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How to Find a Lost Ring in Vehicle

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Shay’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring recovered from a 2017 Ford Escape by metal detectorist and item recovery specialist, Brian Rudolph

Shay shining her smile so brightly after item recovery specialist Brian Rudolph successfully returns to his client the very exquisite family heirloom diamond engagement ring!

How to find a lost ring in a vehicle may sound simple, but it doesn’t always turn out to be as easy as you would think it should be.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Have you lost a ring in a car, SUV, truck or minivan and you just can’t figure out where the little guy ended up? Search no further for answers! Here is the resolution that you have been looking forward.

My advice to those trying to find their rings inside a vehicle is to check out the international directory of metal detectorists and item recovery specialists called THE RING FINDERS. An expert near you will be able to utilize tools and wisdom gained from prior experiences to help recover your lost item.

Here is an example of how I helped a young lady recover her lost engagement ring that she couldn’t find even after 5 hours of searching!

Shay lost her gorgeous 2 carat diamond engagement ring with a peek-a-boo-bridge filled with .75 carat worth of diamonds. The solitaire diamond was a family heirloom from her fiancé Stephen’s grandmother which was placed in the new setting and band specifically picked out by Shay herself.

Here is the backstory of how Shay’s ring was lost. While teaching her daughter how to drive in her 2017 Ford Escape – Titanium Edition , Shay took off her beautiful engagement ring and placed it in the center console (near the shifter) so that she could apply lotion to her dry hands. As she was in the process of putting the jewel back on her hand, it slipped through her fingers and presumably landed on the floor of the Escape. At that part of the driving lesson, Shay was in the driver seat showing her daughter some important techniques (Note: the car was not in motion when the lotion was applied).

Shay simply pulled the car over in a parking lot somewhere in order to retrieve the ring from the floor carpet beside her feet. When she got out of the vehicle to pick up her precious keepsake, it was nowhere to be found! She and her daughter looked for over five hours for the jewel and curiously they couldn’t locate its whereabouts anywhere! The two of them couldn’t believe it! It was if it magically disappeared into thin air!

When Shay told her fiancé Stephen what had happened, he was beyond upset. He was not only angry because of how expensive this engagement ring was worth, but also because of the sentimental value that the main diamond held knowing that it was a family heirloom.

The distraught young lady called and texted after finding my information on the elite international metal detectorist website directory called THE RING FINDERS. Shay read my profile and learned that I am not only a metal detectorist, but I specialize in finding lost items in very difficult places. One such search site where I have much expertise in recovering lost items happens to be in vehicles! That’s all that Shay needed to know prior to her getting in touch with me.

The two of us worked out a time for me to drive out the following evening to Shay’s Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood to conduct the search. I couldn’t wait to attempt to solve this mystery as to where my client’s beloved diamond ring had ended up.

As soon as I arrived in the parking lot where we agreed to do the recovery operation, I said a prayer with Shay, asking the Lord to help me find the missing family heirloom jewel. My client was extremely nervous and anxious to reclaim her most precious possession since it had been MIA for a couple of days.

Next, I got out of my car all of the necessary gear to conduct the search and then I immediately entered the 2017 Ford Escape from the driver’s side area where Shay had been sitting. At first, I looked at all of the obvious spots where one may just happen to have missed seeing the sought-after object, but there was no ring to be discovered anywhere in plain sight.

As soon as I was certain that we were dealing with a more complicated situation, I turned on my endoscope and began to search every crevice and corner where I could place my “video snake”. Still nothing turned up over the next 20 minutes or so of examining places under the seat, in back of the seat and around the other side of the center console (adjacent to the front passenger seat).

Because I have much experience dealing with search scenarios quite like this one, I know when it’s time to up my game and begin probing in even more unlikely spaces and gaps where a precious piece of metal and stones could possibly be hiding. I’m happy to share that when I reached the 40 minute mark of my “investigation”, my endoscope picked up an image that clearly resembled the object that I was so hoping to discover! I finally found Shay’s gorgeous platinum diamond family heirloom engagement ring! It had fallen between the driver’s side seat and the center console and slipped down into the seam of the carpet where two pieces of rug perfectly overlapped each other! Somehow, the ring made its way between the two pieces and traveled under the carpet and down towards the ventilation ducts that were fastened to the metal flooring of the vehicle! There was no way that any human eye would have ever been able to identify the location of this exquisite piece of beauty with where it ended up!

