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Wasaga Beach, Ontario~Platinum wedding ring returned from the waters 150′ from shore

from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-647-383-6891

2017-08-25 – Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Received a call from Rob G who lost his ring playing rugby in the waters of Wasaga Beach.

Rob & his wife Kerah took visiting Friends from England to Wasaga’s Beach #3 (pet friendly area) for a full day with the dog’s. Rob was in the water 150′ from shore playing water Rugby and off flew his wedding band. Rob’s English friends mentioned that in the UK there are metal detectorists that help with people losing items and decided to try and search Google. “The Ring Finders” site came up on his search and found my information.

I took Rob’s information and decided to head up and start searching. Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck the first day out. The following day Kerah met me at the beach and had a better location. It took about an hour and surprised Kerah when I came back into shore for some water. She was totally amazed I could find her husbands wedding band that far out from shore.

YEAH….another donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation’s Snow Run Feb 2/3/4, 2018!!

Here’s a link to the video!!

Rob’s platinum wedding band

Happy wife Kerah!


Lost Platinum ring while flying kite in Willow Park, Glenview, Illinois

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

While assembling a kite with his children, he lost his Platinum wedding band. He knew the area and had searched with a metal detector, and even went at night with a flashlight to search. I used my Minelab 3030 with a large coil. Found ring which had been stepped on and driven into ground in less than 20 minutes.

Diamond Wedding Band Lost Camping in Almaden Valley San Jose-Found!

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

Regina took her family on a company camping trip in the Almaden area of San Jose recently. The weather was beautiful and everybody had fun.

When it came time to tear down the tents, Regina was wiping hers off when she felt her platinum and diamond wedding band fly off her finger. Family and friends all looked everywhere, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

Regina contacted me the next day. Because she was camping on private land with few visitors, she felt that the ring must still be at the campsite. We met at the campground in San Jose the following day. I immediately understood why nobody had found the ring when the searched for it: the grass was very thick and well cared for. Fortunately, the grass had not been mown since the camping trip, so we knew the ring was probably right in front of us, in that thick grass.

We could still see the depression in the grass where Regina had pitched her tent, so I marked out a search area along the side where she had lost the ring. Because she was so certain where and when she lost the ring, I focused on that side, but expanded the search zone in both directions. Sometimes it’s hard to judge exactly how hard you fling a ring.

The ground was nearly clear of targets. After five minutes I found a penny. A couple of minutes later, my detector let out a strong ping at the base of a tree at the very edge of the search zone. It was Regina’s ring.

Amazingly, the tree was at a right angle to the direction where Regina thought she was wiping her hand when she lost the ring. That’s why I marked out the larger search area: it is nearly impossible to know exactly which way your hand is moving, or where your finger is pointing, at the moment your ring decides to fly away.

Everybody went home happy!

Regina with her lost wedding ring, now found again

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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in Tiburon

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Lost platinum wedding band found

Today John brought his family from San Mateo to Tiburon to Paradise Park Beach. It’s a nice little beach, not very crowded, with lots of shade. He and his mom and two sons were enjoying the gorgeous weather and the water.

Then John’s platinum wedding ring was struck by the sunblock curse: He took off the ring to apply sunblock to his son. Then he got distracted, stood up, moved his chair, and the ring was gone. If you’ve ever dropped a ring into dry sand, you know what happened: it immediately sank without a trace. Within 10 minutes, John had me on the phone.

I got to Marin County about three hours later with my metal detector. John knew approximately where he had lost the ring, so it wasn’t a difficult search. With his two sons assisting, we found the ring in the first few minutes. It was already three inches under the sand, and would have sunk even deeper within a few days.

And it’s a good we did find it so quickly. John’s 10th wedding anniversary is coming up soon!

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22 Bottle Caps, 93 Cents, and a Diamond Wedding Ring

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Can you see the ring in this photo?

Can you see the diamond ring in this photo?

On Saturday, Reina drove from Sacramento to Stinson Beach with a friend. It was a beautiful day, and many other people were also there. Because of the beach was crowded, they spread their blanket far from the water, back near the grass and dunes.

At one point, she put her diamond wedding ring down on the blanket. On the way back to the car, she noticed it was missing. She and her friend searched for an hour, but could not find it. Then she searched   for metal detector rentals on the web and found us.

I asked Reina to send me GPS coordinates of the location from her phone. She also took a series of photos of nearby trees and bushes. On Monday, I made the two-hour trek to Stinson Beach, and using Reina’s information, marked a search zone.

It took about an hour to thoroughly hunt the search zone. Although I found 22 bottle caps and some change, there was no ring. Then I compared my search zone to the photographs again, and realized that I might be a little too far from the dunes, so I started hunting again in that direction. After just two passes, I found the ring.

The ring is a beauty, made of heavy platinum and gold, with a sturdy mount for the diamond. I’ll send it back to her via FedEx tomorrow.


