery cases.

Sterling continue to share his story that he believed he lost his wedding band when going down an aggressive rapid attached to a popular river swimming hole. He went on to tell me he had returned a few days after the incident with a snorkel, mask and fins and actually got over the top of the rapid looking for his ring. He had a stick in his hand that he was poking the rocks with when he saw a shimmer. After closer inspection it was a wedding ring that he was able to poke his stick through and pulled it out of the river. It was not his ring but it was found in the same spot he suspected his was lost.

We made a plan to meetup so he could show me the exact spot where he rode the rapid and lost his wedding band. He also shared that the access would be fairly easy for me to get my SCUBA gear to the water. I was energetic and ready for this day of adventure, to SCUBA dive a clean mountain river would be a welcome refreshing mission.

After arriving Sterling was very detailed and clear on his recollection of the days events that took place when he lost his ring. After a brief introduction and recap of his story we got the gear setup and straight to action. It was an easy entry to the down stream swimming hole just after the rapid. This area was wide and allowed for plenty of room for any one blown through the rapid to easily swim without a strong current danger. This is what makes this site a very popular swimming hole. My dive plan was to start down stream in the calmer waters and work my search effort up into the actual rapid. 

My plan worked as intended and turned in to a very enjoyable dive effort. At some point during my dive Sterling got my attention and signaled me to surface. He had been working the rapid with mask, fins and snorkel again while I was at depth searching the river bed. He told me he located two rings. When he went to retrieve them he got one and the other blew past a bit and got caught up in some rocks under the rapids. He told me he actually recovered his own rose gold wedding band and he wanted me to recover the other wedding ring still in the rapid.

I was very happy for him to have found his ring and absolutely amazed that three lost wedding rings had been found in this section of the river. I made my way back into the rapid with my SCUBA gear and the flow of the river was extremely compressed as it channeled through the bedrock. Even though it was only a few feet at most the restriction of the river water drastically increases the pressure. Along with this there was a lot of bubble formation that causes a little bit of a visibility impairment when trying to search for lost items. I also had to keep my face down as not to have the flow of the river pushing against the purge on my SCUBA regulator. If at any time I were to find the conditions beyond my physical capabilities I would have been able to easily abort the action. Fortunately I was able to coexist in this extreme river environment but had to take it slow and calculate my every move.

I was able to work my way into the rapid and after digging around in the bed rocks I uncovered the third wedding ring Sterling had told me about.

It was a great day and we were very happy to have recovered three missing wedding rings from the grips of the river. 

Sterling was very happy and appreciative of my support and assistance on this mission. We both walked away exhausted with smiles from ear to ear. 

As a recovery specialist these are some of the most memorable experiences I will look back upon. With a quiet humbleness I will remember owning the river for that brief moment in time.

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