I could not have been happier for my client when I was able to successfully recover the lost jewel! With the assistance of my favorite hook that I fasten to the end of my probe and then placed down below the intricate seat hardware towards the flooring, I was able to carefully pull the ring out from underneath the flooring and joyfully return it to its rightful owner! Indeed, another fantastic finish!

Shay was blown away by my skills and expertise. Her nightmare was finally over the moment I surprised her with my exciting reveal! Hiring a professional ring finder through THE RING FINDERS website was the only answer to Shay’s very difficult situation!

Now it may be your turn to reach out to an item recovery specialist like myself to solve your mystery of the disappearing ring!


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How to Metal Detect a Lost Titanium Wedding Ring in the Snow…Found in Alexandria, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Doug’s Cherished Titanium Wedding Band (Made by David Yurman Compay) Recovered in the Snow by Metal Detectorist and Member of THE RING FINDERS Brian Rudolph!

Alexandria, Virginia Resident, Doug, Proudly Holding His Sentimental Titanium Keepsake of Love Following a Successful Metal Detecting Search by Member of THE RING FINDERS Brian Rudolph!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a young man named Doug in Alexandria, Virginia who lost his titanium wedding band made by the David Yurman company. He was playing out in the snow with his children and their pet dog, and by the time he returned back into the house from all of their fun, Doug noticed that his most special sentimental keepsake was no longer on his finger. Because he remembered that the ring was loose on his finger outside earlier that same day, the distressed fellow was pretty confident that the band had been lost out in the snow while playing.

Not taking matters into his own hands but rather trusting the competence of a professional metal detectorist, Doug found my metal detecting services on the elite international metal detecting specialist directory website called THE RING FINDERS. He learned that I provide my metal detecting expertise in the Alexandria, Virginia area and immediately called me for help!

The next morning, I arrived at Doug’s lovely snow covered neighborhood to conduct the ring search. My new client showed me all of the areas where he had been walking around, playing with the dog and having a blast out in the snow with his well entertained children. Within a few minutes I had all of the information necessary to start the search.

I returned to my car, pulled out my waterproof detector, headphones and gridline tapes and began the process of looking for Doug’s most special “symbol of love”. Within 10 minutes of swinging my machine back and forth as I analyzed the snow for the wedding band, I picked up the perfect signal coming from beneath the ice. Because I am so experienced with recovering all types of rings made of every kind of metal, I was pretty confident that this very target was the lost piece of titanium that went missing the day before. With much excitement and anticipation, I knelt down on the snow and pulled out my handheld metal detector (which is called a pinpointer) and began to wave it over the area where my machine coil was picking up the object that I was after. Once I knew the exact spot where the target was buried, I used my fingers to dig my way down through the snow until my eyes locked in on exactly what I thought the mystery item happened to be! It was in fact Doug’s titanium wedding band! I found it! I couldn’t have been more happy for my client the moment that the silver-like colored halo appeared from within the snow!

The best part of my search and recovery time (other than of course finding the lost item that meant the world to Doug), was the moment that I surprised my client with his very handsome wedding band! Doug was so appreciative of my expertise and efforts in successfully returning his special wedding band back to his finger! He couldn’t believe how fast I was able to recover it for him! During the rest of the time that I was on my client’s property, Doug kept expressing his gratitude for what I was able to accomplish for him. He told me over and over again how glad he was for not wasting his money and time on a rental machine that he knew nothing about. But instead, he called in a professional who took care of his most important need…preserving his irreplaceable “symbol of love” that his wife Lisa placed on her husband’s finger several years earlier on their very special wedding day!


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Lost Gold Diamond Engagement Ring In Sofa…Found in Alexandria, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Blanca’s 14 Karat White Gold, 2 Carat Diamond, Surrounded by Accent Diamonds and Ring Wrap, Engagement Ring

Blanca’s Princess-like Diamond Enagagement Ring Finally Reunited With Her Ring Wrap After Two Weeks Gone Missing!

Blanca, Chris and Family Celebrating the Recovery of Her Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring!



