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Newport Beach Lost Gold Chain with Pendant .. Recovered from Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












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*** Deana and the ladies in her family had a beach outing at Newport Beach. Some time during their stay, her gold necklace with a gold pendant broke. Sometime before she could put the necklace in a safe place, Deana dropped the necklace in the sand. She must have been distracted and didn’t realize the chain was missing for an hour or more.

The chain with the pendant attached had to be in the area the ladies were sitting. It was probably a 40ft. square area. Their attempts to find it were futile. One of the women called me, asking for help. They were running late and had to return home soon. I assured them we could find the lost piece of jewelry in a short time if they stayed at the area of the loss. 

I arrived shortly after the call and began the grid search. Success didn’t come as quick as some beach recoveries but the necklace with the pendant showed up at the edge of the search zone. Everybody was amazed that such a small item eluded them and how efficient the metal detector was. They had been packing up as I searched, so we got them on the road in less than 20 minutes


I can help you .. call or text for help or information on how this service works .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “

Wedding Ring Recovered at Gulf Shores, Alabama

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

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Lost Graduation Ring Recovered in Leesville, Louisiana!

Dakota U. and his family and friends had just arrived at a swim area, and while they were applying sun screen, Dakota lost his gold Texas A&M University graduation ring overboard. “We spent an hour on our hands and knees looking for it,” his wife relayed. What should have been a happy outing had turned into gloom.

After doing all they could, he and his wife got in touch with me. They were distraught and had little hope they would ever see it again. However, they had location coordinates for the swim area and a good set of reference lines. I knew I could help them.

We arranged to meet at the boat launch, where we set out on choppy waters toward our target zone. When we anchored in waist-deep water, I immediately set to work, walking lines and listening for good signals.

After about an hour, we saw a little water snake pop up nearby. To get a closer look at it, I walked toward it, still swinging away and listening. As soon as the snake submerged, I got a big signal from my detector. Our little search party gathered around, and I knelt down and brought up the target. They knew I had got it by the smiles on my face. Next we were all smiling as I opened handful of rocks, revealing his gold ring!

Making smiles and new friends is why I enjoy the art and science of metal detection so much. This is what it is truly all about.

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Lost silver bracelet in sand, Sanford, Fl….Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dev was enjoying a relaxing morning playing volleyball with his family and friends and when the time came to pack it up and head home he noticed that his large silver bracelet was not on his wrist. This bracelet was a special gift from his friends as a present for his birthday a couple of years ago. And he wears it all the time and could not believe that somehow it had come off. He and his family searched diligently through the sand hoping to find it and after a while they realized it had just disappeared. But Dev refused to give up and finally looked on line and entered “Bracelet Finder using a Metal Detector” and up came theringfinders.com. A quick search in the “Directory” showed I was located right here in Sanford, Fl. and he gave me a call.

I was just sitting down to lunch with my family so I assured Dev I could come out after we finished eating and if his lost silver bracelet was there in the sand I could find it for him and not to worry. Two hours later I met Dev and he showed me the sand volleyball court where they had spent the morning playing. He explained that they had switched sides after each game so the odds were even that it could be on either half. It took me about 10 minutes to cover the whole court and then I began searching around the outside along the out-of-bounds line. I found a few pieces of foil here and there and then the first strong promising signal turned out to be an old matchbox car and then not five feet away another strong signal. Slowly I brushed the sand away hoping to reveal what sounded like a large silver item and sure enough…there was Dev’s lost silver bracelet! Dev was so glad to have his special gift back in his possession. (The clasp had worked its way open and it was obvious what had caused it to fall off and into the sand!).

Lost something recently…or even years ago and need some help?

Give me a call, text or send me an email….ASAP!

Mike McInroe….thankful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost Ring Located in Alexandria, LA!

I got a message via social media concerning a recently lost ring. ‘My friend Cherye lost her mother’s ring in her front yard, and she cannot find it,’ the lady told me. Shortly thereafter, I was in contact with the ring owner who was distraught that her mother’s gold and opal ring had left her hand during a cleaning project outside. ‘It should just be right there but I can’t find it in the grass,’ she related.

We arranged for a meeting, and after exchanging preliminary greetings and information concerning the item, I began a systematic grid search of the small probable drop area. The detector wasn’t finding what should have been an easy find, and there was some interference from the reinforced concrete nearby. I got down on my knees with my pinpointer and began a micro sweep. Sure enough, there it was a couple of inches from the concrete driveway!

Cherye was so relieved to have her ring returned to her. ‘Thank you so much!’ she kept telling me. The thanks is all mine. I am energetic about returning smiles to people whose hope of recovering a precious item, like Cherye’s mother’s ring, had faded.

Making smiles and new friends is why I enjoy the art and science of metal detection so much. This is what it is truly all about.