The lost diamond ring is found again



Lost Tungsten Ring Redington Beach

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Doug Brosack, Stan Flack, Mike Miller, Unknown Couple and Tom Jones

The day before their 3rd anniversary, this man lost his wedding band in the Gulf of Mexico. The detecting group were on the beach to meet another couple that had lost  a platinum wedding band  the previous day. Tom Jones saw this couple thinking that they were the people he was meeting and approach them. He found out that they were not the couple he was meeting. In turn the gentleman said that he too had lost his wedding band yesterday.  The four detectorist hunted for about 45 minutes then the Tungsten ring was found.

To everyone’s surprise the couple had disappeared. 30 minutes later the lady shows up and was in tears when she learned that the ring had been found. She phoned her husband who had resolved that no one would be able to find his ring and told him to “get down to the beach now.” The couple was so happy that their anniversary weekend getaway had been saved.

After everyone parted ways Tom realized that in all of the excitement no one remembered to exchange names or contact information.

They will be remembered as the “once again happy, 3rd anniversary couple from Queens NY.”

Another Lost Ring on Stinson Beach-Found

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost platinum wedding ring found on Stinson Beach

Lost platinum wedding ring found on Stinson Beach

Christine and friends from the East Bay spent the day on Stinson Beach in Marin County last week. Christine took off her grandmother’s platinum wedding ring and put it on her leg to apply sunscreen. A while later, she stood up to take a walk. By the time she remembered the ring, it had disappeared into the sand.

Christine’s friend Kim found TheRingFinders directory a few days later by searching for “metal detector service.” We arranged to meet at the beach today. Christine had to be out of town, so Kim came instead, along with her mother and daughter.

Three factors conspired against us recovering the ring: First, the ring itself was tiny and made of platinum. This means it would be easy for a metal detector to miss. Second, the sand had some mineralization, specifically iron particles or “black sand” that can be hard for the metal detector to penetrate. And third, it was an unseasonably chilly day for the middle of June.

Kim and her mom separately showed me where they thought they had been sitting last week so that I could set up a search zone. Fortunately, they both had good memories, because their search zones overlapped. After about two hours of hunting with two different detectors, I found the ring within the overlapping area. Good job, ladies! (And thanks for the hot coffee and chowder!)

Kim is keeping the ring safe until Christine returns.


Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in San Mateo County

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost platinum wedding ring found in San Mateo County

Lost platinum wedding ring found in San Mateo County

Last Saturday, Carl was working around his home in San Mateo County. After a full day of chores, he noticed that his platinum wedding ring was missing. The good news was, he hadn’t left his property all day, so he knew the ring had to be somewhere in the yard. The other good news was, he found RingFinders, the metal detector experts.

Two of us arrived to give Carl’s property a thorough search. In some cases, the recovery takes hours of searching, but not this time. We pulled Carl’s platinum wedding band out of the thick grass on the side of his home within about ten minutes.

Because rings are so dense, when they fall they immediately sink down to the ground level beneath all the blades of grass, where they are practically invisible. Carl’s lawn was healthy and thick, so the ring was completely hidden, even when you looked straight at it. But metal detectors can “see” right through grass, dirt and sand to find missing rings.

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Lost Platinum Wedding Band Recovered in Laurel, Maryland!

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

People say things like, “three is the charm” and “things come in threes”. If you are a hockey fan like myself you are familiar with the term “Hat Trick”. Any way you put it, it rang true today! I was able to help my third person this year by recovering his lost ring. Speaking of threes, all were platinum wedding rings!

I was contacted by Adam earlier in the week through We made arrangements to……..actually, let Adam tell you in his own words!

In December of 2011, I lost my platinum wedding ring while rough-housing with our 2 dogs in our back yard. I felt my ring slide off of my finger and thought I heard it fall into leaves a few feet away. My wife and  I searched the area on our hands and knees for the next several hours without any luck. We even bought a cheap metal detector to aid our search but couldn’t find it.

I decided to search the internet to see if platinum could actually be detected and came across Jim’s blog.  My wife was skeptical, but I figured it was worth a shot and sent Jim an email to see if he could help. From this point forward I do not have enough positive things to say about Jim. He responded to my email within 20 minutes and was very responsive in all of our exchanges afterwards.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about myself. We had agreed to meet up at 5:00pm. I had trouble leaving work and showed up 10 minutes late. It was dark and slightly rainy but by the time I arrived Jim had already found my ring !

Thanks so much !




Lost Platinum wedding band recovered by Ed Cropski in Ocean City,NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call today while on my vacation in cean city from a guy also on vacation there just 28 blocks away.He explained that he had lost his Platinum wedding band in the surf when caught a football the day before the call.I immediately met them on the crowded beach and began the search in a designated area.After digging a signal that turned out to be a quarter,signal number 2 turned up the ring.The crowd on the beach was amazed with the recovery and the owner was very happy to see his wedding band again.I glad I was able to help and Thankful for the generous reward! It was a big boost for the Ring Finders website having the recovery take place on the crowded beach.