I received an email from a couple who were at their wits end in trying to find a lost 14 karat white gold, 2 carat diamond engagement ring in their house. For two weeks, Chris and Blanca searched for the bride’s missing ring but came up with absolutely nothing. The backstory goes like this: Blanca was hanging out on the couch in the family room and was ready to take a nap. She remembered taking off all of her rings and giving them to her son who was kind enough to walk the handful of jewelry down the hall and into his parents’ bedroom. He laid the rings on Blanca’s vanity table which was located in a small sitting room adjacent to the master bathroom. Blanca fell asleep and when she woke up, she tended to some things around the house and eventually strolled into the bedroom to retrieve her rings and place them back on her fingers. This was the moment when Blanca realized that her gorgeous engagement ring was missing amongst the wedding band and her other rings that included her exquisite ring wrap that the engagement ring slips into. All were accounted for on the vanity table except the engagement ring. It didn’t make sense why all of the rings were there except that one band. She called her son over to ask him if he may have accidentally dropped the ring somewhere along his route to the master bedroom, but he swore that he made no detours and that he didn’t see anything fall to the carpet. His mother quickly moved back to the living room couch where the two of them began searching around the cushions and pillows. They looked everywhere. There was nothing found under the couch or on the area rugs nearby, either. Blanca carefully placed her fingers down into the crevices of the couch and still she could feel no pieces of jewelry wedged in any of the gaps down below. With not being able to find the luxurious keepsake anywhere in the house, they wondered if the band could have been accidentally thrown away in the trash. However, when the couple recounted their steps, there was nothing deposited in the garbage between the time that Blanca last wore the ring right up to the moment that it had gone missing. As the minutes and hours ticked by, the disappearance of this gorgeous and sentimental ring became a mystery for this family to unravel.


When all of the family’s efforts were initially expended, Blanca and her husband Chris took the bull by the horns and decided to do an extensive search in their family living room couch. Chris still kept feeling like the ring had been lost in that piece of furniture and that perhaps it had never been given to their son when he took the other rings to the vanity table. Blanca’s determined husband put his hands in the crevices of the sofa just like Blanca had done days earlier, but this time he spent a whole lot more time working through the stationary cushions, just in case the beautiful band slipped farther down into the couch. Nothing became of his energetic attempt to return the ring that he presented to his wife when he asked her to marry him many years earlier. A couple of more days went by and when nothing turned up in the house, Chris gathered a few of his friends who teamed together by picking up the couch and flipping it upside down to see if the ring had been lost in that furniture the whole time. Next, he made an incision across the bottom of the couch so that the gang could look inside the guts to see if the band had fallen deep into the hidden chambers within. Unfortunately, Chris and his helpers still had no luck in discovering the sentimental and beloved object.


At this point, Blanca and her husband had no more ideas to implement in trying to recover the lost ring. They went to the internet and began searching for alternative ways to somehow find the piece of jewelry that went MIA into thin air. With all of the attempts made, the next source of information that they obtained online may easily be considered their best chance of finding their ring yet! They pulled up a website called The Ring Finders, which is a directory made up of men and women who specialize in finding rings with their metal detectors and other sophisticated equipment. The couple searched for a local Ring Finder in their area and my name popped up. After Chris called me and shared all of the details of what had transpired since the day the ring disappeared, I encouraged him with words of hope, quite confident that the ring was still somewhere in their house. Because the couple was pretty much drained empty of any “positive power” after trying everything to find the missing ring, I became their new source of bright light to shine upon all of their doubts and discouragement!


I told Chris that I not only specialize in metal detecting, but I also specialize in recovering rings from within people’s personal located in their homes. Not all detectorists will tackle in-house searches. But, in this case, he called the right guy. On the phone that day, we scheduled a time for me to come out to their house later that evening and I assured this desperate fellow that I would do everything I could to get that ring back for him. He was extremely encouraged by my words, and we looked forward to meeting later that night.


That evening, I headed to Alexandria, Virginia to conduct the in-house search for Chris and Blanca. The moment that I arrived at the front door, the family was extremely warm and inviting towards me. I had all of my gear in hand and as they guided me into the foyer, they directed me into the family room where I organized my gear and prepared the equipment for the recovery efforts. The couple introduced me to their children and then I requested a meeting with Chris, Blanca, and their son who took mom’s rings into the other room when she had laid down for a nap that day. I then began asking all kinds of questions in order for me to get clarity about what had happened on that dreadful day when the ring disappeared.


