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Lost Key Fob Strathearn Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call late last evening from Andria requesting my service to locate her! One and only key fob that Lawrence lost in the back yard on Thursday while walking form the garage to the house, I agreed told her I would be there at 10 am today.
Meet Andria and Lawrence they showed me the area where the key fob could possibly be I did a thorough search of the area with no luck!
Asked Lawrence to show me again exactly what he was doing and he said he closed and locked the garage door and walked along the side walk that’s when he noticed the fob was missing off his key ring both of them looked everywhere possible for that key fob no Luck.
After about an hour we found the key fob right next to the garage in the snow pile Andria was ecstatic to have her only one key fob back!  her smile says it all.
Thank you Andria and Lawrence for interesting me to locate your key fob.

Lost Key Fob! Kirkness Neighborhood, NE. Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Rob called me to ask if I could locate his truck key fob and a bunch of keys somewhere on his property which he lost while shoveling snow.  Rob told me he had been searching all morning trying to find them but with no luck.

I meet up with Rob and he showed me the area where he was shoveling snow and within ten minutes I handed his key fob back to him.  Rob was very happy to have them back because he had a vision that he was going to have to spend $500.00 to replace the fob.

Another Happy Client!!