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Lost In The Dust Diamond Gold Nugget Wedding Ring

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this video of a diamond gold nugget wedding ring lost in the dust.

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Some good old boys gave me a call asking for some emergency assistance searching for a diamond gold nugget ring lost on a dusty trail. I was able to meet them and found that it was indeed a dusty trail to say the least. The gentleman was walking and simply lost his footing, went down and when doing so his ring came off his finger. He was OK after dusting himself off there was absolutely no sign of his large chunky diamond gold nugget wedding ring. The men quickly fetched a cheap metal detector from a local shop but still could not locate the ring. After a quick Google search they found my services and the hunt was on!

After a few minutes over this dusty trail I was able to quickly locate his precious ring saving the day. It was an absolute honor to recover such a nice ring for this man. Sometimes we just need a little assistance and I was happy to provide a helping hand this day.

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