Ring Recovery In Long Branch NJ

I was at work this morning and got a call from Janvi Patel asking for help in finding her ring she lost the afternoon before. The ring was a gift from her mother, a green emerald representing her astrological sign, plus it was blessed. It ment everything to her. I asked my boss if I could leave and he said OK for it was slow at work. I told her i’d be there within a half hour. She met me and took me to where she was sitting when she lost it. While down on the beach, she went to remove her beach skirt she was wearing and it got caught on her ring sending it into the sand. I searched the area but had no luck. Her friend that was with her told me she thought they were over a little farther away, closer to the water. I moved my search about 20 feet and sure enough within a few minutes I had her ring in my scoop. She couldn’t believe it and was so excited to have her ring back. A great happy ending ( better than sitting at work LOL )

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