Newport Beach Lost Gold Chain with Pendant .. Recovered from Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












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*** Deana and the ladies in her family had a beach outing at Newport Beach. Some time during their stay, her gold necklace with a gold pendant broke. Sometime before she could put the necklace in a safe place, Deana dropped the necklace in the sand. She must have been distracted and didn’t realize the chain was missing for an hour or more.

The chain with the pendant attached had to be in the area the ladies were sitting. It was probably a 40ft. square area. Their attempts to find it were futile. One of the women called me, asking for help. They were running late and had to return home soon. I assured them we could find the lost piece of jewelry in a short time if they stayed at the area of the loss. 

I arrived shortly after the call and began the grid search. Success didn’t come as quick as some beach recoveries but the necklace with the pendant showed up at the edge of the search zone. Everybody was amazed that such a small item eluded them and how efficient the metal detector was. They had been packing up as I searched, so we got them on the road in less than 20 minutes


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