Alec was in Washington Park Monday night playing with his dog Slushy (that is really the dogs name, Slushy) in the freshly fallen snow when he lost his keys. He went back to the park that night to search the five inches of snow for the keys with no luck, searching till 1:30 AM. He went out and searched the area again for a few hours the next morning with the same results. He then found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. Within an hour I was at the park getting the story of how the keys were lost. I set up my detector and began my search. A few minutes later I received a good signal on my detector, I kicked some snow away and there were Alec’s keys. Alec was pretty darn happy to get his keys back (Slushy have me a couple of doggy kisses).

Keys recovered January 23, 2018