My first request was for Blanca to show me where she was lying down on the couch when she handed the jewelry to her son. I then wanted the family to take me step-by-step through the sequence of events, from the time she rested on the sofa until she arose after her nap and realized that her diamond engagement ring was missing from her vanity table. Their young son took me from the couch where he was given the rings and led me in a straight line, passed the kitchen and down a long hallway to where the master bedroom was located. He turned right and entered through a doorway and there in front of us was a small sitting room with a vanity table in the corner. A bathroom was adjacent to that sitting room along with the master bedroom entrance to the right of it. Their son shared with me that he never took the rings into the bathroom or into the master bedroom. He said that he did exactly what his mother had told him to do, which was to take those rings and to place them on the vanity. He never stopped anywhere along the way during the time that he traveled from one side of the house to the other. While the young man was guiding me along the path from the couch to the vanity table, I searched corners and looked for any cracks where the ring may have fallen to the floor and then slip into a space larger enough to consume the object. However, there were no little cracks in the corners or slits in the hardwood floor where the beloved betrothal piece could have dropped into.


I checked the floor of the bathroom and it was clean as a whistle. I also checked outside of the entrance to the master bedroom and searched under the furniture that was nearest to the doorway that led into Chris and Blanca’s room. Still, there was no ring to be discovered. We then moved out of that room and went back into the hallway and I looked to my left and right to see if the ring may have bounced onto the floor and ended up in a closet or another room. Unfortunately, everything was clear of an engagement ring. Next, I searched the dining room floor, which was all hardwood except for the area rug located under the dining room table, but again my results came up negative for any jewelry found on the floor. It was completely clean. Quickly, I moved into the kitchen area. It only took me seconds to search that space because the floors were perfectly clean and it had no slits or openings where the ring could have bounced from the hall and into some hidden area in the floor.


After I eliminated every other possibility as to where this ring disappeared to, the only place remaining to search was the family room. I concluded that Blanca’s band could not have ever exited that living area because it was nowhere to be found anywhere else in the house. Now, my entire focus was given to searching the family room for the prized possession. If I didn’t find it in there, I would not be able to help the family any further.


Before I spent my time searching the couch, I wanted to make sure that the ring did not end up in a throw blanket or that it perhaps landed underneath the loveseat. I probably spent about five or seven minutes metal detecting all of the blankets with my handheld pinpointer before I checked every other possible spot besides the sofa. There was no ring snagged on any of the fabric, nor was there any sign of it underneath any of the furniture. I also made sure that it didn’t end up on the floor, as well. Once I eliminated all of those other possibilities, the couch was my soul center of attention and nothing else.


As I shared above, Chris kept going back to the scenario that the engagement ring had to be in the couch when the family failed to discover it anywhere else. This would mean that Blanca never actually handed her engagement ring to her son when she gave the other rings to him to take to her vanity table. Upon taking the rings off, her band would have had to slide through the diamond encased ring wrap and fall between Blanca’s fingers at the time of the transfer, and eventually slipping down into the couch without her aware of it. This was my last hunch to investigate before I had to call it a night. Chris and Blanca agreed that there were no other options remaining after checking out this piece of furniture.


With tackling the sofa, my first search action was to experiment with my handheld pinpointer and scan around the cushions to see if the ring could be located in any of the obvious crevices in the couch where there were no adjacent pieces of metal such as staples or screws. I wanted to see if the ring may have ended up in an area that was isolated without any other metal so close to it, which would make it very easy for me to discover. When I concluded that the couch staples were being picked up by the pinpointer, I knew that I would not be able to spot the ring with that method.


Next, I immediately set up my endoscope which is a fiber-optic probe that has a lens for viewing hard-to-see areas such as inside couches. I can monitor what the snake is seeing, record video of the movement of the endoscope, along with taking still photos. It’s a fantastic instrument used for searching for lost rings in automobiles, as well as for in-house recoveries. Depending on how a particular sofa is designed, the endoscope can be pushed down into spaces where it has a chance to view the internal spots where jewelry can fall into. It all depends on what limitations you are handed when dealing with a particular style of couch. Sometimes I am greatly restricted with what I actually can view because of the internal hardware of the furniture that hinders the probe from traveling farther distances within the environment that I am searching around. If the object cannot be detected with the use of the endoscope, the only last option is to make incisions in the furniture in order to confirm for certain whether or not the item was in fact buried in the sofa or not.