LOST SOMETHING OF VALUE? I CAN HELP. Service to all of Central Louisiana 318-264-9380 or bayoudigs@gmail.com

Lost ring in the grass, Davenport, Fl….Found and Returned to Owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike McInroe…Ring Recovery Specialist…Call, text or email ASAP…321-363-6029

Brian had decided to take his dog out for a short walk behind his house and as he walked around the small lake he noticed how loose his ring was on his finger. He and his fiancee had bought promise rings for each other and they each wore their ring faithfully for two years. Brian had recently bought her an engagement ring therefore she no longer wore her promise ring and Brian sort of took up the habit of wearing her ring on his index finger on his left hand and just a few days earlier he jammed his finger so the ring was getting to tight and uncomfortable. So he tried wearing it on his ring finger and it sort of fit but was just a little loose. Add a little loose fit and some cool weather and Brian was setting himself up for his ring to fall off and that is exactly what happened. Somehow while Brian was playing with his dog he swung his arm to the side and he actually felt his fiancees promise ring go flying. Even though it was daylight Brian had no idea where the ring went and he searched for quite a while before finally giving up. The worse part was that he felt really bad about loosing his fiancees promise ring and he wanted to get it back ASAP because of the huge sentimental value it held.

His next thoughts were along the line of using a metal detector so he decided to try a search for “Metal Detector Rental” on his phone and up came theringfinders.com and one of my stories. Brian gave me a call and then sent me his address and a few hours later I was grid searching the exact area where he lost his ring. This area is a new construction area and the ground was signal free…with not a grunt or beep to be heard anywhere. Iron sounds as a grunt and non-ferros signals give a beep on my Garrett ATMax metal detector. As I was finishing up the 20 foot square area I got a great signal, crisp and clean, and there hiding in the grass was Brian’s promise ring! The relief was obvious on Brian’s face as he scooped up the ring and put it back on his finger! I thanked God for allowing me to find Brian’s special ring and for the privilege of being a member of theringfinders.com!

Lost something recently or years ago in your yard or at the park? Call ASAP, text or email me anytime!

Mike McInroe… Blessed to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost Key Saved in Alexandria Louisiana

Livy W. and her friend were visiting a local park here from out-of-state, and had been searching for a lost key for an hour with a rented metal detector. They had given up the hunt when they saw me on the opposite hill, out hunting in the afternoon as my usual.

I waved and said jokingly, ‘No need to look any more, I already found everything.’ She then related the story of her lost item, and was elated to hear that I regularly locate lost things for people. As I was very familiar with this park, I was certain I could help.

After a couple minutes of introduction and information gathered, what kind of key, how big it is, what were the circumstances of it becoming lost, etc… I began the grid search on the hillside on which she had playfully rolled, losing her key in the process.

In about 3 minutes I was able to get a definite tell-tale signal on my Equinox, and I motioned for her to come over. ‘I think you’re going to be pleased with this,’ I told her.

She was all smiles and relief when she pulled her key out of the 2-inch long grass. Another successful recovery!

LOST SOMETHING OF VALUE? I CAN HELP. Service to all of Central Louisiana 318-264-9380 or bayoudigs@gmail.com

Two Lost Rings Located in Alexandria, LA!

  • from Alexandria (Louisiana, United States)

A friend of mine mentioned to me that his father had lost his wedding band on their property about 6 years ago. “I never saw Daddy more upset in his life,” Alfred said to me. When I told him I could help him locate it, he was elated. And as I was a new member of TheRingFinders, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting entry.

So Alfred set me to looking for his father’s wedding band, with a general description of the ring and the probable lost location. Searching the property was a fun adventure, but after several days of looking in that area, I wasn’t coming up with it.

I decided to expand my search area. That’s when I found an amazing High School Graduation Ring. Not the ring I was looking for, but even the property owner didn’t know about this one…

With initials clearly inscribed inside, and the School name emblazoned on the head of the ring, I asked Alfred if he knew anyone with those initials who graduated from there in the 40’s. He said, ‘Sure, that sounds like it could be for Uncle Sherman.’ Alfred’s uncle, 91 years old now, had lost his graduation ring in 1946, shortly after purchasing it. And he was ecstatic to receive it back after being lost 74 years! Sherman remembers playing football in the yard there, and it coming off his finger. But, neither he nor anyone else remembered it for such a long time.

Relentless ground pounding, and the expanded search paid off ultimately when I located Alfred’s father’s wedding band shortly thereafter.

The family had been feeling a measure of loss concerning it, but we were able to bring them closure. Making the SECOND lost ring we have returned to this family!

Alfred writes: “Thank you Ben sooo very much for all the treasures you have discovered on the family property & giving them new life. The lawn was just quietly holding history of our family waiting to be awakened. Two rings were found, a high school ring dated 1946, and no one in the family knew where it was. The second ring was my dad’s wedding band that he lost January 2014. We knew it was on the lawn but that’s 1 1/2 acres. I sooo wish he was still with to know it’s back in safe hands… It’s unbelievable the decades these items lay in waiting for someone like you to show them once again the light of day and to be enjoyed by the 4th & 5th generations of our family! Most Sincerely, Alfred”

Making smiles and new friends is why I enjoy the art and science of metal detection so much. This is what it is truly all about.

LOST SOMETHING OF VALUE? I CAN HELP. Service to all of Central Louisiana 318-264-9380 or bayoudigs@gmail.com

Lost Ring Found Alexandria Louisiana

Hi, my name is Benjamin. I’m a Member of theringfinders.com. I would love to help you find your missing treasures. I operate out of Alexandria, Louisiana and service Central Louisiana and most of the surrounding areas. I can also assist your recovery in swim areas and beaches (Toledo Bend, Kincaid, Cotile, etc.) and up to 5-6 feet of water. I’ve made many successful recoveries, and I’d be happy to help you find your lost items! Please contact me and let me help return your missing treasures.