I set up the endoscope and synced it with my smartphone so I could view everything that the probe was looking at. Then, I had the family turn off all of the lights so that I could see the screen much more clearly. I slowly moved the endoscope down into the first crack in the sofa and carefully guided the snake over to one side and then back the other way so I could view everything in that particular section of the couch. I repeated these steps from one side of the sofa and then all the way to the other end. I still could not see anything that looked like a ring.


Once I completed that step, I requested Chris’s help to flip the couch over onto one side so that I could place the endoscope inside from the bottom section. This would help me view any possible spots where the ring may have gotten trapped on the day that it went missing, or possibly when Chris and his friends initially flipped the couch and made his first incisions. I then moved the snake around the inner parts of the piece of furniture, hoping that I might spot something that resembled a halo. However, other than a few small objects found within the inner chambers of the couch, there was nothing discovered that could be worn on a finger.


Happiness Doesn’t Describe How Blanca was Feeling Inside Now That the Ring Was Back!

Just as I neared the edge of the other side of the furniture, I finally saw something on my screen that appeared to be similar to the shape of a ring. I had seen a photo of Blanca’s huge gorgeous ring and there were in fact some similarities between the picture and what I was viewing on the monitor. From the angle that I was probing this particular item, I was not able to manipulate the snake in such a way that I could clearly identify what the item was. Therefore, the only way that I could accurately identify the mysterious object was to flip the couch back over to its original position. Then, I would reinsert the snake into the crevices of the couch on the side where I had detected something that resembled an engagement ring moments earlier. Chris wanted to help me out in my efforts, so I told him that I would take one section which was the left side of the couch, and he would take the center section. Then, we would travel across and meet at some point in the middle. If we still couldn’t find the object in question, I would lastly go to the far right section and probe that end, as well. We chose these two areas to start with because the object that I had been viewing would have been between the left side of the couch and the middle area. Obviously, Chris did not have a probe to work with. However, he still could use his long fingers to effectively push is way down into the crevice between the stationary cushions and perhaps be able to feel around for the item. As I traveled in his direction, the probe was not picking up anything that resembled what I saw on the screen earlier. Just as Chris started to move his fingers in the direction of where my probe was heading, one of his fingers felt something small and hard that was way down in one of the sections of the couch. At first he thought maybe it was something that was part of the hardware of the sofa, but then he noticed that it moved slightly when he was touching it. He said out loud, “What the (heck) is this?” Then, before I had a chance to look it over with the probe (since I was getting closer to where he was searching in the couch), he hooked the object with his finger and brought it up from within the cushion. There it was! The long lost engagement ring! Blanca’s gorgeous gold diamond engagement ring was found! Unbelievable! Chris had found his wife’s ring which had been lost within the chambers of the sofa for the last couple of weeks! His prediction as to where the ring had ended up was absolutely accurate from the beginning!


The Search Was Finally Over! Now Celebration Began!

Blanca was in complete disbelief and started to cry tears of joy as her husband showed proof that the missing band was truly in his hand! It was not only an incredible moment for the family, but also for me as well! I could not have been happier for the couple that had been so stressed out over the disappearance of this ring for so many days! What I viewed on the probe was absolutely that engagement ring, and it was there in the couch all along! I congratulated Chris for ultimately being the hero that night! The couple could not stop thanking me and the children eventually gathered around their parents and viewed the ring, almost in unbelief that it really was back in their possession after all of this time! I had prayed on the way over that the Lord would help me and guide all of us in finding this very important keepsake, and I believe He delivered! God loves the covenant of marriage and especially the betrothal process in promising oneself to another by way of giving an engagement ring! We certainly felt God’s favor with the return of this ring from the inner chambers of the family room couch! What a night it was! All of us rejoiced and thanked God and spent a little while longer reviewing all of the places that the family and I had searched in the past couple of weeks! In the end, the sofa was the last possible spot where Blanca’s band could have ended up! And that was exactly the location where it had disappeared all along!


After we took some pictures together, I packed my gear up and walked towards the front door of their house to leave. Chris and Blanca thanked me one last time for assisting in the search and recovery of what Chris had eventually found – his wife’s amazing diamond engagement ring! So much time had gone by from the day it was lost until the very evening that the couple called me into their world to help them find the ring. I was honored to be the one who pushed the search process to its final conclusion that night! I was quite humbled by their words of kindness and I will never forget how excited I was to be a part of the search and recovery of Blanca’s love keepsake! It was certainly an in-house search that I will never forget!


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